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In just a few hours my love and I are on our way to Stockholm. We are going by train so we are crossing our fingers and hoping there is no big delays or long stops caused by wrong light signals and such. It looks like the weather gods not are going to be kind to us this weekend but we are in good spirit anyways. Maybe if the rain really comes down we can visit a museum or something like that. If anyone have any nice ideas or tips on what to do in a rainy Stockholm please let me know.

Andrea Dolores

Historiska museet har grym utställning om slaget om Visby 1361! Även mkt bra vikingautställning om det kan fresta :)

Svar: Det låter faktiskt väldigt bra. Tack för tipset! :-)
Miss Anthropia

2014-06-25 @ 17:27:40

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