My Tuesday

Today was started off with a extremely sweaty spinning class. The ventilation did not work properly so everyone and everything was dripping from sweat.  Jisses. I sure got my new work-out clothes tested out.
They are amazing. and they did not slide up or down while I was moving. I hate having to pull my clothes during a class. I will absolutely buy more clothes from Better Bodies, they are well worth the stiff price tag.The fabric is super soft and comfy and the cutting just flatter your body. I`m in love. Here is a snapshot from this morning. Tired face & nice outfit ;)
I have a sports bra underneath. The top is way to low cut to use on it`s own even though it do have a built in bra.  I will have to show you the back sometime too. It`s pretty with small straps!
The rest of the day was spent in the kitchen experimenting with burgers. One with carrot & sesamy seeds and one with chickpea & parsley. Both turned out very yummy. I have been needing some new recipes as I have been super tired of our usual food and getting nausea just thinking of it. It`s not always easy to eat healthy and variated at the same time.


I made quorn chilli this evening and we had some nanchos and some sour cream dip I made with it. Not the healthiest with the chips but made a nice change! Im finding the veggie thing a little boring at the mo until I can work out how to adapt some of my recipes and I don't want to exist purely on cheese!! :)

Svar: Yeah. It takes time to find new favorites to eat. But it`s actually fun to make new stuff and broaden your cooking skills :)
Miss Anthropia

2013-01-08 @ 22:53:07

Oh also make sure you're not lacking in vitamin b12, was reading about that today , apparently its something you have to watch if you give up meat, can make you feel crappy if you get deficient :(

Svar: I think that is more of a problem for the vegans. I eat a lot of fish, sea food, eggs and dairy so I get b12 from that. If I ever feel crappy I may test it though :)
Miss Anthropia

2013-01-09 @ 05:54:17

Yeah I just read that too! Only mentioned it as I was quite surprised! I thought anaemia was an iron problem! In some ways it's good to make this kinda major change to your diet because it makes you think and read more :)

Svar: You can get anaemia if you have to little iron too! Christian tried to explain it too me but I can`t repeat/explain it properly :P There is several ways to get it I guess.Absolutely. I am so much more well informed now. Before I had no reason looking up stuff as I do now :)
Miss Anthropia

2013-01-09 @ 22:04:50

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