Sometimes happiness is for sale

I am back and feeling a little bit better. I got my lazy ass down to the gym and did some serious cardio today. So Yay me! Tomorrow I am going out to look at different cross trainers. I would love to have one at home for those days when it is hard getting to the gym. I could do cardio at home and use the gym for heavy lifting only. How fit and healthy I could get hehe! I have a feeling the Cross trainer go well with Netflix too.
I actually had to buy bigger work out clothes so this is very necessary. Like I said was 2013 not my best year.
I got my package from H&M today with work out pants and top.
The pants where a bit big but I am going to keep them anyways and maybe fix a drawstring when they get even bigger. Thinking positive is key.
The top is a bit see through and will look nice with a bright sports bra underneath. It is a bit loose in the fit and I am really happy with it.
I didn`t just but boring sports clothes. I found some pretty things for the kitchen. It felt so empty after Christmas so a table rummer with matching dish rags and kitchen towel was needed. This isn`t my usual esthetics's but there where something about this print that I liked.
These skull dish rags just happened to make their way into my shopping cart too.
And this bathroom math. Sadly the matching towels where sold out. I have been wanting to get them but I waited to long. *sobs a bit*
This bra was on sale. So cool with the crossed velvet straps.
These leggings looks more like oil spilling in real life. These where really comfy and cool. think I will wear them this weekend. I have the whole Saturday planned with fun things together with my lovely friend Ninni.
And last, SHOES!!! To bad we now have lots of snow. No heels or sneakers outside for a while.


Slank in hit igen! Brukade följa din blogg förr! Tycker den är inspirerande och som skogalen så blir alla snygga skofoton ögongodis! ;-)
Men he, he 2013 var inte mitt hår heller vad gäller träning och kost! Nya tag har det blitt för att " get back in shape" :-)

Svar: Kul att du hittade hit igen! Och at få en liten kommentar uppskattas mer än du tror :) Vi får köra hårt nu i 2014 då ;)
Miss Anthropia

2014-02-05 @ 10:13:51

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