Garnet star

Since the last days have been really unpleasant because of stomach issues so I put on my best red lipstick and my darling vintage garnet brooch to cheer myself up.
The brooch I found this summer in Fåfängan in Gothenburg. I bought it from the most gorgeous and kind girl that works there. You can find her on Instagram called stormvild and the shop called fafangansantik. I visited the store several times and bought more treasures I am going to show you some other time.
My brooch probably origins from the 1800th century and the deep red stones are garnets. There are a lot of these around and is easy to find in antique shops or on line. I have flat cut stones in mine but you often find them with more faceted rose cut stones instead. I plan on getting more garnet pieces to my collection. Lately I don`t seem to want anything other than vintage/antique jewelry. I feel it`s more special to wear something not everybody else have. I see this with my clothes too but it´s so much harder to find what I want in that area so I just will have to seattle for some pieces to compliment my normal clothes.


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