Deep wine and bloody colors.

I have had such cravings for autumn colors and since not much has turned up in the stores yet I turned to the make up shelves to still my hunger. I got myself some new gorgeousness from the Swedish brand Isadora. They have lots of nice stuff, the only thing I`m not crazy about is their eyeshadow witch need a lot of primer and work to look good.
I just "needed" their Zinfandel lipstick and got it together with the lip pencil in the same color. And didn`t you know, a pair of pretty nail polishes fell into my shopping basket too. I fell for Purple Regin and Femme Fatale.
Since I could not get a good enough swatch of the lipstick I borrowed the picture from the inter webs!
It`s light in the formula and feels super nice on the lips. I only wish it had a bit more coverage, It really suits me though and maybe it`s because of the sheerness. I tend to look weird in too heavy and dark lipsticks. I can`t pull of black that`s for sure.
I only got a crappy iphone selfie to show you. I really need to start using my Canon for better quality portraits.
The polishes.
I have yet to wear Femme fatale (the red)  but the Purple regin has been on my nails since the weekend and Im not tired of it yet.


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