When the smoke clears

So do you want to see some more pictures from my trip to Halmstad!?
Here is a couple more from the same shoot as the picture I used in my new header.
This outfit was really supposed to be for the outside shoot. But sadly as I told you the weather was so bad we had to give up on our idea and go to the studio instead. We would not risk the camera equipment to get ruined and our make up to wash away...
Hope you like them. I sure do even though it was not at all how we planned it to look.
Rasmus Fredriksson is the photographer and the one in charge of editing.


Halmstad, här bor ju jag, hoppas du hade kul i staden! Riktigt häftiga bilder måste jag säga. :)

Svar: Tack Veronika :) Denna gången hann vi inte mer än att fota. Men jag har kollat runt lite vid andra tillfällen och staden är riktigt fin, speciellt på sommaren :)
Miss Anthropia

2013-11-18 @ 15:46:02
URL: http://verrran.blogg.se

Åh vilka vackra bilder och gud vilka vackra skor!

Svar: Tack Bunny :) Älskar mina skor och!
Miss Anthropia

2013-11-18 @ 17:21:41
URL: http://bunnydrugz.blogg.se/

woooow kjemtøffe bilder :-)

Svar: Takk mamma :)
Miss Anthropia

2013-11-18 @ 19:04:54

Coola bilder och nice det blev med röken! :)

Svar: Tack Veronica :-)
Miss Anthropia

2013-11-21 @ 18:43:07

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