My soft new friend!

Yeah! Long time no see...I have not forgotten about you, just haven`t had the time.
I thought I would show you a pic of our new roommate.
As the black metal guy he is he will fit in just nice with us^^ Isn`t  he cool?
A friend of mine have made him. If anyone of you are intrested in one for yourself just send me an email ( and I will forward you to her. He will cost about 72 USD or 500 Sek.
I am going to get him some spikes for his wristbands. I have some that will fit. And a inverted pentagram necklace;)

I survived!

I can`t say I was at all dying to get up from bed this morning and go for my jog. But I did! Big pet on my back. 
I started my music, my Gym boss and my Run keeper and went for it. The Gps on my Run Keeper did not work so I only had track of the time :(  Sad! I need to figure out why.
Not only was Run keeper giving me problems but the Gym boss app did not make any sound when it was time to change from walking to running and I had no idea how to fix it... It worked when I tried it before. Arrrg! >.<
So I just ran as long as I could. On the first interval I started the run in a downhill slope and the pace got to fast for my own good. phew. The second interval started uphill. A couple of workers pointed an smiled at me as they drove by. I guess I looked very sexy with my red face and my parts jiggling all over.... (irony)
The third interval was super plesant!! What!? Hehe, the music was at the prfect bpm. I ran on a straight part of the road and everything just was just...pefect!. I know I was supposed to only run 3 times this first day but I went for a fourth inteval because I had quite a while left before I got home. It was ok and I sprinted the last bit! Crazy bitch as I am.
In all I was out running/walking for 45 minutes. Way longer then I had to. Next time I will take it a notch down... So I will be able/wanting to keep it up.
Note to myself....Put your hair in a bun next time. Not plesant with a big braid hitting your back, swinging around and annoying you.
Tonight I will drink beer, problaby eat somthing bad for me, listen to Chistian growl and have super fun!!! Hope you all will have a great Friday too.

Run to the hills......

Well. It turns out that I will have the time to start my running project tomorrow. I had planned to start in september but why wait?
The running plan I found looks like this.
Week 1 : Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Walk 6 minutes, run 1 minute. Repeat this 3 times. (21 minutes)
 I will skip week one. I know that I can do this without problems.
Week 2 : Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Walk 5 minutes, run 2 minutes. Repeat this 3 times. (21 minutes)
I probably could have skipped this week too, But I think I will see how I feel after the first time.. 
And because I start tomorrow I will do this Friday, sunday and wednesday Thuesday are spinning day, probably monday too!
I will simply run the days that suit me all of the weeks.
Week 3 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 3 minutes, run 4 minutes. Repeat this 4 times (28 minutes)
Week 4 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 2 minutes, run 5 minutes. Repeat this 4 times. (28 minutes)
Week 5 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 2 minutes, run 8 minutes. Repeat 3 times. (30 minutes)
Week 6 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 1 minute, run 9 minutes. Repeat 3 times. (30 minutes)
Week 7 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 1 minute, run 11 minutes. Repeat 3 times. (36 minutes)
Week 8 : Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Walk 5 minutes. Run 20 minutes. (25 minutes)
I think it looks reasonable. Not too tough but something that I will be able to do. Hopefully my knees and hips will hold up^^ 
I have dowloaded the app Gym Boss to my iphone. It will help me keep track of the minutes I am going to walk and which I will run. I also have the app Run Keeper so I can keep track of how many kilometers I run and other stuff!
The music I use when I`m on the cross trainer will do for now. 
Why the hell am I doing this??? I ask myself this too^^
Because I HATE running. This fact makes it a challenge and I like to callenge myself. If I now can go to the gym and lift weights which I used to hate and avoid  I can make myself like this too. 
I have one more reason to do this. When I was very overweight I dreamt about me beeing able to run as long as I wanted without it beeing a extremely painful and awful experience. At that time it was impossible. I could not breathe properly, my weight made it to hard on my knees and it just was waaay to uncomfortable. 
I will also be nice to have a form of exercising I can do whenever and everywhere I want. 
So, are anyone of you readers going to join me in this??? Let me know. I think it will be fun if it`s not only me that suffers:)
And a pic of my dream body. A girl can dream can`t she...
If I go to the gym every day and run too.....AND eat more healthy stuff... Ehheehe...

Miseration Gig

I am starting to get super excited about tomorrow!!! I will for the first time ever see my Christian preform live on stage. Miseration is warm-up-band for Entombed in Skövde. I could not care less for Entombed really! Miseration is going to rock the shit out of them^^ Nuff said.
Hope I will se YOU there!
Here is  ->the event<-


Wow, time flies! I just haven`t had time to blog. But today Christian and I finally had a day off together. So nice!!! I started the day with a super though spinning class and I can feel it now. I`m quite tired but it was so worth it. As a treat we had sushi for lunch and some chocolate for dessert.
I also went to the shoe-repairer and left my mc boots there. Hopefully he can stretch them out a bit. I haven`t been using them because they where too tight around my calf and it took me to long getting my fot in them...
I want to use them so bad! They will be perfect for fall and winter. I will know next week if it will work.
Christian and I even had the time to go to the lokal second-hand shop. And I actually found something nice today. 
A pair of soft leather gloves for only 25 Sek. They don`t have lining so they will not be for winter use. 
And a Cthulhu!!! Win! I may give him some new colors. 
Later we made some food and just relaxed the rest of the night. Tomorrow it`s back to work again :P

Good morning

Today I`m soon off to see the little "house" we are thinking of buying. I`ts really a house for two familys. And there are a couple of question marks I need to clear up. We are also  thinking that it`s a bit overpriced!?...It probably needs some new floors and stuff. We`ll see. Hopefully we are the only ones looking at it so we could push the price down!
Right now I am drinking my morning coffee out of a new mug that Christian bought me from Finland. I didn`t expect anything! He is the best♥
It`s a Moomin mug and it has Stinky on it. So cute! Now I can start collekting them. Yay!
 By the way. This is my nails today. Dark navy with blue tips. 

Finally sushi again!

This day off has been super! I had a good workout, I had my favorite food and had time to do some quality surfing on the net^^ Anna from Vintagehopes invited me to Pinterest. And this is where I have spent the most of my time this evening. Highly addictive site. Not recommended ;)
My favorite foods consumed today are Sushi and chocolate♥ Yum
So cute, just had to show you!
♥ The cherry one was the best
I have even found a good "beginners plan" to start my running. I will do a post about that soon. So get yourself a pair of good running shoes and join me in this next "out-of-my-comfort-zone-challenge" Misery loves company you know...
Now back to Pinterest^^


Tired. Yep. Just waved Christian goodbye. He is going to Finland for some rehearsal with Solution 45. I am working almost all the days he is gone so It will be ok. Gonna miss him the most at the evenings when I am home alone.
Did som online shopping yesterday.... And finally my dream shoes are soon going to get shipped home where they belong. I settled with the replica of Dsquared`s spine heels. The Dsquared ones would have cost almost a whole months salary for me and that is just waaaay to much. 
This is how they looks.
I guess they will be here in about a month. Then you will get proper pictures of them. 
They come in other colors too. Grey, black and brown. I would lovere to have them in this black verison too.
♥ Maybe I will get them later on...

Golden Owl

Now that I`m finally able too use my new Bundle monster image plates I had problems choosing a design. At last I decided for the Owl design on plate BM-309.
First a base coat and just one layer of one of my all time favorite polishes Envy Me from H&M. A deep emerald green. Almost a shame that I stamped over it.
For stamping I used the Isadora 652 Gold Sparkles. And of corse Seche Vite as my top coat.
Cute, don`t you think?

Metal spinning

For the third day in a row I have been going to spinning. It`s so fun. Espesially when the music is good. It is my mother in law, Christian and I who have been picking out the songs so you know it`s a good mix ;)
I can understad people who think spinning is extremly hard and just a pain in the ass. They have probably been to a bad class... If the music and the instructor sucks the energy get super low and you can`t waith until it`s done. If it`s really bad you will never go to a spinning class again. I think that would be too bad. Such a great way to get in shape and it`s much easier on your body than running for an exsample.
Tomorrow I work all day again but sunday I quit a bit earlier and can go to the spinning class again. Yay!
Have some of you been to a spinning class? Did you like it?
Yummy yummy yummy!!!!
I love summer and all the sweet fruits we have at this season. Just as tasty as candy!


I am really happy today. The feeling of finally taking a step forward in our search for a new place is amazing. Next saturday I am going to take a look at at a place that may be something for us. Not to expensive, a bit bigger, not as close to idiot-neighbours as we have now & a little garden!!!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed! 
I am a expert of thinking to long ahead and have already started to plan gardening and wallpaper........
Blue or purple Hydrangeas and where will I put the corylus....
I will try to not get my hopes up too much. We don`t even know if the bank will lend us money or if it actually looks as good in reality as it does on the pictures... And do we want to move to the neighbourhood???
Now on to some other stuff I finally have done! My nails. Yaaaayyyyyyyy
Here are my nails from this morning.
And how they look now
I love the feeling of new long nails. I feel so much more pretty and put together.
Maybe I will have some time over tomorrow for some konad stamping. Today I have been busy with vacuming,  cleaning dishes and laundry..

Swedish summer

Oh my what a summer...It`s just poring down all the f***ing time. No wonder I already think it is fall outside. The only thing missing now is the pretty colors and the crisp air.
Christian and I started the day with some spinning at the gym. He had some buisness downtown and I am right now just drinking my coffee and taking it soft and easy home alone.
I did take a crappy outfit pic of myself today. Thought I would show you how the new necklace looks on and the new rope-belt I found on sale at H&M for just 10 sek.!
Do I need to say I love black....
This fellow looked just as irritated with the constant raining as I today.
He/she just sat outside on a branch looking pissed off.

Gothic rose necklace

Here is a "new" necklace I`ve made. It`s about 3 months since I made it and I haven`t remembered to take some pictures of it before tonight. It is based on the same kind of materials as the necklace I gave my friend Ninni for christmas.
It screams "goth" with the big rose, black and red colors. It`s big and bold.
I usually make shorter necklaces that lies neat and pretty around the neck but this one is a bit longer and rests on the cheast. 

Midnight in Moscow

I really feel like dark colors right now and when I went trough my collection of nailpolishes tonight I fell for Midnight in Moscow by O.P.I. It is a dark red almost brown, kind of reminds me of clotted blood. And it has little bronze/gold-ish shimmer in it which you see well in the light of a lamp or in the sun.
It actually was a gift from my mother-in-law, She has good taste. 
There is no doubt that it would look better on a bit longer nails. I will have a close look at my economy and see if I can afford new getting new ones done this month.. I miss them so. I can`t even fit konad stamping on them right now. They are just too short for most of the designs.

New leggings

I found a shop the other day and orderd a pair of leggings I have been wanting for quite some time. The shop I orderd from is I really recommend it. The shipping was incredible fast. I orderd my leggings at Tuesday and had them on Friday. Not bad at all when you know it is from UK to Sweden. I even got some love hearts with my oreder, it is yummy candy you can`t get the hold of in sweden. ( I always buy them when I`m back home in Norway.)
The leggings I ordered was these black cute ones with bows. I am sorry to say they didn`t match my expectations. The fabric was see-through and in poor quality. I will have to use them with other black stockings under or a top long enough to cover my ass...At least they are cute and my Christian like them on me^^
Pic from the gothic shop
You can see everything through them... and yhey got burled after one use.
I still will buy from the gothic shop but probably won`t buy anything more from the brand Necessary Evil without seeing the garment in real life. And I left a rewiew of the leggings on the site that hopefully will be up soon.

Autumn shopping.

I love it when the stores start getting all the autumn news in and they throw out the last of the bright summer clothes. Finally It`s my season. Bring on the dark palettes, velvet and cosy stuff. 
I feel like shopping all the time and I want to klick home stuff for thousand and thousands.
Tonight I entertained mysef by making this collage of an everyday outfit I would like to wear. I already have the leggings from Actual Pain.
Bra and sweater from
Necklace from
O.P.I.  Just spotted the lizard from Amazone , you probably can get it everywhere. 
Leggings from Actual Pain
Bag from Alchemy Gothic
Dsquared spine heel boot? Fake ones at ebay ;)
Velvet boots from H&M
Do you like the fall/winter clothes like me or are you more of an spring/summer fan?

Good morning

I started my day like a true health junkie with 45 minutes of spinning. I will keep figthing my lazyness and hope one day I will be as fit as I dream of. I was unbeliveble tired this morning and I give myself a pet on the back for just getting up from the bed. It hurts getting fit but no one told me it would be easy...
Last night Christian and I watched a movie called The raven. It is about Edgar Allan Poe an his last days alive. We both really liked it. It had a great atmosphere, dark and gothic, and was enthralling.
Click the picture to get to the official trailer on you tube.
I still haven`t figured out how to embead videos after the newest update. If anyone knows how to do it please let me know!!!
I am off to work soon again. Today I work late and tomorrow I have to get up early again. -.- Hopefully I will have the energy to get out and test my new running shoes friday afternoon.
I am thinking of starting a running program that with small steps will make me able to run 10 km without stopping and looking like I am dying every second. Anyone out there who would like to join me in this journey?? It would be much easier to have someone suffering together with me^^ Any takers???


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