Yep, you guessed right. I am officially on vacation having my favourite beer to celebrate. Cheers!

Under the summer night sky

Just 1 lousy day left before the vacation!!! Wohoo!
Friday night Christian and I went out to see a friend preform with his band Mean Streak. I had a blast and was super bummed that I had to go home early because I had to work the day after. It was nice to talk to everybody and have a few beers. We don`t go out much anymore, perhaps it`s time to change that. It is after all summer time with light and warm nights.
It was also a perfect opportunity to dress up a bit. I had on my lovely spine heeled boots that you sadly can`t see in the picture and my beloved top from Spin Doctor, the skirt is from Lip service and is a really old one!
This was the first time in a long while I also had put on make up. I usually prefer very light make up in the summer because everything just melts away anyways. It felt good to be back to my old self. 


Sleeping beauty

I am counting the days to my vacation and I am down to 3 now! 2 work days and 1 off, my day off is tomorrow so I am going to sleep for as long as I want. Can you think of anything nicer.
Tonight I did some internet shopping and this time it wasn`t shoes... I actually bought new bedding. I have been longing for some with a more luxurious feel to than the cheapo ones we use from Ikea.
These have been on my wish list forever but have never been prioritized. One can wonder why, bedding used every nights should be prioritized before high heels and jewelry used once in a while...
Now I only wish I had them already. Don`t they look fluffy and comfy.
The bedding are from and I got two for the price of one.

Bad girl.

Bad girl me for being such a lazy blogger. I apologize and hope I will manage to do better soon. My vacation starts next Monday!!! And I am longing like crazy for it even if Christian and I can`t go anywhere. I guess I will spend my time doing stuff I never have the time for when working. Like photographing, put together nice outfits and pretty make up, read more, spend time with friends, make pretty things, go on moonlight walks instead of daylight ones and perhaps create a bit of magic in the kitchen.
I am a bit behind on my "get creative" list I made in the beginning of this year. (it`s here --> click <--) and I will have to try to make three contributions this month, I look forward to it.
Otherwise nothing much happens. We have been out for some walks to get some exercise between work and other boring stuff. I have found out that the running shoes I bought don`t fit my feet at all and gives me blisters no matter what. It`s such a sad thing. Now I need to get another pair that works and preferably looks nice. I have found myself on the Nike page again, designing running shoes that are way to expensive...
Soon...soon my dear readers I will be free!!! For a little while at least...

Glad Midsommar

Here in Sweden we are celebrating midsummer today. It`s kind of a big deal for everyone. I am working but get to go home fairly early. I have already prepared a Rhubarb-strawberry pie and some Jansonsfrestelse! When I get home I just have to clean some and get ready because my parents are coming from Norway for a visit. 
Of course it`s going to rain today but that is not bothering me to much. That means we can relax inside.
Have a nice day whatever your plans are.
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Some new collages from my Polyvore account.

Self 2.0

I am spreading the word of this "new" release from my love, Christian`s solo EP - Self 2.0.
This time it`s the physical release of a Digipack CD with 2 bonus tracks.
It`s limited to 500 hand numbered copies.
Hurry, hurry before they are all gone :)
Want it? Just click the image below and you will be sent to his home page where you can place an order.
If you just are curious you can listen to it on Spotify :)

Sabbath time

For some reason a lots of new visitors have found their way to my blog today. Welcome to you all.
Lets celebrate with a new collage from Polyvore that I made tonight. And if any of you have any questions you are most welcome to post them as comments.

Polyvore-Dark Summer

I suspect I have a new time consuming addiction. I created a Polyvore account tonight and have made my very first little collage. It is so much easier to use this account than making them i Photoshop...
My collage is not that good but I guess I will get the hang of this after a bit of practice. I sure did not like the the tight crop that "just happened" around the stuff in the collage.
You can go to my profile by clicking the picture underneath.
It`s a collage of something I can see myself wearing a warm summer day.

Turn The Page

I am blogging today even if I am deadly tired. It`s not only me that are tired but my Christian as well. We believe  we have eaten to little food with iron in it and suffer the consequences from this right now. I was at the store earlier and bought  pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, Brussels sprouts and even a jar of vitamins... Go away stupid tiredness.
Earlier this morning I was at the gym lifting some weights and sweating like a crazy on the cross trainer. And Tuesday I went on a super long walk in the beautiful nature. Finally I have gotten back to my healthy ways of living after a somewhat stressful time, It feels so good. As you may remember I wrote some goals for this year and losing the weight I have put on these passed two years was one of them. If I keep it up now the goal can still be reached. It has nothing to do with a weird body image and a desire to be super skinny, I just want to be at the weight I feel suits me and I like the feeling of being healthy.
When my last payment dropped into my account I did a bit of shopping online. This week I got my packages all at once. I would have preferred them a bit more spread out to have many small happy moments but that never seems to happen to me.
My first package was from Eyes Lips Face and contained something I use on a everyday basis. Their super good mineral primer and their mineral foundation. They often have good deals and this time was no exception, buy one get one for free, was the deal this time. I am so happy that they are cruelty free and so unbelievable cheap. Buying mineral foundation somewhere else would ruin quite strained economy.
I have also treated myself to some Lush goodies.
Two solid perfumes, Vanillary and Tuca Tuca.
A new soap called Miranda that has a amazing scent of fruits and flowers.
My beloved Dark Angels facial scrub. And a small shower gel to test out.
I also could treat myself to some new clothes from Actual Pain when they had their 50% off.
I have the pentangle leggings in L and they are a bit big on me so I bought these leggings in a M. Unfortunately these are a bit to small....Fu****K. I guess they together with the dress I bought in Liverpool will have to act as motivation to stick to my healthy new diet and get me to exercise more.
This sweater did fit perfectly though ♥ Oh how I love it. I am wearing it right now. Perfect for lazy days and lounging in. I wanted the vest top too but is was of course sold out. Maybe the will have it in stock the next time.
By the way...I am so tired of my header. I wonder though how my next one is going to look like. I need to think of that a bit and try to get the time to fix a new one..


OK, so finally you will get some pictures from my trip to Liverpool. As I wrote before Christian was not well enough to come with us. So it was only my parents and I. Of course it felt a bit weird to go alone but we had a good time and as always holidays goes by so fast.
Here we are having our first pint at the airport. A great way to start a holiday.
We used Ryan Air and had no troubles at all. And it was nice testing them out because Christian and I have tickets with them to Edinburhg this fall. Now I know how it works.
My hotel room was super and I slept so good all nights. We stayed at the Hampton by Hilton wich I really recommend.
Here is my room with the nice bed.
And my bathroom
The lobby was fancy too. The only thing I would think of that wasn`t that nice was the breakfast. But I guess it`s bad everywhere, very british! Not for me, a typical scandinavian who likes to eat light and healthy breakfasts. I had to survive on Nutella and toast.
The Lobby
I actually like Liverpool a lot. You can tell the city has lots of history and is filled with old beautiful buildings. We don`t have a lot of this where I live so I enjoyed walking around and look at them.
Even bars were nice. Like this one which used to be a hotel.!
Pretty ceiling
Me having yet another pint...and for some reason I look like a little elf or something in this pic.
There where a lot of shopping between the pints too. My mum and I was at Primark looking for finds almost every day!
There where not lots of clothes there in my taste but I managed to dig up some goodies. I went berserk in the underwear department....
I found one dress that was a bit too snug on me but I got it anyways and are currently on weights watchers to get into it before the summer is gone. ( I blame the toast with nutella and all the pints! lol )
It has a lovely Art Deco feel to it don`t you think. I want to wear it Now!!!
And Of course I also went bananas in Superdrugs. I got two palettes and a lipstick from Sleek. Loads of nail polishes, dazzledust, blue eyeliner and lip lacquer from Barry M.
I also got some false lashes, pearl manicure, and liprock which is a kind of foil to put on your lips!
The cute slippers and sunglasses are from Primark.
More stuff from primark!
My dress again! Beetle juice leggings, a lace camisole, frilly hipsters and loads of stockings. Wish we had Primark here too.
And of course I got shoes!!!
These classic mary janes where on sale! Yay!
A pair of black velvet wedges.
A pair of pretty cool heels
Can`t get enough of them..Must try to get some better pictures of them.
I also got a pair of black, creeper style sneakers. But I forgot to take a pic of them. And a Pair of red slippers with a pretty bow. I had to get a pair of slippers because my dad had booked mum and me for a spa day!!! Yay! We got to bubble bath, sit in saunas and swim before we both got a full aromatherapy body massage and a facial. It was so lovely. And such a nice surprise.
My cute slippers
Tired face me in the lobby with my morning coffee and almost no make up before the spa.
Happy mum outside the spa.
We also had to get up in the wheel like proper tourists.
The weather was perfect too, warm and sunny. 
Not far from the wheel we found The yellow submarine. You can hire it like you do with a hotel room. Something for the Beatles fan maybe.
After a wonderful dinner at a restaurant with loads and loads of yummy food in a all you can eat buffet, mom and I had ourselves a cocktail.
Yum, would not turn one down right now
I just had to ..Lol
One of the days we went to China Town. It wasn`t like I imagined. It was only a small part of a street that looked a bit Chinese.
The portal behind me was pretty cool though.
After a somewhat disappointing Chinatown we went to see the cathedral.
It was a bit windy so it as nice getting inside a warm place this day. I had to let out my hair from the pony tail to hide my big inverted pentagram the back of my jacket! I did not want to be thrown out on my butt...
The cathedral was really beautiful. I love this kind of architecture, but you could really tell that this one is fairly new. It lacked that special atmosphere you get in real old buildings.
Dad and I was supposed to go on a tour of the Cains brewery. Sadly they stopped the tours one week before we came to Liverpool. The weird thing was that they didn`t let us know so dad and I went there and waited for the guide to show up in the Cains bar. When we asked there where some fuzzy explanations and we got to choose to drink beer for free or try to get the money back online...
We choose to drink beer.
We where not to sad. Dad has been to the tour once before and we got to chat to some fun local lads.
And the beer was tasty too. Cheers!
We heard that the Cains brewery and bars has closed down now. They state it is temporary. He who lives will see.
One of the other nights we visited the Cavern bar. The Cavern was a place Beatles played a ton of times in the beginning of their carrier before they had their breakthrough.
It`s located underground so you follow a spiraling stair down to the "cave". There are no windows and it`s of course crammed with people. It`s hot and with lots of happy people drinking and singing along to the live performances. We saw a show and had ourselves a Newkie before moving on.
Our last day was game-day. We had tickets to see Liverpool vs Everton. So after some last shopping we headed over to the stadium and a bar to get ourselves a pre game pint and take in the atmosphere.
In my case it was a glass of red wine.
Mom and I wanted to taste  "real" fish and chips and thought that it would a nice little snack before the game. We were not expecting such a large meal that it turned out to be....Lol. It was surprisingly good though. But it would have been more than enough with one meal for us both.
You will never walk alone..
We had quite nice seats and saw almost the whole field besides a little bit of the corner on the right side.
And "we" (Liverpool) won! Yay!
Afterwards we had decided to go to a Japanese place my mom got recommended by a friend. And what a place. Super good food and with the cooks preparing our food by the table. They put on quite a show and made us all laugh. Our cook threw potatoes for us to catch with our mouth and scared mom by squeezing a fake ketchup bottle at her shirt.
I managed to take a picture when he was flambéing!
I will leave you with these pictures of our desserts.

Hurry, hurry before it`s gone

I am sorry for not blogging as much. But right now we actually have a bit of summer weather here in Sweden and I will not waste even a second because we never know if this is the only sun we are getting this year!
Some random iphone pictures from the passed days.
My new super ugly round sunglasses
Rosé on the balcony after a long sunny day. Yum!
My beautiful black Molly Sanderson violets looks incredible in sunlight.
The sky the other night.
Now I am off to work again and after I hope to catch some more sun. Have a lovely day!


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