Growing strong

Happy Sunday everyone. I hurt a bit less today and maybe I am ready to get back to work tomorrow. But enough babbling about boring health issues and over to something far more fun in my eyes.
I have more than a couple of orchids. But only one white blooming right now and that because I got it just a little while back. And then there is this one just about to bloom. I can`t wait until she unfolds her pretty petals and reveal the beauty hiding. I do not remember what color this specimen have and it`s kind of a little gift waiting to reveal itself. This little beauty may be a lime color or white with beautiful dark pink spots. I really don`t know. She may turn out to be one more of the crisp white ones that I tend to buy too. I promise I will get her a new suiting pot and take her away from the hiding place behind the curtain.
I have another fun thing to tell you about too. I haven`t told you in written words that I don`t eat meat anymore. (many of you may have guessed it & some of you I have told) But since this fall I have not indulged on meat. It is going really well and it feels good. I still eat the poor creatures in the sea though. I am not nearly ready for being a vegan and I admire the ones that choose to live their lives that way.
Anyhow, I did not recon there would be any large health improvements because I already have been eating healthy and very often meatless meals but one thing for me has changed for the better. My nails are growing! and they are strong and don`t break as easy. For a girl loving doing nail designs and so often have been complaining over her sad excuse of nails this is big.


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