Bat Fit

OK, maybe it`s time for an update regarding my "getting back in shape" plan.
I had some real issues until a couple of days ago with my eating. But it looks like I have managed to turn it around now. FINALLY! Bad habits are extremely hard to break and when my blood sugar is low I really seldom have the strength to resist the temptations around me. I hate that we have candy and ice cream at work. It really shouldn't have anything to do in a flower shop, and it makes my pan so much harder to follow. The mind is strong but when you are hungry and stand for hours looking and staring at the yummies you almost can`t be blamed for caving in.
My working out is getting better and better. It`s not that awful anymore and I can feel the improvement already. It`s nice to not hate it. I am focusing on cardio at the moment and some body weight exercises I can do at home in my living room. I have lost a couple of kilos already but I know it always are easier in the beginning so I am trying to not focus so much on that.
I also have gotten myself a book I hope can help me when my motivation is low.  Direct translated it`s called become the best with mental training. I can need some focus and change the way I think sometimes. I will try to read it soon.

Otherwise I think I need this sports bra!!! how cool? Found on Etsy of course.
This one is pretty cool too.


Yesterday was a good day. I did manage a whole hour on the crosstrainer. Yay! And I bought fresh veggies for woking. To bad i didn`t get enough time to prep them. I work this weekend so I guess I will be buisy cooking and crosstraining tonight.
I think a half an hour will be enough on days I work late shifts. But I will try to squeeze in an hour now and then.
The measurements and weigh in was as I expected. Not great. Even more reason to deal with it before it gets out of hand.
By the way I need to show you some very nice findings so I will try to snap a pic or two to show you.

Shut up buttercup.

I feel so unhappy with myself at the moment. The heat stroke we have had made my working out routine disappear and after a summer of unhealthy treats every day several times a day I don`t feel like myself. I feel more like Ursula If you catch my drift haha...
The big thing for me now is to shut up and do something abut it. I need do shake the dust of my willpower and get started. Not always an easy thing to do. I just want to get that feeling of inner peace and more energy that comes with a healthier lifestyle. My goal has to be to loose enough weight, maybe 10 Kilos?! So that I can start running again. Last time I tried I ended up with hurting knees for over a month and I think that was a from to much overweight, wrong shoes and bad technique.
I have my cross trainer all set up in the living room so I can watch tv or an exiting series while going. So no excuses can be made in this house about bad weather or opening hours at the gym.
I also need to update my Spotify list with some good workout beats. If anyone have some good songs please let me know.
Another challenge will be to sort my eating out. I need to get rid of my unhealthy habits and cut down on my portions. I will not follow any weird diet, the plan is to cut the calories and eat enough of the healthy stuff to stay full and nourish my body and mind. This will probably be the hardest. I find cooking boring and I have such a bad imagination when it comes to inventing new meals. I also don`t want to spend to much time on it...I guess I will have to use Pinterest and search for some healthy recipes.
If anyone else is feeling like me and wanting to get rid of bad habits let me know and we could help each other out. Sometimes it`s easier when you know someone is in the same situation. I will post my progress here and I promise this will not end up as an helth and fitness blog. I will still post other stuff.
I am starting today by working out and getting some nice fresh food into the house. And tomorrow early before work I will get my measurements and step on that bloody scale just to know where I am at. So! Who else is with me on this?



I don`t know if you remember my search for a new cruelty free shampoo and conditioner that would work for my hair?! Anyways! I had such trouble with my hair that I gave up on it for a while and I went back to the old shit I was using. I don`t really know why but my hair just turned into a sticky mess and I didn`t want to go outside.
But when my friend Anna posted a pictures of her "before" and "after" hair on Facebook I felt it was about time to try again.
Anna had tried Faith in natures lavender and geranium and I went for exactly the same as it seemed like we had the same hair needs. And I am so happy I did. My hair feels amazing, so much softer and healthier. I can`t remember I ever had this soft hair!
I like the lavender scent but I think I will try the raspberry & cranberry the next time just because I usually like berry scents better. Most of the scent disappear after a little while so you don`t go around and reek like I felt I did with one of the hair products I tried out from Lush! A good thing if you like to wear perfume like me. Faith in nature is vegan, cruelty free, paraben & SLES free, contains no artificial colors or fragrances, is PH balanced and has a biodegradable bottles. Yay, what`s not to like.
I think I have got rid of my worst sugar craving this month and the eating healthy bit is really going well at the moment. I never have sleeping problems but I sleep even better now when I don`t consume as much sugar and alcohol. I have been working out at a regular basis and this is really helping my body and mind lighten up. My skin (acne) is almost all well again thanks to my birth control too! Such a relief. It feels good to be back in good routines. Maybe I can be as healthy, fresh and fit by the end of the year as I was on this pin up shoot!
Photo and editing By Rasmus Fredriksson.
This was my treat this evening. A new exiting vegetarian magazine with tons of food inspiration and a bowl of red currants and raspberries. Such luxury.

Sometimes happiness is for sale

I am back and feeling a little bit better. I got my lazy ass down to the gym and did some serious cardio today. So Yay me! Tomorrow I am going out to look at different cross trainers. I would love to have one at home for those days when it is hard getting to the gym. I could do cardio at home and use the gym for heavy lifting only. How fit and healthy I could get hehe! I have a feeling the Cross trainer go well with Netflix too.
I actually had to buy bigger work out clothes so this is very necessary. Like I said was 2013 not my best year.
I got my package from H&M today with work out pants and top.
The pants where a bit big but I am going to keep them anyways and maybe fix a drawstring when they get even bigger. Thinking positive is key.
The top is a bit see through and will look nice with a bright sports bra underneath. It is a bit loose in the fit and I am really happy with it.
I didn`t just but boring sports clothes. I found some pretty things for the kitchen. It felt so empty after Christmas so a table rummer with matching dish rags and kitchen towel was needed. This isn`t my usual esthetics's but there where something about this print that I liked.
These skull dish rags just happened to make their way into my shopping cart too.
And this bathroom math. Sadly the matching towels where sold out. I have been wanting to get them but I waited to long. *sobs a bit*
This bra was on sale. So cool with the crossed velvet straps.
These leggings looks more like oil spilling in real life. These where really comfy and cool. think I will wear them this weekend. I have the whole Saturday planned with fun things together with my lovely friend Ninni.
And last, SHOES!!! To bad we now have lots of snow. No heels or sneakers outside for a while.

Hey Ho, Let`s Go!!!

Time just fly by so fast don`t you think. I have not really been working out since the first week in July... I have some valid reasons and many not so valid....
I guess the laziness in me is hard to get rid of, lying in the sofa is just so much more pleasant than sweating and getting work out pains afterwards.
But today I finally went and got myself a new membership. I went for a new gym this time. They have a lot more group training classes to offer and tons of work out equipment.
Besides that they are huge, blending in and "hide" will be much easier. When I go to the gym the last thing I would like is someone talking to me and bothering me. In this new gym I even have the possibilities to swim if I feel like it. That can be a super nice alternative to work out in the cold winter times.
Oh my. I am going to suffer big times... I get out of breath so easy now a days and getting back is going to take some time.
I picked up a new work out top today too, It`s from HM and I is in purple! Love it. And on top of it lies my new shiny, expensive gym card.
Do any of you work out? It would be fun to know what kind of exercise you like the most.
I would like to try something new sometime too! How cool wouldn`t it be to try roller derby or a pole dancing class for an example! Even though I would fall on my butt over and over...

Turn The Page

I am blogging today even if I am deadly tired. It`s not only me that are tired but my Christian as well. We believe  we have eaten to little food with iron in it and suffer the consequences from this right now. I was at the store earlier and bought  pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, Brussels sprouts and even a jar of vitamins... Go away stupid tiredness.
Earlier this morning I was at the gym lifting some weights and sweating like a crazy on the cross trainer. And Tuesday I went on a super long walk in the beautiful nature. Finally I have gotten back to my healthy ways of living after a somewhat stressful time, It feels so good. As you may remember I wrote some goals for this year and losing the weight I have put on these passed two years was one of them. If I keep it up now the goal can still be reached. It has nothing to do with a weird body image and a desire to be super skinny, I just want to be at the weight I feel suits me and I like the feeling of being healthy.
When my last payment dropped into my account I did a bit of shopping online. This week I got my packages all at once. I would have preferred them a bit more spread out to have many small happy moments but that never seems to happen to me.
My first package was from Eyes Lips Face and contained something I use on a everyday basis. Their super good mineral primer and their mineral foundation. They often have good deals and this time was no exception, buy one get one for free, was the deal this time. I am so happy that they are cruelty free and so unbelievable cheap. Buying mineral foundation somewhere else would ruin quite strained economy.
I have also treated myself to some Lush goodies.
Two solid perfumes, Vanillary and Tuca Tuca.
A new soap called Miranda that has a amazing scent of fruits and flowers.
My beloved Dark Angels facial scrub. And a small shower gel to test out.
I also could treat myself to some new clothes from Actual Pain when they had their 50% off.
I have the pentangle leggings in L and they are a bit big on me so I bought these leggings in a M. Unfortunately these are a bit to small....Fu****K. I guess they together with the dress I bought in Liverpool will have to act as motivation to stick to my healthy new diet and get me to exercise more.
This sweater did fit perfectly though ♥ Oh how I love it. I am wearing it right now. Perfect for lazy days and lounging in. I wanted the vest top too but is was of course sold out. Maybe the will have it in stock the next time.
By the way...I am so tired of my header. I wonder though how my next one is going to look like. I need to think of that a bit and try to get the time to fix a new one..


Sometimes I get these days when it seems impossible to have time to blog. I guess it`s a good thing called life. Anyways, I thought I would give you an update on how my running is going.
I am sad to say I can`t run. My knees said NO big time. I don`t know the reason, may be many small things put together. Like running on asphalt, being unused to the stress you get on you body while running, my shoes maybe aren't the best for me and maybe I just weigh too much! Guess some kilos have sneaked up on me this winter...
I can tell you that I now at least have started to feel motivated enough to start eating healthy enough to loose weight. The motivation all the other times this winter have been half ass and I have fallen for all temptations.
Yesterday I went on a long walk in the forrest. I felt like it was something I really needed to do. Kind of a reload of my energy and brain. The best part was that the sun was shining and the temperature was high enough to wear a short sleeved top. I also saw a lot of spring flowers popping up in slopes where it gets extra warm.
I got really exited and happy when I saw all the delicate flowers in all the old leaves and took a lots of pictures with my phone. I even saw a couple of butterflies. One Gonepteryx rhamni and Aglais urticae Linné 1758. Unfortunate I didn`t get a picture of any of them. They where far to busy and did not have the time to settle anywhere.
When I got home I had raspberry's as a snack outside in the sunny balcony. I think they taste like summer and a perfect substitute for sugar. If only I had a garden to grow them in. They are just as expensive as gold.
It was really a good day. I have Friday off too and are hoping for just as nice weather then.

Pitch black again

Today I finally got to color the horrible outgrowth in my hair. I always feel so trashy when I haven't done it in a while. I really hate coloring my hair too. It is truly one of the most boring things to do. 
The color I use is Tints of nature. It`s not tested on animals, they have permanent black color and it have better ingredients than most of the ones you get hold of in the stores here in Sweden. Tints of nature are even Vegan.
You can buy it at a store called Life here but they charge you 209 sek for one box. Horrible!!! I get mine at Ebay around 70 sek per box. And it`s a good thing that I can get them cheaper, I use two boxes just to color my outgrowth...Yes I have a lot of hair on my little head :P I think the color stays on well in my hair, I haven`t felt any irritation of any sort and I think it smells OK.
I you want to read about the the color yourselves just click this link --> click <--
I would like to color it blueblack sometime but it don`t seem to exist any good ones out there that are cruelty free, permanent and in blueblack. Color it with semi permanent color is just way to much work for me. So I thought I would ask if any of my readers know of any hair color that suites my wishes??
Otherwise I have been a good girl and done my workout too. Today spinning was on the plan again. And tomorrow after work I will get my ass out for a run. Hopefully I can keep this up. 
Here you have a pic of my tired face... That later got very, very irritated! Stupid people who goes to spinning class to look themselves in the mirror and chat with their friends can all go to hell... I don`t like fuck arounds at the gym. Why do they even bother. These girls didn`t even have on any resistance on their bikes and when the class was over they locked just as pretty and dry as when they came in...
I guess I can thank them for one thing though. All the anger made me workout even harder than normal.


Sometimes it`s nice to work the late shift. Today I woke by myself and started the day with a lovely breakfast.
Sunshine, muesli, soy milk, banana and strawberry. Yum. To top it off I of course had my cup of coffee and Sandman comic.
And after the lovely start I went out for the walk. It was hotter outside than I expected so the three layers of sweaters and jackets made me really sweaty! I tested to run a couple of times and to my joy my ankle did not hurt at all. Yayyy!!! Finally I can get back on the running program I started last year.
On my way home I stopped at a sport shop and bought a running jacket and a pair of super expensive running socks that they promised would help me not get any blisters. It`s ON!
I did test the Zombies Run app too. The zombies got me.... Another indication that I need to get in better shape. So if there will be a zombie invation I can run away from them.
Here is my new super soft, light running jacket. Hope to test it out on Friday after work.
And here they are...the most expensive socks I ever bought!
Do any of you have plans of getting healthier and more fit this year? Whats your choice of exercise?

Zombies! RUN!!!

Hi everyone.
Today I finally had the chance to get back to the gym. I went to spinning class which went relatively well. First half was super but the second half was really hard. Funny how fast downhill your physical condition go when you have a break. I made a decision to try my ankle out tomorrow before work too. I will go for a walk and try to run short distances. If it feels good and my ankle don`t hurt I will start my running program again. I think I will download the Zombies Run app for some extra motivation.
Hope the sun is shining tomorrow, otherwise it might be very cold. Brr. Wonder what is keeping spring?
Have any of you tested Zombies run? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

My Tuesday

Today was started off with a extremely sweaty spinning class. The ventilation did not work properly so everyone and everything was dripping from sweat.  Jisses. I sure got my new work-out clothes tested out.
They are amazing. and they did not slide up or down while I was moving. I hate having to pull my clothes during a class. I will absolutely buy more clothes from Better Bodies, they are well worth the stiff price tag.The fabric is super soft and comfy and the cutting just flatter your body. I`m in love. Here is a snapshot from this morning. Tired face & nice outfit ;)
I have a sports bra underneath. The top is way to low cut to use on it`s own even though it do have a built in bra.  I will have to show you the back sometime too. It`s pretty with small straps!
The rest of the day was spent in the kitchen experimenting with burgers. One with carrot & sesamy seeds and one with chickpea & parsley. Both turned out very yummy. I have been needing some new recipes as I have been super tired of our usual food and getting nausea just thinking of it. It`s not always easy to eat healthy and variated at the same time.

Better Bodies

Yes. Yet another work-out today and after.. reward time!!!!
I am so spoiled by my mother-in-law. Thank you :) I got these super awsome clothes. 
Better bodies Cherry hill pants
And this cammo top
Now I feel I have to work-out even harder to justify the Better Body clothes....
Guess it`s a good thing.

Health progress

Jisses! The first workout this year was hard. The gym was crammed ( as always in January ...) and because of that I had to use heavier weights. My usual was taken. To get to the the cross trainers you almost had to stand in a queue so I had to go harder in a shorter time period. And to top it off I had an energy drink right before so my energy level was too high! Lol. I am super tired in a good way now. But I can`t wait until all the people drop off and everything can get back to normal. I hate crowded places and staring people. Makes the misanthropic me even more disgusted with humans... I wish I had room for a gym in the apartment. But when we have a so small a place that we even can`t have a christmas tree so you can see the problem.
I will try to be a bit more consius to what I lift from now on and try to get some progress. I would love to lift heavier than the guy next to me^^
Som pics from Pinterest as inspiration. I know I need some inspiration from time to time. It don`t always come easy.

Alive and kicking

Hi! Have been working and done boring stuff :P Soon off to work again but at least I have had a great workout today!  Lifted so heavy today I felt nausea creping up and had to slow it down. Tomorrow is spinning class, so good times ahead;)  I have decided to be strict again with my meals. Too much slacking have made me eat without really having control and it have started to show. Bohoo. Only got myself to blame. 
This quote nailed it for me ;)
I really hope my ankle have heeled until spring so I can start running again.
Are any of you on a mission to get healthy and fit?

16. November

Yesterday was spent with Christian. We really needed to have a day together. My spirits been low for a while. I really can`t tell you why because I don`t know either. Maybe a combination of small things. We went out for some secondhand shopping and sushi. I did not find anything cool this time and was pretty happy about that because I really don`t have the money to spend. I must confess that this month is going hard at my savings. It seemes small amounts gets out of the bank account all time but I never can afford to put it back in... Hmmm. I have a new winter coat on the way too. My old one have ripped. So I tell myself it is okay to use money I don`t have ;)
At least I got my sorry ass out the door today for some walking. I did test my ankle with som jogging but had to give it up straight away. It didn`t feel good.
Here is some pretty views I had along my walk. 
I love green moss. 
And here is one of the many reasons I need to get out and move my ass....
Lovely Lucia Cat buns!!! Yum!! it is a kind of bun with saffron in it. Really you eat it for Lucia the 13. december and around Christmas but we could not resist the temtation any more. So I made them last night and we had some each with mulled wine. 
Now I need to pick out some clothes for  "after work" with my co workers. Should be fun.

Happy happy happy!

My third workout this week is done and I am going at it again tomorrow. Feels good to be back in business^^
Slowly I am starting to feel like I am getting back in the shape I was before I hurt my ankle. Remind me to never hurt myself like that again ;)
Here I am looking dorky waiting for the others to arrive.
After my workout I tried out my new showergel from Love & Toast. Sadly I was not impressed. The smell was very light for me. So even though I really can`t afford to I sat down and ordered some new showergels from Lush. I live in sweden as you probably know by now but I ordered from the UK webshop. The prices are lower so if you buy a couple of products you save some money on it even if the postage Is higher.
I ordered this
and this
I even bought a new Gorilla solid perfume, called Lust
the hair treatment H`Suan Wen Hua. I have tried this once before and loved it.
and a new conditioner. I have the American Cream right now and even if it works fine I want to test out some others. I don`t feel that my hair is the best it can be with he one have now .
It is for afro hair but it sounded like somthing that may work well for my hair too. Let´s hope it is better.
I also need to express my love for the face scrub Dark Angel that I bought last time I was at the Lush shop in Gothenburg. It is amazing. I love everything about it. I have used quite a lot of different ones over the passed years but this beats them all by miles!!! This is the best part of every shower I take.  And boys! This one you can use too. Nothing girly about it! Black of color and with charcole. Quite black metal it is ;)
Go to Lush by klicking the pictures .

I survived!

I can`t say I was at all dying to get up from bed this morning and go for my jog. But I did! Big pet on my back. 
I started my music, my Gym boss and my Run keeper and went for it. The Gps on my Run Keeper did not work so I only had track of the time :(  Sad! I need to figure out why.
Not only was Run keeper giving me problems but the Gym boss app did not make any sound when it was time to change from walking to running and I had no idea how to fix it... It worked when I tried it before. Arrrg! >.<
So I just ran as long as I could. On the first interval I started the run in a downhill slope and the pace got to fast for my own good. phew. The second interval started uphill. A couple of workers pointed an smiled at me as they drove by. I guess I looked very sexy with my red face and my parts jiggling all over.... (irony)
The third interval was super plesant!! What!? Hehe, the music was at the prfect bpm. I ran on a straight part of the road and everything just was just...pefect!. I know I was supposed to only run 3 times this first day but I went for a fourth inteval because I had quite a while left before I got home. It was ok and I sprinted the last bit! Crazy bitch as I am.
In all I was out running/walking for 45 minutes. Way longer then I had to. Next time I will take it a notch down... So I will be able/wanting to keep it up.
Note to myself....Put your hair in a bun next time. Not plesant with a big braid hitting your back, swinging around and annoying you.
Tonight I will drink beer, problaby eat somthing bad for me, listen to Chistian growl and have super fun!!! Hope you all will have a great Friday too.

Run to the hills......

Well. It turns out that I will have the time to start my running project tomorrow. I had planned to start in september but why wait?
The running plan I found looks like this.
Week 1 : Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Walk 6 minutes, run 1 minute. Repeat this 3 times. (21 minutes)
 I will skip week one. I know that I can do this without problems.
Week 2 : Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Walk 5 minutes, run 2 minutes. Repeat this 3 times. (21 minutes)
I probably could have skipped this week too, But I think I will see how I feel after the first time.. 
And because I start tomorrow I will do this Friday, sunday and wednesday Thuesday are spinning day, probably monday too!
I will simply run the days that suit me all of the weeks.
Week 3 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 3 minutes, run 4 minutes. Repeat this 4 times (28 minutes)
Week 4 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 2 minutes, run 5 minutes. Repeat this 4 times. (28 minutes)
Week 5 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 2 minutes, run 8 minutes. Repeat 3 times. (30 minutes)
Week 6 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 1 minute, run 9 minutes. Repeat 3 times. (30 minutes)
Week 7 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 1 minute, run 11 minutes. Repeat 3 times. (36 minutes)
Week 8 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 5 minutes. Run 20 minutes. (25 minutes)
I think it looks reasonable. Not too tough but something that I will be able to do. Hopefully my knees and hips will hold up^^ 
I have dowloaded the app Gym Boss to my iphone. It will help me keep track of the minutes I am going to walk and which I will run. I also have the app Run Keeper so I can keep track of how many kilometers I run and other stuff!
The music I use when I`m on the cross trainer will do for now. 
Why the hell am I doing this??? I ask myself this too^^
Because I HATE running. This fact makes it a challenge and I like to callenge myself. If I now can go to the gym and lift weights which I used to hate and avoid  I can make myself like this too. 
I have one more reason to do this. When I was very overweight I dreamt about me beeing able to run as long as I wanted without it beeing a extremely painful and awful experience. At that time it was impossible. I could not breathe properly, my weight made it to hard on my knees and it just was waaay to uncomfortable. 
I will also be nice to have a form of exercising I can do whenever and everywhere I want. 
So, are anyone of you readers going to join me in this??? Let me know. I think it will be fun if it`s not only me that suffers:)
And a pic of my dream body. A girl can dream can`t she...
If I go to the gym every day and run too.....AND eat more healthy stuff... Ehheehe...

Metal spinning

For the third day in a row I have been going to spinning. It`s so fun. Espesially when the music is good. It is my mother in law, Christian and I who have been picking out the songs so you know it`s a good mix ;)
I can understad people who think spinning is extremly hard and just a pain in the ass. They have probably been to a bad class... If the music and the instructor sucks the energy get super low and you can`t waith until it`s done. If it`s really bad you will never go to a spinning class again. I think that would be too bad. Such a great way to get in shape and it`s much easier on your body than running for an exsample.
Tomorrow I work all day again but sunday I quit a bit earlier and can go to the spinning class again. Yay!
Have some of you been to a spinning class? Did you like it?
Yummy yummy yummy!!!!
I love summer and all the sweet fruits we have at this season. Just as tasty as candy!


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