There will be a lot more people showing up on your funeral than your birthdays

So happy birthday to me! The day will be spent relaxing and doing nothing special.
This is my favorite photo from the last photo shoot with Rasmus Fredriksson.
I just love the way it turned out. Super pretty and dark.

November Sun

I am in a really happy mood these days. The one big thing that have been bothering me for a couple weeks now is finally settled. The company I work for have been down sizing, a co-worker lost his job and another got fewer hours. Thankfully nothing changed for me as I already work fewer hours on the winter season. Phew!
Then there is the happy news that Christian and I will celebrate Christmas in Norway with my parents and my brother witch I see way to seldom. I can`t wait! We will roam the streets of Oslo, eat lots of Norwegian Christmas treats and I will enjoy watching Norwegian TV!
And not to forget my birthday is tomorrow. Yay!
Already tonight we will go out for dinner celebrating and tomorrow is my day off so I don`t have to work. I have no plans but sleeping in and hang out with my love dosen`t sound to bad.
I got some money from my parents to buy myself a birthday gift I want and I have decided to get the Freak perfume from Illamasqua. Sadly pay pal didn`t work this morning so I will order it tomorrow. Really exciting.
I have also received a gift from a couple of friends. These candle light holders with flames! They fitted our windowsill very nicely.


With my birthday and Christmas coming up I thougt I`d show you what I have on my wish list.
You never get too old for birthdays and Christmas in my world ;)
The stuff are in random order and the images are linked to places you can buy the items. Maybe you can get some ideas of what to buy someone or wish for youself.
Sugarpills cold Chemistry palette. I just love the colors in this one.
Matte black spine heels. I love my other spine heels and want them in black too just because!
This way to expensive necklace from Blood Milk
This lace dream from Banned
The art of Tim Burton book
The movie Frankenweenie♥

Burnt velvet leggings! These are from Black milk.
Addams Family complete series DVD box
Another necklace, this one by Vivienne Westwood. Actually cheaper than the one from Blood Milk!
Vegetarian cook books would come in handy. I am so tired of most of the food we cook and I need some new inputs. These look intersting, espesially the one with the guy from the tv series River Cottage that I used to watch!
The poison apple print shop has amazing patches! I would love to get my hands on any of them so I can sow them on something and wear!
Illamasqua`s perfumes Freak sounds absolutely delicious. I have no idea how they smell or if any of them fits me, but I still want them!
And how cute is the snail!!!

When the smoke clears

So do you want to see some more pictures from my trip to Halmstad!?
Here is a couple more from the same shoot as the picture I used in my new header.
This outfit was really supposed to be for the outside shoot. But sadly as I told you the weather was so bad we had to give up on our idea and go to the studio instead. We would not risk the camera equipment to get ruined and our make up to wash away...
Hope you like them. I sure do even though it was not at all how we planned it to look.
Rasmus Fredriksson is the photographer and the one in charge of editing.

You need darkness to see the stars

How about it!!! A new blog design!!! Do you like it?
I was so very tired of my old and when I finally had a new picture for my header I felt inspired to fix it. I think it feels so much more relaxing and calm.
The header picture is one of the pictures I have gotten from the weekends foto shoot with the very talented Rasmus Fredriksson.
I changed it a little bit so it would fit my design.
In this post you have the original. Shoot and edited by Rasmus.
I love it so much♥ It really is better in color and it makes my eyes pop.

I am back

Hi everyone. I am back from the adventures away from home. I had so much fun and now I feel totally satisfied but also tired hehe. I have no pictures to show you at the moment but I will share as soon as possible. We had some troubles with the weather. It was not cooperating well with us so we gave up the outside pictures and went to the studio instead. We did get a ton of amazing pictures and with a bit of editing they will be out of this world.
As always it was super nice to stay with Rasmus and his lovely girlfriend and cats. Hope it won`t be so long until next time.
I also got a few audio books I will listen to. Three of them is by Neil Gaiman so I know I will love them. I started one of them last night but after just 10 minutes I was about to pass out so you know I was tired.
This is the one I am starting with.
Is there any of my reader that love Neil Gaiman too? I first dicovered him when I still was in school. And the Sandman comic is a huge favorite of mine.


Good morning everybody.
I see a lot of you are stopping by and I am sorry to say I am a bit too busy for blogging the next couple of days. I am at work and this weekend I am going on fun adventures.
I suggest you follow me on bloglovin so you don`t miss any of my posts!
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This is a brand new picture from Rasmus and it was a left over from our last steampunk shoot.
I like it a lot and hope you do too.


Hi lovelies
I just don`t have anything exiting to blog about for now! But fun things are coming up. Finally Ninni and I are going to Halmstad to shoot some pictures with the Oh so talented photographer Rasmus again. We are going to do two different shoots. One outside if the weather allows it (not much can stop us) and one inside the studio. I am a bit nervous but at the same time I know I am in good hands.
This week is all about work in the days and preparations the rest of the time. Packing, sorting out what to wear and fixing stuff I need to complete the looks. I also have booked a nail appointment at a new place since I was so disappointed with the last place. Yay! Fun!!!
If you want to take a look at the other pictures we have taken with Rasmus you can click here , herehere , here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and some really old ones here !


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