Seashell Spells

I have as you may remember a list on creative stuff I was going to make this year. ( The List )
1 assignment for each month. Well, this spring a lot happened on a personal plan and this list was no longer a priority. But I have not given up on it. So here you have Make a pair of earrings!
I bought these earrings on vacation this summer because I just loved the seashell so much. But they didn`t look right to me, rather unfinished on the long boring chain. So I just had to give them a new look. Now they look more my style with black satin bows, pretty silver studs and a pearl to top it off with.
I am really happy with the end result. I wore them out to dinner yesterday and felt great! I love how they make me think of the summer I had together with my Christian and memories of our vacation springs to mind.
I am also going to throw in the picture I posted on my Instagram. Feel free to stalk me there too. I am miss666anthropia.


Det blev jättefint! :)
På listan så är där ett skal till en mobil, jag bara undrar var du har köpt det eller om du har gjort det själv? :3
Och sen, en jättekonstig fråga: jag hittade din blogg via castlefreaks och jag bara undrar om du vet varför hon som har den bloggen inte har uppdaterat på länge? :)

Svar: Tack. Jag känner inte Castlefreak så jag har ingen aning tyvärr. Hoppas hon kommer igång igen dock. Hon är sjukt duktig :)
Mobil skalet har jag gjort själv med limpistol, färg och lite metall skrot!
Miss Anthropia

2013-09-26 @ 19:31:37

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