I don`t know if you remember my search for a new cruelty free shampoo and conditioner that would work for my hair?! Anyways! I had such trouble with my hair that I gave up on it for a while and I went back to the old shit I was using. I don`t really know why but my hair just turned into a sticky mess and I didn`t want to go outside.
But when my friend Anna posted a pictures of her "before" and "after" hair on Facebook I felt it was about time to try again.
Anna had tried Faith in natures lavender and geranium and I went for exactly the same as it seemed like we had the same hair needs. And I am so happy I did. My hair feels amazing, so much softer and healthier. I can`t remember I ever had this soft hair!
I like the lavender scent but I think I will try the raspberry & cranberry the next time just because I usually like berry scents better. Most of the scent disappear after a little while so you don`t go around and reek like I felt I did with one of the hair products I tried out from Lush! A good thing if you like to wear perfume like me. Faith in nature is vegan, cruelty free, paraben & SLES free, contains no artificial colors or fragrances, is PH balanced and has a biodegradable bottles. Yay, what`s not to like.
I think I have got rid of my worst sugar craving this month and the eating healthy bit is really going well at the moment. I never have sleeping problems but I sleep even better now when I don`t consume as much sugar and alcohol. I have been working out at a regular basis and this is really helping my body and mind lighten up. My skin (acne) is almost all well again thanks to my birth control too! Such a relief. It feels good to be back in good routines. Maybe I can be as healthy, fresh and fit by the end of the year as I was on this pin up shoot!
Photo and editing By Rasmus Fredriksson.
This was my treat this evening. A new exiting vegetarian magazine with tons of food inspiration and a bowl of red currants and raspberries. Such luxury.


Hmm... nu vet jag inte om min kommentar ens försvann? WTF! Jag skrev iaf 1) sugen på att testa FaithInNature! Samt att jag tipsade om Bodyshops Rinsforrest Shine-serie, jag ÄLSKART för mitt torra hår.

Svar: Den första kommentaren kom fram den och men jag publiserar bara denna då :)Jag har inte testat body shop serien. Försöker hålla mig så gott det går till 100% cruelty free märken och då Lóreal äger body shop har jag svårt att motivera mig själv att gå dit. Kan dock säga att jag saknat body shop en del :(

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2014-01-27 @ 14:23:46

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