Lime Crime Treasures

I have been receiving some packages in the mail lately and I haven`t really had the time to make post about them! I will try to be better. The weather outside is starting to look like fall and that means more computer time so hopefully I will have the time for it soon.
Now you will at least get to see my new Lime Crime gems.
I got my package after a little bit of a scare. The post office didn`t find it even though I had my little piece of paper telling me it was ready to be collected.
I was scared that someone had stolen it. Oh the horror!
After a couple of days later they called me and told me they had found it when they had done their weekly inventory. Thank the make-up god for that.
I just love getting Lime crime packages. I am a sucker for beautiful packaging and they always have every detail thought of.
This time the box had polka dots and neon colors.
I have worn all of my new lip products. The glitter is yet to be tested. I think I will try it in on my nails first!
Here I am with the Velevtine on my lips! And I just have to say I totally loved it. I had no troubles with the applying and it lasted sooo long on my lips. It dries completely matte and the color is stunning. The perfect red. With my pale skin and black hair I get a snow white look I love.
I think I will need to get myself a lip liner though or a kind of lip primer?  I bleeds a little bit. I need to get one for my red candy apple gloss anyways.
I must tell you that I have been toying with the idea of blending a bit of black eyeshadow with it. I think it would be fun to see if it looks good a tiny bit darker too for those days I crave darkness.
And this was me today with Poisonberry.
Absolutely amazing color too. The only thing that would concern me is that It`s not nice to apply on dry lips. The color looks very dark in the creases. Like I had today. I really need to drink more water... especially when I have eaten sushi with lots of salty soy sauce.
I have to apologize for my crappy photos. I have forgotten to charge the batteries to my Canon...
Maybe I will have the time and inspiration to photograph the lipsticks with my good camera again.


Wow! Jag fick hem poisonberry förra veckan. Hade det i fredags. Jävligt snygg färg ändå. Någonstans mellan lila och.. rosa. Skrubba läpparna innan du lägger på stiftet så blir det bättre!
Snart får jag hem ett annat lila läppstift jag har beställt från ett annat märke. Lila - The shit!

Svar: Ja, får dra fram mitt hemma gjorda läppscrub igen :)Älskar Poisonberry, sjukt glad jag köpte hem det. Helt klart värt pengarna.
Hoppas man får se det andra lila läppstiftet på bloggen sen då ;)
Miss Anthropia

2013-09-10 @ 20:14:44

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