Black velvet & red wine

Yesterday evening turned out alright. Not an epic evening but those are quite rare.
I actually made Chris take outfit pic of me for once. Wet hair and posing in the tiny bedroom where there still was some light was not the best ingredients for an awesome picture, but oh well.
My new Gothic cross tights sadly got a rip the very moment I put them on but I still used them.
And I finally got an opportunity to use my beautiful vintage kimono like jacket, it matched my velvet shorts perfect. I was very happy with this outfit and sure got a few looks when I arrived at the party. But I usually do get that when I meet new people.
My poison of choice for the evening was this bottle of red wine.  I have switched to organically grown wine after I realized how much pesticides there are in most wines out there. I am not the only one that have realized this lately and It really shows in the shelves. Almost every "green" wine was sold out and I bought mine in a really large shop in Gothenburg last time I was there. Maybe we will soon see more and more organic in the shelves and not only in the liqour stores. I would love if all the vegtables and fruit available was organic too. Maybe then it will not be so pricy and I could buy it all♥


Waking up with a headache just tells you to wire down and start the day slow. Witch is just what I did today. A huge coffee mug, my best breakfast granola and the lap top, just the way I like it.
It`s been a lot of work and no play this week but now It will calm down for me. Next week I am back on a "low season" schedule and it at the moment it feels good. I probably will cry when the pay check comes though.
Later I will try to get an hour on my cross trainer., change a connector in my new old Nintendo 8-bit console, vacuum and clear up some mess before putting on some gorgeous clothing, makeup and jewelry for a night filled with red wine and hopefully some fun people. Maybe I can manage to snap an outfit pic this time.
This week I had planned to buy some fresh cut roses for the weekend but I ended up buying this beauty instead. It`s a Gardenia. It has dark green glossy leafes and  velvety white flowers that smells divine. Kind of dark mossy woods with jasmine blended in. It`s just pure magic. Run to your nearest flower shop and sniff it!
Hope you all will make sure to have a great weekend.


Lately I have been wanting to shop myself to death. I always seem to find irresistible stuff, especially when the money is low. And sadly my birthday and Christmas feels to far away!
One of the items I am so eager to get into my home is the other perfume from Illamasqua. I already have and love my Freak perfume and tend to use it for the more special occasions to save it. And now I really want the Freak Scarab Extrait witch is limited edition.
One is not particulary spoiled with cruelty free perfumes either...

Blood Orange, Neroli Absolute and Ylang Ylang awaken and entice the senses.

Davana Oil entwines with Egyptian Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Queen of the Night to form a sensual heart.

The warmth of stewed plum creates a distant depth, leading to the rich ancient accord of Mousse De Sax- Geranium, Anise, Moss and Leather.

Don`t it just sound amazing!? It`s £85 witch is way to much for me at this moment :( Someone please buy it for me. You can get it at Illamasquas webshop ->here<-


My cravings for candlelight is really not normal. I always have at least one candle burning every evening. Yes, even in the summer. As you can imagine I spend a lot of money on this obsession. I have made candles before with those kit`s you buy, but those and not particularly cheap. Therefore I now have been experimented with a new way to make them.
This is my first try and the first candle turned out amazing.
I scented the candle with jasmine and vanilla, soo good. I also made a label to make it more personal.
All I have to do now is to dig in second hand stores for more pretty containers to fill and wait for more fragrance oils to arrive in the mail.
What do you guys think, do you like my candle?
To bad you can`t smell it through the computer/smart phones,


Deep wine and bloody colors.

I have had such cravings for autumn colors and since not much has turned up in the stores yet I turned to the make up shelves to still my hunger. I got myself some new gorgeousness from the Swedish brand Isadora. They have lots of nice stuff, the only thing I`m not crazy about is their eyeshadow witch need a lot of primer and work to look good.
I just "needed" their Zinfandel lipstick and got it together with the lip pencil in the same color. And didn`t you know, a pair of pretty nail polishes fell into my shopping basket too. I fell for Purple Regin and Femme Fatale.
Since I could not get a good enough swatch of the lipstick I borrowed the picture from the inter webs!
It`s light in the formula and feels super nice on the lips. I only wish it had a bit more coverage, It really suits me though and maybe it`s because of the sheerness. I tend to look weird in too heavy and dark lipsticks. I can`t pull of black that`s for sure.
I only got a crappy iphone selfie to show you. I really need to start using my Canon for better quality portraits.
The polishes.
I have yet to wear Femme fatale (the red)  but the Purple regin has been on my nails since the weekend and Im not tired of it yet.


So much absolutely irresistibly and beautiful stuff and so little money...

Silky skin

Last night I finally took some time to make more body butter. I have tried a couple of recipes before and this time I simplified it as much as I could.
Instead of melting a bunch of different butters together (shea, jojoba and such) and then whip them when they reaches exactly the precise consistency I only used coconut oil.  Coconut oil has in normal room temperature a soft buttery consistency witch is perfect to whip. The other recipes made a hard kind of butter that you had to rub a bit to melt. This one is much softer and melts mediately. Perfect!
You add some essential oils for fragrance if you like or let it be and it will smell just coconut. And then you just give it a go with a hand mixer or an kitchenaid! I think this stuff is brilliant for my dry winter skin. I use it after my showers in the evening and let it sink in over night. It is really good for your hands and feet too.
For now I will keep it in the fridge and when fall and winter is here I don`t see any troubles with having it on my nigh stand or in the bathroom. If it melts you only have to whip it again to fix it.
 Let me know if you test it and what you think about the result!

Winter is coming

...and I am prepared!!
Knowing that I`m soon going to constantly freeze I finally made the move and ordered a super cozy heat blanket. I looked and longed for it during the whole winter of 2013 but found it too expensive. This time around it was much more affordable. It was on a sale and with an online discount code it was a much more sensible buy.
It is probably hard to see in the picture but it is in fake fur and brown in the colors. I just know I will be snuggling under it reading and relaxing for hours and hours this winter.


Some days just don`t turn out the way you plan. And today was one of them. I just have been doing a ton of stuff I needed to do but not the ones I wanted to do.  At least I managed to get on my crosstrainer for an hour.
Eating healthy is a really though nut to crack. I have zero cooking inspiration witch leads to me eating the same stuff over and over again and I am getting sick of my food. wish I could hire an private chef to fix all my problems.
I know I will get me some sushi this weekend at least. Yum. But for now I will have to manage.
Had a cup of lovely cherry tea to wire down tonight and I plan on jumping to bed very soon.


 Suddenly realized I collect beautiful moon pictures from Pinterest..


Last night I finally got to snap a picture of two new findings.
This super nice dome was half off the already reduced price in a store called Åhlens. I have been eying it for a while but I didn`t feel like paying as much as they wanted for it. Feels like a small victory to finally own it for so few coins.
Inside I have displayed a skull, an old feather and my new beautiful bottle. I found the bottle when I was in Stockholm in one of the best vintage stores I have ever visited.
The owner told me it may not be super old but the prettiness made me want it so bad.
I really don`t know what it was used for, but my guess is that it maybe have been a perfume bottle?
It suits my book case very well and even my other half noticed it and complimented it.
The precious bottle. I really have grown an even bigger passion for pretty vintage things after finding so many to my liking this summer.


Yesterday was a good day. I did manage a whole hour on the crosstrainer. Yay! And I bought fresh veggies for woking. To bad i didn`t get enough time to prep them. I work this weekend so I guess I will be buisy cooking and crosstraining tonight.
I think a half an hour will be enough on days I work late shifts. But I will try to squeeze in an hour now and then.
The measurements and weigh in was as I expected. Not great. Even more reason to deal with it before it gets out of hand.
By the way I need to show you some very nice findings so I will try to snap a pic or two to show you.

Shut up buttercup.

I feel so unhappy with myself at the moment. The heat stroke we have had made my working out routine disappear and after a summer of unhealthy treats every day several times a day I don`t feel like myself. I feel more like Ursula If you catch my drift haha...
The big thing for me now is to shut up and do something abut it. I need do shake the dust of my willpower and get started. Not always an easy thing to do. I just want to get that feeling of inner peace and more energy that comes with a healthier lifestyle. My goal has to be to loose enough weight, maybe 10 Kilos?! So that I can start running again. Last time I tried I ended up with hurting knees for over a month and I think that was a from to much overweight, wrong shoes and bad technique.
I have my cross trainer all set up in the living room so I can watch tv or an exiting series while going. So no excuses can be made in this house about bad weather or opening hours at the gym.
I also need to update my Spotify list with some good workout beats. If anyone have some good songs please let me know.
Another challenge will be to sort my eating out. I need to get rid of my unhealthy habits and cut down on my portions. I will not follow any weird diet, the plan is to cut the calories and eat enough of the healthy stuff to stay full and nourish my body and mind. This will probably be the hardest. I find cooking boring and I have such a bad imagination when it comes to inventing new meals. I also don`t want to spend to much time on it...I guess I will have to use Pinterest and search for some healthy recipes.
If anyone else is feeling like me and wanting to get rid of bad habits let me know and we could help each other out. Sometimes it`s easier when you know someone is in the same situation. I will post my progress here and I promise this will not end up as an helth and fitness blog. I will still post other stuff.
I am starting today by working out and getting some nice fresh food into the house. And tomorrow early before work I will get my measurements and step on that bloody scale just to know where I am at. So! Who else is with me on this?



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