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Ok, so the first day at work wasn`t all that fun and I got sick just in a couple of hours!? When I finally got home my throat was so sore I almost could not swallow my own spit! Ouch. After a little food, pain killers and a small sip of alcohol I went to bed hoping I didn`t have to go to the doctors the day after. I woke up today and the sore throat is almost gone. Now I have a snotty nose and low energy but that is so much better in my world. I probably can go back to work tomorrow.
The weather outside is grey and sad but today I don`t mind because I don`t feel like I`m wasting time sitting in front of my computer. I think I will try to make a post about our Stockholm trip.
My coffee mug and the bottle of alcohol I used to cure my throat with last night..


Urgh, summer colds are the worst :( would love to hear more about your trip though! Feel better soon :)

Svar: Yeah. I will get to the post when I have time :)Thanks, summer colds sucks big time :(
Miss Anthropia

2013-07-30 @ 20:02:32

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