This is for my Swedish readers only. About invites to a shopping site with nice discounts!
Jag utnyttjade för första gången! Det är en sida med kraftigt prissänkta märkesvaror som kläder, smycken, spotsutrustning, skor, resor och div.
Jag är i sjukt stort behov av träningskläder nu för tilfället och hittade ett skitsnyggt linne i nät-material som kommer bli gott använt nu i framöver^^ Yayyy! Såg att Craft skulle komma med en kampanj nu snart och så hoppas det finns nåt mer jag är i behov av! Jag fick dessutom använt mig av min invite rabatt på 50:- kr så linnet från Dcore kostade 198:- med frakt på 40:- inräknat.
Vill ni ha en invite så skrik ut i kommentarfältet! Lämna en mailadress som inte har _ innan @ bara annars går det inte! Ni för dessutom 50:- pix att shoppa för om ni blir inviterade och inte registrerar er själva på sidan. Det kostar givetvis inget.

Bikini + Doughnut

This day started without coffee... Really bad!!! Even my brain filled with dopamine after the spinning class could not soften the cravings and the beginning of a migraine. I therefore took measures and slapped on some make-up and went to out to the nearest cafe. I got a coffee to go and while I was drinking it checked out some stores. I did not intend to get anything but when my eyes fell on this bikini at H&M I had to try it on.  It was really cool and I just could not leave it there. We all know that when you really need a bikini and go out shopping for one the nice ones is sold out and if there are some left they don`t have your size. The price didn`t hurt either so what the hell;)  At least I`m prepared if the sun decides to show up this summer...
Later Christian and I had a yummy sushi lunch and topped it off with a doughnut as dessert. It was good but I really think it looks better than it tastes.
This day just flew by and tomorrow it`s back to work. I already loong for the weekend >.< I think I will start the day at the gym at least. Then I feel I have gotten something good out of the day.

The perfect leggings

And they are sold out........ f#*%<£'***%.~¨# >.<
This ones I would`t mind either...But the same there...sold out...


My favorite song by Khold.
I`m celebrating the saturday home alone in the sofa. Christian is at work. I have done something bad today... Eaten some candy.
But what the hell! Tomorrow it`s gym o`clock again;)
Besides eating candy I have seen the documetary about Black metal from Lydverket.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Not the best quality but still good enough to watch. I could think of far worse things to do on a saturday evening.

Black lace & sweat

Holy shit I`m tired! Went to a spinning class fom hell. The intructor had a new program, supposed to be a medium intensity. There are 3 kinds, basic, medium and intense. This was intense +++!!! I was dripping of sweat from after the warm up song to after the streatching! Hmm. I did it and feel pretty good now. But I don`t know if I will take the class anymore. I think it`s supposed to be fun to work out and this was to hard with way to many crappy swedish songs. Like that wasn`t enough...She sang along the crappy songs.
I have forgotten to show you my new top! I orderd it from GoJane a while ago. I could not resist it because of the incredible beautiful lace. I love it so much and long for a opportunity to wear it ♥

The days of our lives^^

I can`t impress you with new and exiting stuff i have been doing lately. It`s same old, same old here. Still going strong in the gym and spinning classes. Besides that i mostly work and relax.
I was just about to do some altering to my new Converse but realized I had the wrong stuff to work with!! And I have absolutely no money left so I can`t even order it... Shit and bills happens, right ;)  My nails look like hell now too because of my lack of money (I really should get an appointment to remove the old and put on new ones...) Guess all I can hope for is that my next pay cheque will be ok. I have decided to treat myself to new workout clothes too. I really need some more so I don`t have too wash them all the freaking time. Luxury problems I know :)
My mother-in-law gave Christian and me some fruit-scented candles. And they smell super delicious. I even got a lip gloss in the plum pleasure scent and taste! Dangerous, I want to eat it^^

Plum Pleasure

Sweet, plump plums, black cherries and red raspberries are warmed with notes of cinnamon and vanilla.

We also got this beautiful GloLite candle that illuminate from top to bottom. I am weird but I love candles and always have one burning when I`m at home. I probably inherited the obsession from my mum.


I usually don`t join giveaways/contests and spam my blog with it...but this time I really want the price^^
Click the picture to get to the facebook giveaway.

Monday morning

The sun is shining and I just know that after today the trees will start to look green again♥ I would have loved to have today off but I am stuck at work all day and evening. I can`t be to sad about it though..Tomorrow is off again and I have spinning class and plans with Christian. Yay!
I really crave sun and verdure now. I`m happy Christian and I took early summer vacation, not too far away now... Hopfully this year I will get to spend some quality time with my camera and the cherryblossoms^^
Daffodils from where I work. I love the ruffles on the trumpet and how they smell.

Necessary luxury for my fucked up skin......

I had to update my skin produkts again. It is sickening how much money I have spent on my skin the last 6 months but I really can`t afford not to... It seems like the last atibiotics I ate have somehow worked a bit. Not as much acne left on my chins but now it seems like the skin is forcing out the shit which is left and produces massive amounts of blackheads and small spots around my nose and mouth *sigh*
The Cliniqe produkts seems to help at least. And at my local Kicks store they had a bonus gift when you bought two produkts. The night moisturizer was disgusting expensive >.< Ugh.. and I am thinking of buying the day cream later when the crappy one I have now is empty... Double ugh... >.< >.<
The bonus had som nice stuff in it. The day moisturizer I`m thinking of buying A red lipstick that probably is to much at the orange side for my liking. Eye cream, foundation, pocket mirror and some liquid facial soap.

Good sunday morning

I got up early today because of a date with the gym! Crazy!!! I didn`t even think it was hard. It gets easier every time now.
The weather today is very changing. One moment it`s raining the next sunshine...
Waiting for my ride.
Today I went for the crosstrainer and did a 20 minutes warm up.
The sweat was dripping of me today. Had my iphone and some good motivating music. After the crosstrainer I worked on my abs, legs and glutes. I had a little pain in my arm so I let them and the back rest today.
Hell yeah I`m awsome^^
Now I`m just longing for some food. I am going to have salmon with baby carrots, broccoli and bryssel sprouts YUM!!
By the way, I got a package with Converse I had orderd a time ago from a webshop called They are super nice but I am not 100% sure they are original Converse!? They look real but the thing that throw me off is that they didn`t come in the original wrapping paper and shoe box. I really don`t care if  they are real or not because they where super cheap. I got three pairs for the same price you get one here in sweden...But still it`s fun to know!
I searched the internet for info on how to spot fake Converce but are still not sure. I have taken some pictures of them in case some of you can tell me if they are real or not!
And yes they where shipped from China! But that don`t make them fake or does it????
Hope someone out there on the internet can help me^^

Cry baby

Tonight I`m all home alone. Poor Christian had to work the graveyard shift at his birthday!. To ease the pain and boredom I watched this awsome classic.


I am just totally in love with this beautiful jewelry by Martha Rotten.
I want them all. Preferably now!
You can get them for me here

Mint and Violet

Finally home after a long day. First I had a visit at the hospital to talk to a skin specialized doctor. And then I had a really long work day. Phew!
And like that wasn`t enough.. My stomach haven`t been well in two days. I wonder why??? Hmm.
Did my nails again last night. Sadly enough I didn`t let it dry long enough so it didn`t turn out so nice as it could have.  All you get is bad cellphone pictures. Can`t be bothered with dragging out the good camera to take pictures of such a sad manicure.
The colors are a dark violet from H&M and a mint green from E.L.F
Tomorrow is also going too be a long day. First off a workout at the gym and then work all day and eavening >.<

Day off

Hi ^^ I have a day off! Extremely nice to take it somewhat easy.
First off I went to the spinning class. And it was a good one. I`m starting to get results and I notice it on how much more I sweat. Now I just want too work out mooore!!! Hope I will get addicted ;) I have even started to think about buying protein powder to drink after working out to build the muscles a bit.
Before the others arrived.
I had just the time to eat some bananas and take a shower before Christian and I had to do something less fun. We said our last goodbyes to his grandmother by placing her ashes in the family grave. The weather was seriously cold and the rain poured down. Hopefully the next time we visit it will be sunshine.
Aftewards we treated us some take away for dinner. I was searuisly hungry by then. I had woked chicken with cashew nuts and vegetable. Super delicious and somewhat healthy. Even saved some for later.
I went shopping for necessitys and now I`m just relaxing home alone. Christian had to get back to the studio.
I am just about to eat this big bowl of noms and see if I have a fun movie on the computer to watch.
Fresh pineapple, grapes and kiwi. Nom!

Gold-tip-nails and yellow roses

Im working myself through this easter thing! Vacation what is that? ;) I really don`t care so much about it because Christian is recording all day and my family is all the way up in Norway. After all holidays are all about spending time with the ones you care for.
I will at least show you my manicure.
Orly`s "space cadet" layerd over H&M`s "man hunter" with Isadora`s "gold sparkles" on the tips.
I think it turned out nice. I`m looking forward to see it in daylight tomorrow!
These roses are my only Easter decoration this year.

White Foxes

Just a song I have been addicted to for a while now.

Im alive!

Hi! Pardon my bad blogging but my life is just now super boring. All I have done this passed days are working late and working out! I have been at the gym for both spinning and lifting weights. I also have been better at eating healthy. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up. Summer is near and I don`t want to feel like the blob^^
The other night Christian and I saw the movie The perfect host. I liked it a lot and had it had some nice twists to it. Just a tip!

Tonights movie

Inspired by the movie Fritz the cat Rob Zombie made The haunted world of El superbeasto which Christian and I have seen this evening.

Steampunk part II

Yesterday I got some new pictures from Rasmus Fredriksson. And wow!
This first one I maybe think is more cyberpunk. But I don`t love it less for that reason. It is refreshing and cool. And I love blue^^
I will say it again :) Rasmus Fredriksson is the great photographer and he even does the editing. And the gorgeous redhead is my friend Ninni.

Saturday shopping and nails

Today was a nice day off from work. My good friend Ninni and I hit our little town for some shopping and sushi. I always have a god time with her and we hang out for hours before she had to get home to her boyfriend and dogs.
I did`t shop as much as I thougt I would do. Always a great thing haha.
I had done my nails the night before. They turned out ok.
Silver base with bundle monster stamping in black.
In my hand I have my newly bought blush! A light pink one that suits my pale skin.
New sunglasses... My other ones where too dark!!!
I decided to try a new shower cream from The body shop. My old one is empty and was also sadly limited edition. But hopfully the raspberry one is just as good for my skin.
I also thought I would give this magazine a try when the "normal" ones don`t really appeal to me.
I like the pin up style (don`t weat it a lot though) and this is probably the closest I can get to what I like stylewise...
Tomorrow I have new awsome steampunk pictures to show you!! So don`t forget to check in! Good night:)


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