It`s all smoke and mirrors

This first week after the vacation have been awful. Trying to get back on track with eating healthy, getting back to work and having a cold just haven`t made me full of energy.
Today was quite nice though. My mother in law and I went to the beach for some sun and cooling down in the crystal clear water. And later this evening a big thunder storm was roaming for a couple of hours. I just love thunder. After a while in the light of a candle I fell asleep listening to the rumble.
While I still enjoy the summer I can`t help thinking of the fall which is just around the corner. I love fall. The cool crisp air, the scent of woods and leaves, the colors, the dark nights, pumpkins!, the rain and cozy evenings with candles. Anyone other than me that longs for it?
Now over to something else than me babbling!
In Gothenburg on our last visit I found this beautiful and very useful thing.
It`s a smoke detector in the shape of a moth. How I want it! To bad it is a bit expensive for me at this time.
I found it on this one place on the internet if you can afford to get one yourself
Pretty pretty little bug


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