Bad Girl

At this moment I am lying in the sofa feeling sorry for myself. The reason is that I have been attacked by a stupid cold. Had to stay home from work and all... Luckily I have the weekend off and I can hopefully get well soon by resting up.
I have had this post half ready for a while and I had about enough energy to finish it today. So here we go.
I am such a bad girl. Having laid my hand on new eye shadows and not shared swatches with you! I kind of have become addicted to Sleek`s eyeshadow palettes. I just love them, such good quality for almost no coins at all. Every one I own is just so well pigmented and have such pretty colors.
I think I might have started collecting them..
I usually buy them from because of the super fast and free shipping and because I always get my mascara from them too. But you can probably find them for less money somewhere else.
The palette next to my eye of Hörus mascara. Both are cruelty free brands♥
And as you can see is this palette called Bad Girl. Every shadow have a name, I like that.
Close ups
Lets see the upper row on my arm in day light.
You can see i have a primer on half of the swatch.
The shadow benefits from the primer. My primer is cheap, cruelty free and works super well. I use the mineral primer from e.l.f.. If you don`t have one you love I definitely recommend you to check it out. They have 40% at the moment so it`s even cheaper. Get to it by clicking Here!
And here you have the other row of colors.
I use this palette quite a lot and the shimmery ones are the favorite colors. Especially the green called Intoxicated.


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