Hey Ho, Let`s Go!!!

Time just fly by so fast don`t you think. I have not really been working out since the first week in July... I have some valid reasons and many not so valid....
I guess the laziness in me is hard to get rid of, lying in the sofa is just so much more pleasant than sweating and getting work out pains afterwards.
But today I finally went and got myself a new membership. I went for a new gym this time. They have a lot more group training classes to offer and tons of work out equipment.
Besides that they are huge, blending in and "hide" will be much easier. When I go to the gym the last thing I would like is someone talking to me and bothering me. In this new gym I even have the possibilities to swim if I feel like it. That can be a super nice alternative to work out in the cold winter times.
Oh my. I am going to suffer big times... I get out of breath so easy now a days and getting back is going to take some time.
I picked up a new work out top today too, It`s from HM and I is in purple! Love it. And on top of it lies my new shiny, expensive gym card.
Do any of you work out? It would be fun to know what kind of exercise you like the most.
I would like to try something new sometime too! How cool wouldn`t it be to try roller derby or a pole dancing class for an example! Even though I would fall on my butt over and over...


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