Up all night, I got demons to fight

Things are both good and bad at times. I try not to let stuff get under my skin but sometimes you can`t get away. Lately I seem to have let my gard down.
It is nothing that have hit me hard personal but I loose the faith in humanity more and more these days. People are so disgusting and I hope they get what they deserve in the end.

Anyways Halloween is slowly getting closer and I almost have everything for my outfit ready. I look forward for a fun and somewhat scary night with our closest friends next weekend.

Tonight is a really quiet and soft night and tomorrow when most have the weekend off I will be back to work after two lovely days of freedom.
This Friday which has a full moon is celebrated at home with a glass of Amarone.
I feel so honored too. I just heard a draft of my loves new bonus track he is going to release on his vinyl version of the EP Self 2.0. It is the most amazing and beautiful song. I love it so much ♥


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