I need to show you what Ninni and I did a sunny day a little while ago. We are not like other girls that`s for sure. Instead of just lying on a beach and get a tan we did something we have had as an idea for quite some time. Because of the cold Swedish summers it haven't been to many opportunities to execute it before now.
We wanted to create our own image of Ophelia from Shakespeare`s Hamlet.
The photo shoot took place in a lake nearby that have beautiful water lily's and the perfect atmosphere.
It was hard lying in the water like a dead person and I think I came to a point where I was pretty close to pass out. But after a break with some sugary soda in the warm sun I was back to my old self again. 
My friend Ninni Sjölund was the photographer and the beautiful touches done in Photoshop is the artwork of  her beloved Johnny Olsson. And as you probably can see/understood I am the model. The sneaky little ant that is sitting on my cheek is unknown by name.
I am in love with this image. It turned out really macabre but yet it is so beautiful at the same time.
I know Christian thought it was a bit much to stomach. I can understad why. Seeing your loved one as dead isn`t that pleasant.
What do you think of our image of Ophelia?


Uffa meg Siv :-)

2013-07-27 @ 20:52:19

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