This week started with an sore throat and it quickly escalated into a cold. Ugh. Damn you viruses. Tons of blankets, warm tea and fun series to watch made it bearable when my sinuses decided to give me hell.
In all my misery I found distraction in this awesome TV show I never knew existed, I can`t believe I have missed this! It`s called Oddities and is about a weird antique shop in Manhattan. The things you`ll see in this series is super fascinating, weird, disgusting, beautiful and macabre. I just love it.
För oss i Sverige: Den finns på tv4 play premium, första månaden är gratis utan bindningstid, så det hoppade jag på för att bara börja se direkt,Yay!
When I was feeling better Chris and I decided to roam all the thrift/antique shops around us. So much fun. I only bought a little brooch and the Black Swan on DVD but I could have spent a fortune. I found so much beautiful furniture you could not believe it. I better start saving up. I am sure one of the cabinets will hunt me for the rest of my life if I don`t get it. To bad I don`t have anywhere to store it until I get an house. I would probably put it on my credit card and never look back if it was possible♥


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