Cat eye

The big glowing thing is up on the sky and that calls for some new eye wear. I have grown very tired of my aviator sunglasses and since they didn`t cost me to many coins I thought I would get a different pair that gives a totally new look.
I really don`t know if they will fit my face but a pair of cat eye sunglasses are now ordered. Yay!
These were not very expensive either. I could gotten similar ones for almost nothing on ebay but I went with these that I found on etsy instead. I liked the bluish fading color of the glass. Hopefully they will blend well with my goth/metal style or whatever I have on can be called.
These I got last year and have now become a big favorite and still will be worn a lot.
Mine are not from Prada though. Mine are cheap ones I can afford to break...
I usually go for big bold sunglasses. I have a pretty tiny face! and nomal sunglasses tend to look weird and unflattering on me. Can you wear any type of glasses or do you have trouble finding good ones as me?


Så häftig header!

Svar: Tack tack :)
Miss Anthropia

2014-04-25 @ 06:39:45

They are soo cool!! I have trouble finding sunglasses both when I have to buy them and when I need them home...

Svar: Thank you :) I think they are too. A good tip is to put your sunglasses in a pretty box on the hatrack, now I always know where mine are!
Miss Anthropia

2014-04-25 @ 11:14:34

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