And her lips where red like blood

I did some late evening shopping.
I blame my other half you see...
He was like "wow, the dollar is really low now....If you need to buy anything, now is a good time"
And before you know it I was on the Lime Crime page putting stuff in the shopping cart!
Oh such treasures I soon have shipped my way ♥
I bought the snowsicle gloss. I think I will use it both as a layering gloss and on it`s own.
Look how pretty it sparkles!
I bought the Poisonberry lipstick I have been wanting for a year now.
Such an awesome color, hope it suits me.
& a Velvetine lipstick in Red Velvet, which is a matte color.
I really have grown to love matte lipstick after trying the ones from Sleek. I bet this is even better.
Last but not least I went for a glitter called Ophiucus. It is a multi-colored holographic!
I can`t wait until I get my stuff!!! I need them now! I don`t think they will arrive for about 2-3 weeks though....



Det röda ser ju helt underbart ut! Kul med att ni verkat haft en så mysig semester! :)

Svar: Ja, vi hade skitmysigt ^^
Miss Anthropia

2013-08-16 @ 06:21:13

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