It`s all glitter and glamour

Ok, so the first day at work wasn`t all that fun and I got sick just in a couple of hours!? When I finally got home my throat was so sore I almost could not swallow my own spit! Ouch. After a little food, pain killers and a small sip of alcohol I went to bed hoping I didn`t have to go to the doctors the day after. I woke up today and the sore throat is almost gone. Now I have a snotty nose and low energy but that is so much better in my world. I probably can go back to work tomorrow.
The weather outside is grey and sad but today I don`t mind because I don`t feel like I`m wasting time sitting in front of my computer. I think I will try to make a post about our Stockholm trip.
My coffee mug and the bottle of alcohol I used to cure my throat with last night..

Grey days like the pretty fog & the wolfs soft fur

I guess I took a vacation not only from work but also from blogging. Oh well. By the visitor numbers and lack of comments I see that not many of you are staying inside reading blogs anyways. Tomorrow I am going back to work and the grey everyday life and routines. I can`t complain, after all I think my job is OK and I have had 4 awesome weeks. For once the weather have been super and I have enjoyed every second of it.
I thought I could show you my new top so this post will have some pictures and substance.
I found it on Etsy and I felt like it would make a great relaxed top for hot summer days.
Jason is a favorite in our home so it is more than appropriate!
If you like it just click the image and it will take you to the seller.


I need to show you what Ninni and I did a sunny day a little while ago. We are not like other girls that`s for sure. Instead of just lying on a beach and get a tan we did something we have had as an idea for quite some time. Because of the cold Swedish summers it haven't been to many opportunities to execute it before now.
We wanted to create our own image of Ophelia from Shakespeare`s Hamlet.
The photo shoot took place in a lake nearby that have beautiful water lily's and the perfect atmosphere.
It was hard lying in the water like a dead person and I think I came to a point where I was pretty close to pass out. But after a break with some sugary soda in the warm sun I was back to my old self again. 
My friend Ninni Sjölund was the photographer and the beautiful touches done in Photoshop is the artwork of  her beloved Johnny Olsson. And as you probably can see/understood I am the model. The sneaky little ant that is sitting on my cheek is unknown by name.
I am in love with this image. It turned out really macabre but yet it is so beautiful at the same time.
I know Christian thought it was a bit much to stomach. I can understad why. Seeing your loved one as dead isn`t that pleasant.
What do you think of our image of Ophelia?


Last trip to Gothenburg was not about shopping but as usual when I have decided not to spend money I find lots of stuff I can`t walk away from...
Like this book. I have seen it on other blogs and been wanting it. The price tag has kept me from buying it but when I saw it in a shop window for half the price I rushed in and got it in a heartbeat.
It so beautiful, not only on the outside but it is a joy turning the pages and enjoy the pictures and text too.
I also bought a new shower gel that now is my favorite one. Flying fox smells divine. I kind of long for every shower!
The face mask was free because I brought back a bunch of empty containers and the little white round tab is a face cleanser you use in hot water.
And this necklace. How could I not buy it. It`s perfect. I haven't found a better goat anywhere. and I have been looking for a long time. It`s even better in real life than in my pictures and it lies perfectly against my skin without tossing and turning.
I bought some cd`s and a DVD at a second hand shop. The cd`s where meh.. But the movie I already had seen and wanted in my little collection.
Nice stuff or what?  I am happy at least & kind of broke..

Dreams are made of this

My mind is set on summer and because of that I have become a bit lazy. Turning on a computer and stare at the screen haven't been a priority to say it mildly. But today I woke up to a grey sky and suddenly a retreat to it`s world seemed quite alright. My days have been filled with sun worshiping and easy laid back activities such as reading in the shade of my parasol, taking looong walks with my love, eating ice cream and be with good friends ♥
This week we where supposed to go to Stockholm for 6 days but it did not turn out that way. But happy news is that we have booked a another cozy hotel in Stockholm and we are going anyways!!! We are so happy about that and can`t wait to arrive. I really didn`t think we where going anywhere this vacation.
I thought I would post a few summery pictures here just to set the mood.
And if the bad weather are here to stay you will soon have a post with pictures of some treasures I found my last trip to Gothenburg.
I even have a dark but beautiful picture stored for you from a photoshoot Ninni and I did about a week ago.

Devil in daylight

How I love being on vacation♥ I think it is really necessary to have a break from all boring everyday stuff. So far I have been hanging out with my Christian, been a hair model and a been on a little trip to Gothenburg.
I was a hair model for a hair dresser who is building up a portfolio so she can start applying for work.
Her idea for me and the other girl was angel vs. devil.
The poor hair dresser had troubles with my thick, long hair even though she had been warned bout it.
I was supposed to have my hair made into devil horns but they sadly turned out more like a pair of antlers >.<
Despite that I had a great time and I am glad I could help.
Hair, make up, trident & idea: Sara Hammar
Photos: Ninni Sjölund
Angel: Louise Hovbjer


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