Black velvet & red wine

Yesterday evening turned out alright. Not an epic evening but those are quite rare.
I actually made Chris take outfit pic of me for once. Wet hair and posing in the tiny bedroom where there still was some light was not the best ingredients for an awesome picture, but oh well.
My new Gothic cross tights sadly got a rip the very moment I put them on but I still used them.
And I finally got an opportunity to use my beautiful vintage kimono like jacket, it matched my velvet shorts perfect. I was very happy with this outfit and sure got a few looks when I arrived at the party. But I usually do get that when I meet new people.
My poison of choice for the evening was this bottle of red wine.  I have switched to organically grown wine after I realized how much pesticides there are in most wines out there. I am not the only one that have realized this lately and It really shows in the shelves. Almost every "green" wine was sold out and I bought mine in a really large shop in Gothenburg last time I was there. Maybe we will soon see more and more organic in the shelves and not only in the liqour stores. I would love if all the vegtables and fruit available was organic too. Maybe then it will not be so pricy and I could buy it all♥


det är ju så jävla typiskt. det finns inte ett par strumpbyxor som inte har gått sönder när jag satt på mig dem. DAMN IT! Men snygga var de iaf (Y)

Svar: Haha, skönt att inte det bara är jag som förstör dom hela tiden :P Hopplöst är det i alla fall..
Miss Anthropia

2014-09-02 @ 19:51:19

Har du sett den här sidan på fejjan förresten? Klart DU ska vara med :D

Svar: Nej , det hade jag inte! Gick med på stört :)
Miss Anthropia

2014-09-10 @ 20:49:00

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