Big spender...

Finally a day off work. I was thinking about tagging along Christian who was going to Gothenburg. But sleeping in and taking it easy at home felt more tempting. I went out to pic up my Glossy box and fell into shopping mode. Shit. I was not planning on it...
Oh well
My new and actually good looking running shoes ♥ No more blisters!
Workout pants! Super comfy! I tested them today. And a arm-thingy for my iphone. Hopefully it works better than just sticking my phone between my hip and waistband^^ Haha, not cool when it slides down.
H&M has the best and cheapest workout tops. This I also tested today at spinning class. Thumbs up.
My first sport socks! and a rope-belt in velvet on sale.
I also went "crazy" at Kicks. Clinique skin care: anti-blemish, which I love and from now on swear on! I got a little Clinique gift as well, a little make-up bag and some small products to test out. A Depend dip-in remover for nailpolish. Works well! And a new waaay to expensive O.P.I. nail polish. I have been looking at it so many times. Today was the day and I got it in my possession. It is called Lucerne-tainly look marvelous and is from the 2010 Swiss collection. It is grey with micro glitter.Beautiful.
I have had a really good day and will hopefully be able to hold on until weekend. I can`t stand this season sales we have at work. People for some reason think they can behave as bad they like when things are cheaper!?  I don`t why do they? Lets finish this post with a picture of my dinner today. Rasberries!!! Yum. I also had a whole box of fresh strawberries. Some of the best things about summer.


I don`t sit with the computer much nowadays, so a little recap of the few things I have done is in order. Mostly I work, eat and sleep but I have managed to work out a bit and some other fun stuff.
We have seen bad movies and good series. We have had barbeque in the sun and today I had a "swim" for the first time this summer. I almost can`t belive it`s sunny and varm outside today. Hopefully it will stay like this for more then a couple of days.
Me in the little pool my parents in law have in their back yard. Felt extremely nice after a varm day at work.
A glass og wine in the sun waiting for some yummy barbeque.
Some "candy" for the movie night we had. The swedish strawberrys are super sweet now. I think I have to get me some more tomorrow!
Last friday we had some beers with two of our friends. Lots of good music and beer. 
We went out for one beer at the local pub and walked home. With one stop. Apparently we had to take some fotos ^^
The other night we saw the mini series Salem`s lot from 1979. I would post a trailer for it here but I don`t know howe to do it anymore after the last update had... If anyone knows how please let me know!  
-> you tube , Salem`s Lot trailer <-

Back in business

Finally I got myself in the gym again. It was tough after my break. But as they say
No pain No gain...
Next time is saturday morning.

sun and nails

Hello! Yesterday I had the day off so both Christian and I slept looong before we finally got up and decided to do something fun. We wanted to get away from the rain and visit one of the cities not too far away where the sun was shining. We just walked around, had some food and felt the sun against our skin. Lovely.
The sky was beautiful with the clouds.
We tried to get a picture of us and the lake. Cute picture, but we didn`t get the water in the pic with us hehe.
"Cool" me :P And a little bit of the lake. It was a great day. 
Tonight after the work I managed to fix my nails again. 
Small ghosts? from my new Bundle Monster plates that reminds me of Boo in super mario bros.
This is what I used: 
MIYO-Mars. Seche Vite- top coat. Konad-white stamping polish. Bundle monster-plate nr.302
Do you remember Boo? And do you like my manicure? I think It`s cute even though my nails are short. It will only last a day because of work. Sad but true!

Diamonds in the sky

I have finally gotten myself a Iphone 4s! Yay! And of corse clumsy me need to protect it well. So I got this "Diamonds in the sky" hard case from etsy. I just love it so much. 
Soon I have to go to work again. But tomorrow I have my day off. Lately I have been lazy and havent worked out. But that will change back to normal tomorrow. I kind of long for some sore muscles!

Little Devil

I tried to fix my sad and short nails with some stamping. I really miss my long acrylic nails. Right now I can`t afford to get them done again so I`ll have too bear with it.
I have new stamping plates from Bundle Monster.
Cute devil, don`t you think? The big one didn`t fit my small nails so I had to use the little one.
Bonus pic of me from this morning, on my way to work...tired and sad because I wan`t to have the day off when the sun shines >.< Thankfully some black metal in my ears ease the pain ;)


Oh my! I actually have a bad consious. Hopefully you don`t feel too angry with me for not blogging in ages. I am trying too enjoy the days and live life. I have a lot to blog about but haven`t felt like sitting with the computer lately. I think this post has to be about everything and nothing just to recap a little...
Worst thing is that I somehow managed to delete all the best pictures fom the last weeks when I upploaded them from my iphone. Don`t ask me how. And I thougt I was safe because of Icloud but they got erased too. Fuck...
Well...First of all I have to show you the coolest leggings in history...or one of them. Actual Pain has two and this is one of them. I could just afford the one. I will order the other one soon I hope!
The back. Picture from Actual Pain.
I orderd this one in L just to be on the safe side. The next pair will be M.
These earrings I bought on a sale when I was in Norway. I love bones and spines in particulary.
A coffeine drink I got in my glossy box last time. Ok, but not as good as my beloved red bull.
The biggest swedish chocolate-ball I have ever seen! 
Christian and I had lunch and a cup of coffee with chocolate today. It was raining a lot but we sat outside under a roof anyways. It was kind of cosy. You have to make it work here in Sweden when the summer refuses to show up.
This morning we listened to demo-tapes and had our new favorite coffee with butterscotch flavor.
Last months Glossy box
Christian and I went on a road trip to Örebro. We shopped some secondhand music, had lunch and ice cream and topped the trip of with Ikea.
 We got a bench for our stereo.
One morning it actually was sunny. I jumped out on the balcony and soaked up the sun beams. At least my bikini now has seen the sun. I have not been able to test it in water yet.
How I spent my first half of the midsummer day! Also sunny. But I remeber it was cuite cold from the wind..
I think I will leave it here. This small post have take me about 3-4 hours?! Crappy internet connection and slow computer is driving me crazy right now >.<
The rest of this evening will be in the name of ale and music. My good friend Morwen is coming over. I will try to take it easy. After all I am responsible of the opening at work tomorrow.

Back to work

Well I`m back in the everyday routines. And of course the weather has changed. It is unbelivable sunny and warm inside at work and I get really tired after a day. No AC... just big windows you can`t open. So today Christian picked me up when my day eneded and we went for a little walk. The sun had of course disappeared behind clouds but it was still warm. Afterwards we bought some yummy food and rested on the sofa. The cool shower I had was heavenly. 
Paused our walk and I got to dip my feet in the water. Happy^^

Stockholm: Day 5.

Last day of our super nice trip. We where really really really sad that we had to head home. Christian and I fell in love with the sunny summer Stockholm. We packed our bags and headed out to our last hours of fun. 
For lunch we decided to try the medieval resturant. I got a chanterelle pie and Christian got meatballs of elk. We both had mead to drink. 
I was kind of bummed I didn`t get the matballs too. They where super yummy!
Me and my trunk in the cosy room we had lunch.
Boat that hanged in the skylight.
I wasn`t quite satisfied after my pie so I "had" to eat some carrotcake as dessert!
Could have been a little moore icing though ;)
After the food we headed to the train station.
Sad girl...
We are thinking of going back to Stockholm this autumn. If we plan it in good time we can get cheap tickets and hopefully room at a nice hostel again. Stockholm is probably just as nice in autumn colors^^

"Vacation mode"

I did not plan on taking a vacation from the blog. It just happend. Last week I figured it was to depressing to stay home without Christian (he was working hard in the studio) so I managed to persuade Ninni to take a trip with me to Norway. We had lots of fun, good food and drinks! The weather was ok as well.
I can`t say I really feel like making this a long post. I just wanted you to know I haven`t passed away ;) I will be back full time when I feel like it and have something to share with you. Tomorrow I`m going back to work again. It feels like I just started the vacation and I`m not ready to go back... But I guess I have too..You know, to pay the rent, food and other stuff :P
At least I have gotten back to my exercising rutine again. Saturday I went on a looong walk after some squats and push ups at home. I found a little spot where I could dip my sore feet in cool water and enjoy the nature.
Today I worked hard at the gym again. Just as good because it was raining cats & dogs.


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