How a bout the last post from summer vacation. Our Gothenburg trip to be exact.
We don`t live that far from Gothenburg that we have to stay at a hotel. But sometimes it`s just nice to not stress over train departures and other things. So two nights at our favorite hotel was a perfect little trip for me and my love.
We got an upgrade on our room and with that upgrade came a room with a view and a nespresso coffee maker. Not to shabby!
The room was really cozy. With an exception due to the bathroom. A bathroom entirely made of glass walls may be pretty but not to practical. They had a curtain you could put around it but it wasn`t long enough for the entire thing. Luckily for us we are not shy. But I can tell you that I late one night bumped my nose in that glass door so hard I thought it was fractured. Ouch! I only broke my ego a bit.
Here is a couple of pictures with the view from the hotel the second night. So pretty.
Our bed had fluffy pillows and comforter.
Pretty designer chair!
The coffee corner
I tried to take a pictures of the glass walls around the bathroom but they didn`t turn out anything near good. So you get the glass sink instead. The hotel`s name is Riverton in case you want to go there sometime.
As usually when Christian and I are on trips there are mostly eating, shopping in second hand shops and relaxing on the schedule.
We didn`t take as may pictures this trip as the last one but here are some random ones.
In Haga enjoying brownies. lol
Sushiiiii. We found a new favorite place in called Ai sushi.
We had an evening at the Dubliner. Beer and drinks where at the menu.
My precious! Mine, all mine..
We had drinks in the sky-bar on top of our hotel overlooking a beautiful sunset
A really crooked building that is still in good use.
The last morning we skipped the hotel breakfast because of how disgusted we where over other human beings. Bad manners from grown ups and their screaming kids just aren`t a nice way to start the day.
Instead we went to or favorite cafe that have delicious sourdough bread and a breakfast menu.
The view there isn`t that bad either.
I didn`t shop a lot of stuff on this trip. Most things where on sale and a lot is from second hand stores.
The angel wing shaped brush was the one I bought in Stockholm but forgot to show you (new one!)
The pretty tulle shrug was found on half off the half price! The sunglasses and seashell earrings was half off and the mother of pearl bowl I bought as container for all the jewelery I tend to put everywhere around the apartment. I bought some inscense and dvd`s too but I could not be bothered to take pictures of it. The dvd`s I got where Cry baby, Sin city and Addams family values. Perfect for watching on long dark autumn evenings.
I love Gothenburg. It`s such a beautiful city and most people here are super friendly. I am glad it lies close enough for us to just visit over a day if we want to.
What do you think of this post? I would be happy if you leave me a comment! I love comments ;)


Den där förföriskt rosa drinken, vad heter den? Ju syndigare desto bättre, som de säger. Hoppas jag. :)

Svar: Det är en frozen strawberry daiquiri! Väldigt god att svalka sig med en varm kväll ;)
Miss Anthropia

2013-08-07 @ 09:28:12

ser dere har kosa dere ♥♥ ferie er kos ♥ gode minner til kalde kvelder ♥

Svar: Ja, masse kos og avslapping :) <3
Miss Anthropia

2013-08-07 @ 14:03:21

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