Game Of Thrones

I can hardly wait for season 2. At first I had the impression this was another silly/corny series but I gave it a chance after a friend recommended it. And am I glad I did. I love it. Have you been following the series? If not you have to see it!

I want...

a lot of pretty pretty shoes from


Finally you actually get to see my steampunk pictures from my trip to Halmstad.
I just love them. The redhead is my friend Ninni. And Rasmus Fredriksson is the great photographer.
Hope you will like them.
I am the explorer...Ninni has the ship I need...
As you see I was betrayed. Shit happens...^^
Do you have a favorite picture?
It would have been fun to hear what you think of them.


You all probably know that I am a shoe-girl and not a handbag-girl by now, but yesterday I went shoping and came home with a new clutch and not shoes!!! I found it at H&M`s and I was in love?! Haha, luckely it only costed me about 14 USD (99 SEK) It will give my always black outfits a pop of color.


Good morning everyone. Today looks like another beautiful and varm day of spring! I am glad I had two days off and got to enjoy the weather because today it`s back to work.
I had the time to clean out the balcony and plant som pansies. It was hot enough to sunbathe so I sat outside for hours and got to almost finish my book "White Line Fever" by Lemmy Kilmister. That is to me luxury.
Christian and I have also booked us a trip to Stockholm for our summer vacation. 4 nights in a hostel that looked super nice and had a private bathroom (and a garden!). I look forward to explore the city some moore. I have only been there briefly before and it feels like I have only been scratching the surface.
Yesterdays morning coffee. The newly planted pansies don`t look impressive right now but with som sun and water they will grow and flourish.
I also got some white ones to go in my beeltlejuice basket.
Hope you all will have a great weekend^^

Rose for my MetalRose

Finally I got to give Ninni her christmas present. Better late than never, right!
I was surfing the net and by a coincidence I saw this rose cameo and instantly thought of her. This cameo was the restart of my jewelry making which had been standing still for years. I love being creative and are really happy i got back the inspiration.
I found the perfect cameo-setting and bought garnet colored swarovski pearls to pick up the red color in the rose.
The cameo is quite big which gives a luxurious feeling.
I am going to make a similar necklace to myself whenever I get som extra time on my hands.
I can think of thousand outfits that will go with this gothic beauty.
Do you like it?

The trip

Last Friday my best girlfriend Ninni and I had a nice start too the weekend. I really needed to relax after the week and nice food and company did the trick.We had picked up some sushi and beer. Yum!
Ninni had bought cherry beer and I tried a bottle. I actually liked it. Not sour, not sweet, it had just the right amount of cherry flavor.
I kind of swallowed some Newkies too...
We had to go to bed early. I needed a shower badly and had set the alarm on 05.00 AM!!!
And that was of course because we where going to Halmstad to see Rasmus for photoshooting. Yay!!
We met up at the train station and after some make-up and changing of clothes at Rasmus and his girlfriend Kajsa`s house we where ready to go to the location.
And what a location i tell you. Amazing cliffs and the mighty ocean. The movie "The seventh seal" (Det sjunde inseglet) by Ingmar Bergman had one of the most important scenes filmed there. You may have seen it. Max von sydow is playing chess against the grim reaper in sunrise.
We where shooting for hours. It was fucking freezing in the wind but we are tough, awsome scandinavians who never gives up. Plus Kajsa had made coffee and cookies for us all to snack on.
Behind the scenes...
Afterwards we had planned some pictures at a closed down factory. Sadly they had nailed it shut. So the final pictures had to be taken in the studio.
Super hungry and tired we finally gave up and went home. Kajsa had been kind enough to make us some really good food and had even made a fire in the fireplace for us to warm us by.
A big bonus when visiting Rasmus and Kajsa is Musse! Dare I say the worlds most cosy cat <3 I just love him.
We slept really good and then it was time to go home again. I could`t belive how fast the time flew by!
I did see some of the pictures and was really happy with the result. So I probably had a smile on my lips the reast of the day.
The crazy nice steampunk picures will be up soon, hopefully^^ I have so much going on that I don`t want to promise you something I can`t keep.

Good morning

Working on a post about my trip to Halmstad. Until then listen to some music!
Hopefully the post will be ready tonight or tomorrow. Now the dayjob awaits...

Oh my!

It hasn`t been a lot of exra time lately for relaxing things as blogging. I had work all day and then a killer weekend in Halmstad. Ninni and I went there to shoot some pictures with Rasmus who has taken my other fantastic pictures of me as a vampire, "Jessica rabbit" look alike and in pin up style.
This time we went for steampunk. You will of course see them on my blog soon. Right now I have to get to work again though.
Picture from last spring...Right now there are snow outside..

Shoooooes <3

I could not help myself today. I was only going to take a quick look in the shoe store and fell in love with a pair of shoes. Lucky me, They had my size and it was 70% off!!! Yay! I would never have been able to buy them at the original pirice of approximately 190 USD

I can`t get enough of beetlejuice stripes^^
I also did my nails again today. Of course I forgot to take a "before" pic, they really looked like crap, short and broken after work. Hopfully I can do some great nail designs and show you again soon.
New, shiny, long and whole!

Life is short

The reason you haven`t heard from me in a couple of days is death. Christians wonderful grandma passed away. We are okay but of course extremely sad. She is going to be dearly missed. In these situations old feelings and grief seems to reappear and make everything twice as hard. In my case my grandparents have been on my mind a lot. All this gives me an reminder of how short life is and that I have to make the most of it. Do the things that make me happy and spend my precious time with family and people that I love. It reminds me that I shouldn`t put things on hold but instead make them happen.


Hi folks! Here Im spending my Saturday night in the sofa. I have worked all day and actually went for an hour long powerwalk after. Yay me. It was rough...the wind blew super hard and it made my walk difficult and cold. Now I kind of long for the morning! Weird hehe but the reason is simple. I want coffee from our brand new shiny coffee maker. And it`s to late now if I want to sleep that is...
Here you see the new beauty.  Pretty or what?
The old one broke and Christian and I went for the real deal. Yum! Always freshly grinded coffee. Couldn`t be happier^^
What else is new? Hmm. I colored my hair. Since I was unhappy with the new formula of my old brand I tried a new one. I bought Syoss cause it was on some kind of campain in my lockal supermarket. It was ok, not better or worse than my old. I guess I will try a new brand again the next time.
Now I think I need to get to bed.. Zzzleepy

Pure magic

My Christian has just joined this incredible band Atoma. I can`t wait until they start creating music together. Here is a taste of the sound.
Just listen and suck in the magic.

Legion of the damned, Behemoth & Cannibal Corpse

Yes! finally I have some extra time on my hands and can present you with the pictures I managed to take att the conserts/mini-festival I went to in Gothenburg last week. They are not my best work but I only had my small camera and the smoke-machines where heavily used.

Sara, Veronica & I stayed at a youth hostel that was really nice. So we rested there a little while before we got us an beer to start the night. That beer was nice but made us miss the fist consert with Misery Index. I was kind of bummed but what can you do. At least we didn`t have one more and missed Legion of the damned. I have not been listening to anything they have done before but I kind of liked what I heard. They got us on a good mood and started the night off in a good way.
Sadly for Legion of the damned they did not compare to how great the next band was.
Behemoth where freaking awsome. This was so far the best performace I have ever seen. The atmosphere they created and the stage scenery was super. I fell in love with the cobra microphone-stand and loved that they have such grim scene costumes and make-up. I really liked their performace as a whole and they left me craving for more. The best of all was the feeling that they really wanted to be there and rock the hell out of us and life in general.
There where quite a lot of smoke and at the end my contact lenses started to become very blurry. I couldn`t see much... They got ok again in the "waiting-time" until the next band.
Cannibal Corpse knows their stuff and you can tell they have done it a million times. I thougth they where going to be the climax of the night but I was wrong. Don`t get me wrong, they rocked. But it felt a bit predicteble and simple after Behemoth.
Towards the end of the show I was extremely tired in my body. The back ached after standig still for so long and where so painful that I actually was thinking of going to the disgusting toilet just to sit down a second and rest. Luckily I could hold it out.
We all felt like old ladies after it all so we went directly to our youth hostel and relaxed to a documentary about frogs before going to sleep^^
Sara & Veronica before the conserts in our room at the youth hostel.  Nice brown color on the wall don`t you think? ;)
The overall feeling was that we where all really happy with our night at Full Of Hate.


It is great to start a new fresh week. Last week was not the healthiest with alcohol and some bad food. Today was spinning and Thursday I will try my first spin/core class. Hope it´s fun. I will probably  start trying to build som muscles too. I would like to have a stronger body. Not going for the big bulkey ones though.
To celebrate my new life I got me some new work-out tops. I need them so that I don`t have to panic-wash the only ones I got before working out.
I don`t really have the extra money for this luxury but H&M is thankfully very cheap.
I also got some hairbands in this lime green color.
Are there some of my readers who has started a new healthier life too?

I was free..

I was supposed to have the day off but work needed me.. So soon I will be off to spinning class and then work. Typical when I had so many nice plans. Like fixing up the balcony after winter and blog some! Well I need the money I guess.
Last night Christian and I watched the Steven Spielbergs movie War horse. A very beautiful movie but also predictable and slow in the middle. Clearly a movie you can watch with your family.
And I need to share this!! Freakin funny ^^


Sorry as fuck! but I have not been inspired enough to even think about blogging. I will be back soon, I promise. To tell you the truth I miss blogging and have started to work on a new post with pics from Full Of Hate.


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