November Sun

I am in a really happy mood these days. The one big thing that have been bothering me for a couple weeks now is finally settled. The company I work for have been down sizing, a co-worker lost his job and another got fewer hours. Thankfully nothing changed for me as I already work fewer hours on the winter season. Phew!
Then there is the happy news that Christian and I will celebrate Christmas in Norway with my parents and my brother witch I see way to seldom. I can`t wait! We will roam the streets of Oslo, eat lots of Norwegian Christmas treats and I will enjoy watching Norwegian TV!
And not to forget my birthday is tomorrow. Yay!
Already tonight we will go out for dinner celebrating and tomorrow is my day off so I don`t have to work. I have no plans but sleeping in and hang out with my love dosen`t sound to bad.
I got some money from my parents to buy myself a birthday gift I want and I have decided to get the Freak perfume from Illamasqua. Sadly pay pal didn`t work this morning so I will order it tomorrow. Really exciting.
I have also received a gift from a couple of friends. These candle light holders with flames! They fitted our windowsill very nicely.


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