I am so happy right now!!! I had trouble with my new computer these two past days. I haven`t been able to surf properly. The pages have freezed up and it hasn`t been possible to stay on one page more than a few clicks! Very frustrating I tell you. I have been trying to fix it with virus scans, cleaners and so on. Then it hit me! It may be the web browser. I tried to surf with Explorer for a while and I had no problems at all! So now I have uninstalled Google Chrome and installed Mozilla Firefox instead. ( Can`t stand Explorer ) Everything works super smooth now. Very thankful that my new computer was alright and that the problem was easy to fix. Feels like I dodged a bullet! Phu!
I would like to recommend a really good movie too! I love Quentin Tarantino`s movies and the new Django Unchained is no exception.
Just see it!
Now I am going to relax and eat some ice cream.Totally allowed because my throat hurts. Have caught a stupid cold again. Bohoo, poor me.


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