My melancholia seems to have fled and my good mood have yet taken over. I am really happy these days and I think the arrival of spring might have something to do with it. I am soaking in every little sunbeam I can get and cherish the dry streets I walk on.
My love and I went for a small road trip last week and the destination was different second hand shops. We found ourselves in a little city called Hjo. It is absolutely beautiful there. It is dead in the winter times and over flooded by tourists in the summer when it is at it`s most beautiful.
It is still cold and the wind made my eyes water like crazy but we still walked around and had lunch at a tiny restaurant on the pier. As you can see we had a window seat and enjoyed the food looking out at the water with cute ducks swimming by.
These cute little guys didn`t mind us at all.
I didn`t find as much cool stuff in the second hand shops as I had hoped for. But a couple of Champagne domes and  pretty napkins got to come home with me. I have been eying these glasses a loong while. Hopefully I can find more of them in the future.


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