Pentangles & spines

I wasn`t sure about posting these pictures. I would love to be better blogger for you and show more of my outfits and how I look on a everyday basis but I really don`t have a good spot anywhere to shoot them in our tiny apartment. I know how I enjoy these posts with others so why not have them myself. There is no room and there is not any place with sufficient lighting inside so I tried out the balcony this time but I don`t think it`s the perfect spot either... Really boring and not inspiring at all, or what do you think?  Is It better to shoot on the balcony than not at all?
To make outfit post outside by myself where everybody can see feels way to awkward. It would be much easier if I had someone who would shoot them for me.  Oh well, I made an effort to try model these clothes so you get to see them this time.
I am still loving my Actual Pain leggings I bought a year ago. They are comfy and cool. Whenever I go out with them I always get a lot of looks by people, good or bad I don`t care. I usually pair them with a long tank top that covers my bum a bit.
My  beloved spine heels have become my to go boots. They are surprisingly easy to walk in and I can have them a couple of hours without wanting to cut of my feet because of to much pain^^
I am crazy in love with the heel and can`t think of anything that would be a better match for me.


Outfit-bilder kan vara kul! Jag skulle nog tänka mer på att få ljuset åt ett annat håll, så att det visar dig och kläderna bättre. Kan du på nåt sätt ställa kameran åt din vänstra sida så att du får ljuset rakt emot dig?
Du måste inte ta helkroppsbild heller. Du kan ju ta halvkropp och sen klippa ihop olika delar :)
Just a thought :)

Svar: Det skulle nog vara omöjligt att utföra på balkongen. Skulle behöva en reflector och extra blixt då men då känns det ju lite väl överjobbat! Eller det kanske är så vissa gör :P Jag får helt enkelt fundera lite mer på hur jag i så fall ska lösa det hela.
Tack för input dock :)
Miss Anthropia

2013-08-21 @ 16:47:41

Var har du köpt dom? :)

Svar: Visst är dom! Jag köpte dom via Actual Pains hemsida. Länk:
Miss Anthropia

2013-09-23 @ 16:42:19

Hej! Hur lång tid tog det innan du fick hem de från actual pain? Svara hemskt gärna till min mejl.

Mvh Julia

2013-10-31 @ 02:37:04

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