Pitch black love

It was a long time since I went shoe shopping. At least for me, so right before Christmas I ordered these pitch black spine heels. I have one more pair as you may recall and I love them so much I just could not resist having these too! I think they are one of the most comfy heel I have and a night out on town is no problems. It just even happen that I one of these nights walked all the way home...That is a 40 minutes walk in sneakers!!
I usually don`t walk that far in heels and I needed a pair for everyday use. I bought these boots lined with teddy and they are going o be perfect for the cold I know is coming soon. And of course are my new shoes in only cruelty free materials if anyone wonders.
I also have a pair of black sneakers on the way as we speak♥

Pentangles & spines

I wasn`t sure about posting these pictures. I would love to be better blogger for you and show more of my outfits and how I look on a everyday basis but I really don`t have a good spot anywhere to shoot them in our tiny apartment. I know how I enjoy these posts with others so why not have them myself. There is no room and there is not any place with sufficient lighting inside so I tried out the balcony this time but I don`t think it`s the perfect spot either... Really boring and not inspiring at all, or what do you think?  Is It better to shoot on the balcony than not at all?
To make outfit post outside by myself where everybody can see feels way to awkward. It would be much easier if I had someone who would shoot them for me.  Oh well, I made an effort to try model these clothes so you get to see them this time.
I am still loving my Actual Pain leggings I bought a year ago. They are comfy and cool. Whenever I go out with them I always get a lot of looks by people, good or bad I don`t care. I usually pair them with a long tank top that covers my bum a bit.
My  beloved spine heels have become my to go boots. They are surprisingly easy to walk in and I can have them a couple of hours without wanting to cut of my feet because of to much pain^^
I am crazy in love with the heel and can`t think of anything that would be a better match for me.

Pleaser: Seduce-460

Today I just got a haunting feeling that I had to visit a second hand shop I usually never visit or even think of. I have only been there once before and that time I didn`t find anything of interest at all. But something weird made me think of this shop today and I put on my black, spiked sneakers and walked down to the town center in the sun.
I didn`t see them at first. I talked to the shop owner and then I had a look around at all the clothes and some jewelry. I lifted my head a bit and there on the largest wall they stood on a shelf just waiting and longing for a new owner to give them love and excitement. My heart skipped a beat and I instantly took them down and turned them to see the size. My size!!! The price tag was on the sole too and said only 95 Sek.
I asked the girls behind the counter if I could try them on. Sat down on their yellow, vintage rococo sofa and kicked my sneakers off. I walked over to the fitting room with a mirror and saw how good they looked on my feet. The only other costumer, a middle aged lady, said that she loved them on me and I was of course in love.
Welcome home
They are from the brand called Pleaser and the model is called seduce-460. I googled them and It seems that they aren`t available in this red/black color combination anymore. I only found them in black, black and white and black with red laces. My new precious are probably a discontinued model.
How I love those moments when you really find something sooo good at second hand shops you skip happy around with a smerk on your face for a long time. And even showing them off to all your friends and boyfriend that couldn`t care less is fun.

Snake skin heels

It is about time I show you my new heels. I got them from mum and dad that who had been on a trip to Liverpool. 
I think they are from Primark. 
My new heels are killer! So fierce in snakeskin pattern and with a really high heel. They look so nice on my foot.
The colors are cool too, greysh with green. When I think of it they may look good with my bag from H&M I bought a while ago...Here the post about it --> Snakeskinbag<--

Winter is coming

Quite a while ago I made this winter inspired collage.
So please look away from the H&M nailpolish which aren`t cruelty free and just take it as color inspiration.
I made it for myself as a cheer-up-it`s-not-that-bad-with-winter-collage. I feelt sad about the summer that never came.
I have the boots but not the other stuff.
The furry bolero are from Necessary Evil, the polka dot sheer top are from H&M, eyeshadow palette is "Creature of the night" by Manic Panic, Skirt and velvet leggings is from ebay (don`t remeber the store)  
Last but not least the boots from Demonia called Bear. I love these boots. They make me look like I am a cartoon character with loooong legs^^ I almost are the same height as Chistian when I wear them.
The fur is of course fake ;)

Fairytale rainbow, dreamy heels and teardrops from the sky

My day has been quite ok. Can`t wait until tomorrow when Christian is free from work together with me though.
So to entertain myself I have tested out my new dreamy heels on for as long as my ankle let me. It is still sore and swollen but better.
We had a beautiful rainbow today and I had to immortalize it. So pretty with the grey sky and the golden sunlight.


They are finally here and I could not have been happier. Creepy and beautiful all at once♥♥♥
The size I orderd fitted me and they where even better in reality than in the pictures.
I haven`t tested them out for real because my ankle still hurts, but for the very short time I had them on inside my apartment they felt comfortable and easy to walk in.

gif maker

I feel an extreme need to put them on and walk out the door. Get well soOon stupid little foot.......

Black Box

Work weekend is over. Just moday left and I will have a day off! Yay. I hope some of the stuff I`m waiting for will arrive with the mail this week. It is painful waiting for it.  Just as painful as I think waiting for my favorite blog to update is...Patient is not my strongest side.
Today I bought some beautiful wrapping paper from work. I felt like making a pretty box to store some of my crafting stuff in. It works well as a place to keep my new shoes on too. I like to have my shoes out so I can see them all the time. When I finally move to a bigger place my pretty pretty shoes will have a  cabinet with glass doors and spotlights on. 
Kind of like this one but better!
Here is my little box on the desk in my crafting corner.



Ehm. Just orderd a pair of heels again...
Did not intend too but when I saw them at half off at Odium.net I could not resist! I have been drooling over these for ages! So freakkin beautiful!
Hope I get them soooon ♥


Yesterday Christian and I went to our lokal second hand shop. I thought to myself that I really don`t want anything.
But as It turns out I stumbled onto a pair of cute satin heels and a little red heart purse I really liked. This day they had 50% off shoes, clothes and bags so I just could not leave the preatties there. For just 80 sek. (about 11 USD) they where mine and could move in with me. 
The pumps had cute round toes and not too high a heel. Classic.
Can`t wait until I can use them!
By the way, they looked like no one had used them. I usually think it can be gross to buy second hand shoes. But not this time. Would you ever or have you ever buought second hand shoes?


Tired. Yep. Just waved Christian goodbye. He is going to Finland for some rehearsal with Solution 45. I am working almost all the days he is gone so It will be ok. Gonna miss him the most at the evenings when I am home alone.
Did som online shopping yesterday.... And finally my dream shoes are soon going to get shipped home where they belong. I settled with the replica of Dsquared`s spine heels. The Dsquared ones would have cost almost a whole months salary for me and that is just waaaay to much. 
This is how they looks.
I guess they will be here in about a month. Then you will get proper pictures of them. 
They come in other colors too. Grey, black and brown. I would lovere to have them in this black verison too.
♥ Maybe I will get them later on...

Good sunday morning

I got up early today because of a date with the gym! Crazy!!! I didn`t even think it was hard. It gets easier every time now.
The weather today is very changing. One moment it`s raining the next sunshine...
Waiting for my ride.
Today I went for the crosstrainer and did a 20 minutes warm up.
The sweat was dripping of me today. Had my iphone and some good motivating music. After the crosstrainer I worked on my abs, legs and glutes. I had a little pain in my arm so I let them and the back rest today.
Hell yeah I`m awsome^^
Now I`m just longing for some food. I am going to have salmon with baby carrots, broccoli and bryssel sprouts YUM!!
By the way, I got a package with Converse I had orderd a time ago from a webshop called eoooi.com. They are super nice but I am not 100% sure they are original Converse!? They look real but the thing that throw me off is that they didn`t come in the original wrapping paper and shoe box. I really don`t care if  they are real or not because they where super cheap. I got three pairs for the same price you get one here in sweden...But still it`s fun to know!
I searched the internet for info on how to spot fake Converce but are still not sure. I have taken some pictures of them in case some of you can tell me if they are real or not!
And yes they where shipped from China! But that don`t make them fake or does it????
Hope someone out there on the internet can help me^^

I want...

a lot of pretty pretty shoes from heels.com

Shoooooes <3

I could not help myself today. I was only going to take a quick look in the shoe store and fell in love with a pair of shoes. Lucky me, They had my size and it was 70% off!!! Yay! I would never have been able to buy them at the original pirice of approximately 190 USD

I can`t get enough of beetlejuice stripes^^
I also did my nails again today. Of course I forgot to take a "before" pic, they really looked like crap, short and broken after work. Hopfully I can do some great nail designs and show you again soon.
New, shiny, long and whole!

Saturday night

Im really tired from work and my Christian is tired from all fun he had yesterday...
So this saturday is just a lazy one in the sofa.
It was quite some time since I last posted heels here. Not cool! So here you will get two of my favorites from Iris Van Herpen. I haven`t botherd to check the price tag on these. I know I can`t afford them anyway^^
Pics from google.
I would rock them so hard♥

Longing for spring

I can hardly wait for spring. I`m sick of big vinter jackets and clumpy shoes. I want warm weather and light.
Spring means sneakers.
And recently I have started to think about how I will customice my own soon to be sneakers. Maybe I will paint them this year.
These triggers my imagination...
Clic them and you will be sent to the source.

Happy birthday to me...

Jaha, ser man på.. Här susar man in på en skoaffär och impuls shoppar upp pengar som man inte har. Denna gången förlåter jag mig själv faktiskt. Sjukt snygga och faktiskt praktiska kängor i skinn. Precis sådana jag har velat ha i en halv evighet. Jag fick 25% och dom är köpta på DNA, pris: ca 1000:-. Inte alls lika farligt pris som på alla andra liknande modeller jag tittat på. Bootsen kommer bli perfekta nu i vinter, jag skall inpregnera dom och har redan fixat en ullsula som värmer gott.
Lite annat fick följa med också. Lemmys bok tänkte jag läsa innan den 9. december då vi skall få se Motörhead igen.
Och lite nya lack jag inte kunde motså. Isadoras "black galaxy" och kicks egna multicroma lack som ser ut som skalbaggsvingar. Dom kan vi titta närmre på nån annan gång.
Jag får se det som min  födelsedagspresent till mig själv ;)
Lite bättre bild på bootsen..dom är dock svarta och inte grå som det ser ut här.

Got Spike?

Kommer ni ihåg mina pimpade svarta tygskor från i våras?
Hittade dessa fantastiska skor på Etsy och jag börjar känna mig sugen på ännu ett DIY projekt^^
Converse skorna ser mest användbara ut och heelsen skulle nog passa bäst på utställning i skohyllan eller på en photoshoot! Skulle vara för rädd för att skada mig själv eller någon annan om jag hade dom en kväll på stan...

Alla pimpade sko kan du hitta här


Det är tur jag inte är shopaholic på riktigt...
Om det så hade varit fallet hade just nu detta monsterpaket varit på väg hem till mig.
Med vansinnesskratt och ekonomi som inte skulle kunna räddas hade jag nog varit lycklig en dag innan jag hade sett alla nya skor som hade kommet in ^^

Alla skor är från denna sidan

Lite sjuk i huvudet är man kanske. Men alla har väl saker dom tycker lite mer om än annat. Nog om materialistiska drömmar. Dags att komma i gång med dagen. Massor som skall fixas inför resan :D

Some days are just better

Tisdag hade jag en riktigt riktigt dålig dag. Allt kändes sugit, grått och jobbigt... Dagen i dag har varit den totala motsatsen. Det är väl så..för att riktigt känna dom bra dagarna behövs dom riktigt dåliga.
Jag hade inga som helst förväntningar i dag. Mitt mål med dagen var att stiga upp utvilad från sängen och götta mig med nybryggt hasselnötskaffe och sen bara ta allt därifrån.  Det blev tid för att båda sminka sig fint och ta på sig nåt snyggt! En lyx grej när jag annars springer runt i smutsiga, osmikrande jobbkläder och gårdagens lätt påbättrade sminkning...
Jag bloggade lite om helgens påfund som ni vet och hämtade ut mina paket. Jag skrev ju att det var tre avier men att jag bara väntade på två! Mysteriet visade sig vara att ena beställningen var uppdelad i två..faktiskt tre paket. Det tredje har dock inte kommet än. För er som är nyfikna så vara det bara lite ego grejer. Jag och Christian ville ha en förstoring av en bild på mig från fotosessionen i somras. Så det var den som kom plus en fotomugg jag köpte till älsklingen^^
Det andra paketet innehöll en Ziphood/höstjacka hemklickat från ebay. Den är sjukt mysig samtidigt som den är riktigt grymt snygg. WIN!!! Bild kanske dyker upp i morgon om jag hinner.
När jag kommer hem har godingen min också gått upp och efter lite mer slappande så drar vi ut för att luncha. Vi stannar först vid stans ena second hand där vi hittar ett par svartrock vinyler. Lunch valet faller på stans sushi ställe trots vi egentligen hade bestämt ett annat.. beroende är väl en underdrift.  Ni slipper se mer bilder på våra sushi tallrikar. Jag lämnar in bilden som som jag fick för inramning och fick veta det skulle ta en timme bara. Så vi passar på att ta en fika istället för att åka hem emellan. Denna fikabild slipper ni däremot inte undan. Lyxkaffe och lyxpraliner på en av stans delikatessbutiker. Mums

För att tiden skulle gå ännu snabbare så kollade vi in några av dom få roliga butikerna i stan. Jag drogs som vanligt till sko avdelningen och hittade ett par ursöta sko jag kunde tänka mig. Jag lyfter blicken och ser att det är 50% rea. Vilket flyt! Det är bara ett par kvar visar det sig...och i min storlek. Lycka.
Här har Christian tagit en smygbild av mig i transaktions ögonblicket!

Mina nya darlings. Sjukt söta, praktiska utan klack, vattenavstötande och med katter!

Dom är av märket T.U.K.

Och det bästa av allt är att jag nu kan skita i att beställa nya dyra Converse.
Dessa kostade  275:-  på rean! Helt ok pris för så fina skor.

Dagen är dock inte riktigt helt slut där. Jag fick dessutom bokat in en tid hos stans nagelsalong. Jag har som ni kanske märkt gett upp lite på mina egna naglar. Dom håller inte en sekund ens.. Dom delar sig, bryts av och håller 1 är dom resterande 9 trasiga. Det blir inte lika kul att måla och dona med dom då. Så nu jävlar får jag gjort nåt som jag längtat efter sedan jag var tonåring! Ett helt nytt set naglar skall läggas. Dom får åka på två dagar innan vi åker på vår höst semester till Österrike. Jag fick sen min tavla som blev riktigt snygg och vi åkte hem. Just nu dricker vi lite Newcastle och myser i hemmets lugna vrå. Strax skall jag joina Christian i lite sega mega drive spelande och titta på gammal go skräck innan nanadags.

Hoppas morgondagen blir lite smittad av denna fina fina dag♥


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