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Hi guys. So sorry I haven`t updated my blog in a while. The days just keep slipping trough my fingers like water. I have been working as usual and last weekend we had my family visiting, I even have started to make use of my new gym membership. It feels good to be back in normal routines but it sure don`t leave much time for blogging.
I thought I could show you my newest member on my bathroom shelf!
My home made whipped body butter!
As we move towards colder weather my skin is needing some extra help to keep soft and moisturized. I usually buy Body butters from different shops on Etsy but I always have to pay such incredible high shipping costs. So I got the idea to try to make some of my own. Guaranteed cruelty free and better for my economy. I searched the internet for some recipes and where to buy the needed stuff. I found a little shop where I could get the hold of the basic ingredients to a fair price and everything is also fair trade, cruelty free & vegan friendly. They even had been cutting the middle hands so the producers get paid more for their work. Could I have found a better shop or what!? The shop is called Sheabutter Cottage. To get there just click the picture below.
The almond oil I got at my local drug store and the Coconut oil Is from my nearest grocery store.
The essential oil was not as strong as I had liked so my body butter didn`t smell as much jasmine and vanilla as I had planned, actually there is a lot I will change next time I make this so I will not share the recipe I used. But as I said there is tons of recipes just a google away. Also to keep in mind is that the cocoa butter smells quite heavy (but yummy!)
Here is my jar! Got a regular jam jar and printed out a lable also found online.
 I have of course tested it out and I love it! A little goes a long way and it also feels good to know that there is nothing harmful or bad in it. Is this something you would want to try yourself?


Tjusigt! Väldigt inspirerande faktiskt. Snygg bild och resultatet också :)
Synd att jag inte klarar av sheasmör. Det är förmodligen för fett åt mig :( Jag blir finnig värre än en tonåring. Det är dock asbra för torrare hud!

Svar: Tack tack :D Ja, nu som det gåt mot vinter behövs det värkligen lite extra hjälp!
Tråkigt med shea smöret :(
Det går garanterat lika bra att använda mango butter, avocado butter eller nåt annat butter om du tror det skulle funka bättre till din hy. Förstår dock om du inte vill utmana ödet, dom är jobbiga dom där finnarna :P

Miss Anthropia

2013-09-21 @ 21:03:10

Så fine produkter Siv. Dette vil jeg også kjøpe til vinteren :-)

Svar: Jeg fixer en box til deg mamma <3
Miss Anthropia

2013-09-22 @ 15:11:57

Åh!!! Måste göras!!!! :)))

Svar: Ja, vi skulle kunna ha en pyssel kväll nån dag:)
Miss Anthropia

2013-09-22 @ 20:52:59

Jag skulle absolut kunna testa det :)
Var har du köpt halsbandet och "nätet" som du har på dig i headern?

Svar: Hej Karin.Halsbandet är så gammalt att jag inte kommer i håg. Det kanske var från glitter eller nån liknande affär.
Spetsmasken köpte jag på Accessorised`s halloween avdelning för ett par år sedan.
Miss Anthropia

2013-09-23 @ 16:45:54

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