Yet another chapter in my life has come to an end. The awful visits to the doctor and tons of medication with bad side effects is over. I am talking of my troubles with acne. I was back at the doctors for a last visit today. There is no more to be done. All I can hope for now is that it will go away by itself. I got some advice and some of it is totally useless for me. The doctor recommended some kind of chemical almond peeling that she didn`t think was available in Sweden but they have in Denmark. Well...Thanks, I guess...
Besides that she recommended me to look up cremes that don`t have any kind of oils in them and use a scrub about two times a week. Otherwise I already avoid dairy products and try to eat healthy. I guess I could be better on the healthy eating thing.
All well except that nothing of this will help me with the hormonal problem that causes my acne. Yay...
The doctor also shared some thoughts with me. She had seen an increase of grown ups with acne and how it`s hard/impossible to treat it. She also started talking about our living and eating habits nowadays. She believes it may have come from eating meat from chickens and other animals that have been treated with antibiotics and such. I am kind of sad that I didn`t stop eating meat sooner. And I still eat fish... I guess it`s not to healthy in along run either. I wish I had the inspiration and will to become a vegan. It is just a incredibly hard thing to live by in this society. It is hard enough to be a vegetarian sometimes. I truly believe eating vegan that is the best way of staying healthy and avoiding diseases...
A lot of bla bla bla from me tonight but I just needed to get it out.
No post is complete without pictures. So here are some butterflies I found eating nectar from the Buddlejas we sell at work. They where so busy that they didn`t even care that I came super close with my Iphone.

Coco Centaur

Jag vet, det är inte kul med akne :( En tanke kan vara att kolla upp hairfree här i stan, för de har även lite behandlingar för akne/ärr. Kan kanske vara värt att testa? :) Jag har fått lite hjälp därifrån iaf.

Jag har även fått rådet att börja äta kosttillskott med nattljusolja för den anses kunna bidra till hormonell balans. Nu vet inte jag om det fungerar, det tar säkert ett bra tag i så fall, men det kanske är intressant för dig att veta. :)

Svar: Nattljusolja och Hairfree i stan skal definitivt kollas upp. Tack för tipset :)
Miss Anthropia

2013-09-04 @ 10:58:03

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