New day!

Actually had a good day at the gym today and as I sit here on the sofa I feel the burning in my shoulders and arms! Phu! Probably going too feel it tomorrow ;)
I feel like my blog has become super boring. Probably because I live super boring right now :P Hopefully you will stick with me and I will try to be a better blogger.
I went shopping yesterday and got some stuff. Two cheap black jeans and a top in light material for warm days. I am going to cut off the legs of one of the jeans to make a pair of shorts. I could not find a pair of shorts anywhere that had long enough legs. I really hate when they ride up as you are walking because they are to short :P Am I the only one with that problem? I seriusly could just find one pair that was long enough but they weren`t  in black... The short shorts probably where in hundreds and in all the colors you could ever need! Typical.
I tried to find a summer dress too but where out of luck. I could only find them in wrong colors and cuts. One dress was nice but was to short and to plunged to use in public... I guess I have to look for one at the internet.
My black friday jeans from Cubus (199:- sek)
I didn`t find a picture of the top...I will show you some other time.


Hi. Sorry it took me so long to write again! It`s just that I have been so busy and tired from working in this heat we had last week. Not only was it the heat but also the workingout and eating so differently that made me use all my energy on that rather than blogging and relaxing :P Also I had my family visiting from Norway and didn`t feel like spending time on the computer.
I am on week 3 of Femme Fatale and doing well. Last measuremants was shit though. My time of the month and as usual I gain weight and swell up. I even blame the heat. *sigh*
This week I don`t eat carbs, I get a bit tired and the body isn`t as full of energy as usual. I had spinning today and it didn`t go as well as it usually does. But I am hanging in there. Friday and saturday I get to eat whatever I like. Yayyyy! Can`t wait. I tink I will at least have sushi one of the days^^
One of my meals I have on Femme Fatale this week is egg whites and nuts. You need to be creative and I have made "fluff" of them. Two egg whites whipped with sweetener and a table spoon quark. I have tried one with cacao and one with Fun Light tropical fruites as flavors.
It`s ok, takes away cravings for sweets. Not that I have them so much anymore :)
It feels good to have done half the time of Femme Fatale and it means that It is only two weeks left until I go on vacation. I can`t wait!!!!!


I didn`t think I would get so great results from only one week!!! -1,9 kg and -8,5 cm on my body^^
Happy happy happy! I guess if I stick to it for all 4 weeks I can get great results. I kind of knew but didn`t really belive it could work on me. Am I a pessimist or what;)


Just another reason why a garden would be super nice. I would so love to have this garden gnome. Perfect for freaking out guests and other people^^ Just imagine him standing under some bushes just grinnig at you.
From undead ed

Bad start

Or should I say bad day.. Being on fast is not a problem when you are at home and can take it easy. But I had to get to work and with no food and only a cup of coffee in me it was a problem just walking there. No energy, stumbeling on my stiff and sore legs I thought I would start crying >.< But I got there and managed to work a couple of hours until I didn`t cope anymore. (23 Hours) I drank my smoothie but I did not get as full as I did last time after my fast... Well, I figured I would get by if I just drank some more water. It went a couple hours again an I could not get on without some more food. I had some oven-baked codfish and vegetable. I didn`t exactly get full this time either. Poor me. The whole afternoon was like hell. I am really proud of myself that I did not fall for the temptation and bought an ice cream( we have ice cream and candy in the store I work in) Thankfully it went better in the late afternoon the body started to prepeare for more fasting?! And when Christian picked me up from work in the evening It actually felt ok.
We went shopping for some ingredients and we went home to make som hamburgers. Because tonight I had my free meal+dessert of the week. The hamburgers was nice and the dessert tasted good for a couple of bites. But afterwards I feelt llike I had done somthing wrong. Even if the programme had said so. weird, I guess I am so into the healthy food part that I feel like this is failing.
My home made hamburgers, somewhat healthy if you don`t eat the bread ;)
My "nature candy"-dessert...Did not taste as good as I thought it would. The rest is going in the garbage. I had at first planned to save it...but for what? I will not have it here in case I get low bloodsugar and want to stuff my face^^
Tomorrow is the last day of week 1. I don`t think I have lost any weight, but I sure hope I have lost a couple of cm.... Not everybody get results after only one week on the programme. We all work different. And whith my luck I probably get miner results :P I guess I will keep fighting.

My day

I started with a lovely breakfast today. Yum. The orange drink is a kick in the ass kind of drink because I had an appointment with the gym again^^
And afterwards I had my BCAA from Xtend. This tastes like apple.. It`s ok. Next time I will try a different flavour.
Kind of forcing it down...
Had my super yummy lasagne and a smoothie after the shower. A big meal but it`s because I`m on my 20-24 hours fast again. I had to take it today becaue I`m working this weekend and want to be on the top of my game.
So right now I`m drinking my lemon water again.
I need to stress one thing though. This is not something I am going to do all the time. Under the programme there is only 4 days. And It is only because I`m on my tough weight lifting/fat loosing program. Here is some reasons!: I will get a better insulin sensitvity, my body will raise my growth hormone, It will create a calorie deficiency which can create a weight loss for about 0,2-0,4 kg in a week and it will help me lose some excessive water that often stores up in the body.
I DON`T want to just be skinny!! Like our friend Nicole on the pic under...
It`just plaing scary if you ask me >.<
Just to be at the safe side..This is more what I strive for. A toned and healthy body.
This is Silje Mariela from
She is the one that have made the Femme Fatale program I`m on. She is just plane beautiful!
Soon I will get to bed. Really tired now. I have made food for my lunch-boxes all evening and didn`t even have time to watch Game of thrones that I have on my computer! That is dedication for you^^

Going strong

I´m aware that my blog has turned to almost a health blog..But this is my life right now and I will be absorbed in this program for at least 4 weeks.  After this Christian and I will go to Stockholm for our vacation. I will try to mix it up though^^
I thought I would show you my fantastic lasagne. Saw a girl on the Femme Fatale group that had done something similar and today I tried it myself. It was unbelivable good. Yay me! A new favourite.

Just a momet ago this was me with my smoothie. The smoothie recipe in the program is exactly as the one I used to make myself. Perfect!
I have pocahontas hair today^^


Now two of my weigth lifting days for this week is done. And blody hell I can for sure feel it everywhere. But It feels good at the same time. In this very moment, sitting in the sofa I feel my thighs and bum hurting. You can imagine how it feels walking the stairs.... Paiiin.
My breakfast yesterday. Salmon, walnuts, cherry tomatoes and sugar snaps. Yum.
Today after my workout I had protein pancakes with quark and banana. I mixed the quark with sweetener and some cardamom.
The pancake is just eggs, water, protein-powder, baking-powder, fiber husk & a little almond-flour. Baked in the oven, not fried in a pan.
I think I see a muscle there! Wonder if I had it a moth ago!?
Now I need to drag my lazy ass of the sofa and do the dishes. This healthy lifestyle sure forces me to cook and make a lot of mess in the kitchen. *sigh*

E.l.f & spinning

Shit! This mornings spinning class went well. I sweatted like I was in hell and of course I had forgotten my towel >.<  I probably Won`t be able to eat all my meals today but I will not eat more than i feel like. Tonight I will at least have something sweet. I need it ^^ Im thinking of my healthy pancakes. yum!!!

Me before the spinning
And Christian^^ I love that he enjoys spinning too. I can`t get him to lift  weights with me though!
I got a package today. I had hoped it was my workout top from decore. But It was make-up from Elf. Good stuff. Cheap and not tested on animals, what more do you need?
I needed more of my mineral foundation and while I was at it I orderd some lip glosses, a white eye shimmer pencil and eyeshadow in neutral browns.
Glitterglosses; fuchsia fireworks & crystal cranberry.
Now I need to prepare myself for the weight lifting. Look at tou tube videos and hope I don`t look like an big idiot tomorrow...

Better Bodies

Today my first meal after the 23 hours fast was a smoothie. I almost couldn`t drink it all. It`was good I tell you^^ I think the fast went beyond all my expectations. I probably was so mentally prepared that failing wasn`t an option. I`m so proud of myself!
I can`t wait until Wednesday when I finally can go to the gym for the first "real" weight lifting workout. Tomorrow it will be spinning class as usual.
I have been looking and drooling over these workout clothes from Better bodies. Maybe I will buy one or two items after my Femme Fatale weeks just to keep myself going to the gym and follow my new lifestyle. Shame they are so expensive...

Black lace top

I suddenly rememberd that I got this top from my mother in law after she had been on a trip to Dublin. I love it but it was too tight. Perhaps it will fit me after this 4 weeks on the program?! Really hope so, I think it`s so beautiful. I love black lace as you probably have picked up by now.

Miseration -Tragedy has spoken

Christian is about to release a new album with his band Miseration. It`s called Tragedy has spoken and every song is about horrible tragedies from our history. I think it`s a F****g! masterpiece! The boys have really worked well together on this and  created something unike. I LOVE the sound of the weird instruments and Mongolian throat-singing. It gives it a really one of a kind atmosphere. Check out what Metal Guide said about it -->here<--
Here is the first teaser song called Stepping stone agenda
Like it?
You can preorder here

Still happy

It is going well! I am still happy. I feel a little shaky though. I`m drinking lots of water with lemon slices and taking it easy. Had fun and learned a lot at the gym today too. Hope I can remember all the information. It`s a lot to take in.
Are there some of my readers who go to the gym?
Anyways, I found some tops at Etsy with really cool prints. Would be prefect for lazy, varm summerdays^^


Well I did not even think that one day I would do this freely. From 12.00 (C.E.T) today I don`t eat until tomorrow about 10.00-11.00 (C.E.T)! For 4 weeks now I will do this once a week. My boyfriend have been warned. I tend to get grumpy and aggressive when I`m hungry. I will try my best to not let this out on him. I am the only one doing this to myself and I need to control it^^
My last meal eaten outside on the balcony. Sunny and nice.
Chicken and vegetable.
Soon my mother in law and I will go to the gym. We are getting an instructor to show us the proper lifting techniques. Don`t want to get hurt.

"Guilt food"

Ciabatta with salami and brie.
And some "nature candy"
Now I just feel stuffed and bloated. Actually I long for tomorrow when I don`t have to eat shit...

Strong is the new skinny

I am so psyched that I`m finally starting the Femme Fatale program. This first day I have to eat my guilty foods^^ Haha! I guess It will be chocolate and soft bread^^ Carbs, carbs and carbs....Poor me.
Earlier today I took some "before" pictures of myself in a bikini... Well, My last weeks working out haven`t been in vain. I could actually see a differense in my back. It is smaller, more toned and not as fluffy. Still a long way to go though. I still don`t feel totally comfterble in my own skin. I figured out that I really really want to feel and be physical strong. A healthy goal. I don`t just want to be as skinny as possible!
A couple of years ago I used to hate my body. I thought about it every day probably thousands times. every time I woke up, everytime I saw myself in the mirror, everytime I put my clothes on, everytime I pulled in my clothes that didn`t really fit me....All the time. Never again.

Pic from google


Finally!!! This week has gone by so incredible slow. It just dawned on me that I`m not working for two days and I am seriously happy about that^^
After work today I tried out some of my new healthy stuff and whipped up some "pancakes". I think they tasted super yummy. Not quite like normal pancakes but who cares. I ate them with banana and sukrin (a swetener) wrapped like an enchilada!
Today I got my BCAA! I will use it before and after working out. It has amino-acid in it and that will prevent the mucles breaking down. Instead it will help them build and get stronger.  Yay!
Tomorrow I will hit my lokal supermarket and shop lots of meat, fish, nuts, eggs, avocados and vegetables! I am getting really exited to start this shit and challenge myself in a way I never have done before.
Right now I will drink this though ;)
Have a awsome weekend everyone. Cheers


Yes, I have pain...I don`t really know what I did different yesterday att my work out but sure as hell I did something right! My thigh muscles are super sore. It was quite hard to get up fom the chair after my lunch. I must have looked like an old lady stumbeling on my way out.
Not much have happend since my last blog post. Work-out, work, sleep & eating! The only fun stuff is really that I bought some almond flour and "fiberhusk" for my new diet. I think I will try some healthy pancakes soon^^ Yay! I have started my planning for my 4 week long "hell" with the Femme Fatale  Fat attack program. It is a lot to think about and my everyday will be quite different. Much more eating and working out that is for sure. Hopefully I still will have the time/energy to blog.
Almond flour
Fiber husk
I already had these sweeteners at home. They will also come in handy too

Pentagram of pyramids

I have had a day full of fun stuff. Of course the spinning to begin with. Later I assembled a desk Christian had found for me at a second hand store. We have been looking for one a while now. I needed a place to do my crafting projects so I didn`t have to occupy the kitchen table with my mess. So from now of Christians studio is a place for us both to be creative^^
I need to get me a chair, a lamp and a some nice storage boxes to have my stuff in on the shelves underneath! Ikea probably have what I need. But with my overspending this month it will have to wait.
I really felt like using my new desk right away and I borrowed Christians chair.
And this is the result.
I pimped my new jacket with some pyramid spikes.
Do you like it? I may pimp the jacket some more. But I usually like to keep it kind of simple/clean.
The other fun stuff that happend today is really a kind of torture!? weird huh?! Well, I have been working out a lot lately but the results have been nowhere to be seen. Only one fucking cm have I lost from my waist!!! I guess my body need some kind of change. I think it have gotten to used to my eating habits especially and work out rutines. So I have ordered a "femme fatale-fat attack" program from a norwegian fitness girl called Silje Mariela. I will start the program on monday. And I know I`m going to regret this many times... Haha, It will be super hard. But I feel ready and am exited to push myself and get to the next level of contentment. Life gets boring without challenges. You will of course get all my thoughts on the torture here. There will be a new category on my blog. Probably called "health" or "hell" ;)
By the way...its not a starvaton-diet.. It will be hard work with weights and some cardio. I even think I will eat more then I am used too. At least much more meat of diffret kinds!


My blue top and lime sportsbra is like a vitamin-kick for tired me^^ I don`t know how "metal" it is though ;)
An hot air ballon that flew over work last night. One day I want to fly in one too
Can`t belive how I manage to wake up this early and have time to blog before working out! It must be some kind of sickness I have :P

Happy Monday!

I woke up early as hell today... I think it is the light outside that tells my body it`s morning...Well, at least I had the time to go buy some grocery before work. While shopping I realized I have already spent almost my entire pay check..Hmmm. I probably imagine myself having more money than I do have in the harsh reality.
Another thing! It`s only 5 weeks until my vacation!!!! Oh my! How I long^^
I didn`t show you the last items that I spent my pay check on. Yesterday I didn`t have the time to take a pic of my work-out clothes. I will show you some other time. Right now You will get pics from the shop where I bought them.
My Nike Teese shirt with mesh back and top front. I use it with a bright colored top under.
Another sport bra from H&M in blue and another one in turkoise.
And a new craft 3/4 tights I can`t find a picture of. They kind of look like these but without the really ugly seemes on the belly and bum area!! They where the only ones that didn`t cut into my abnormal large calfs >.< I am not built as the clothing companies think we should be...
Now there is one less excuse to get to the gym ;)

Siren of the woods

Hi! I am home alone tonigth and just taking it easy. I was invited to a mustache-party and a gaming-drinking-watching-ice-hockey-hang-out tonight but I am to tired after the work.
Instead I have watched the latest Game of thrones episode and been reading blogs. I have even packed my gym bag for tomorrow. I actually can`t wait to get to the gym again. Funny how new work-out clothes can motivate you^^ My mother in law and I went shopping for the pieces we felt we needed and dare I say we are now fully prepared. I think I will try to show you my work out outfit tomorrow. I just love it >.<
By the way. I`ve received a really beautiful spring foto of myself. It`s a couple of years old as you probably can se on my bangs but with a new touch! It is of course the artwork of Rasmus Fredriksson. I am supposed to be a kind of siren of the woods, called a "skogsrå" in swedish and "hulder" in norwegian. The flowers in my hair are wood anemones and they are blooming right now. I need to get out and take some spring pictures myself and really enjoy how the forrest look enchanted.
Bonus! Lumsk with Trolltind. Such a beautiful song.


I had such a lovely thursday yesterday. First my mother in law and I went to the gym. We got there super early and I really love starting the day with the gym. Makes me happy and satisfied with myself.
Later I met up with my super cute readhead Ninni for some sushi, shopping and gossip. The sun was shining and it almost felt like summer♥
My morning coffee on the sunny balcony
Sushiiiiiii ^^ nom nom
More coffee and a pice of carrotcake in the sun
I found two new gym tops at H&M.
This blue one in a super light and soft material. I have it in black too.
And this lime colored one. The pics are from this morning (friday) So I have already tested it out. Very comfortable.
Now I just need a pair of pants and maybe one more sport bra and I can relax a bit more with the washing...
I also bought myself a new seche vite top coat for my nails. How I have missed it! Never again I am going to try another so called fast drying top coat.

Glossybox April 2012

Yay! This month I got a my first Glossybox! Subscription only available for swedish readers, I think. You get a "suprise box" every month with products chosen with consideration on a beauty profile you have created. You pay 139 sek. and get products worth much more. I can imagine that the box not always will be perfect for you but at the same time you get to try great stuff out that you may not would have bought for yourself in fullsize and to full price!
The box felt really luxurious and was nice with pretty packaging.
I like my box^^ I just wished I got the primer instead of the day cream and a cool lip gloss from Illumasqua instead of the pink nailpolish! But You can`t get it all ;)
I got: Maria Nila Kolorite volume powder. Yay! I have been wanting to test a produkt like this forever!
I got a full size, 129 sek in a store. It was nominated as "hairproduct of the year" in hairstyling.
I even got the winning hairproduct of the year in hairstyling
Davines oil, absolute beautifying potion 12ml  (340 sek/135ml)
Really curious! But the small amount will barely be enough to the tips of my hair.
Oriflame Beauty Wonder Lash Intense Mascara full size 159 sek.
I tend to like mascaras with brushes of the "old school" type. I will test it out after my shower tomorrow. Can the mascara nominated as "mascara of the year" turn me around?!
Nails INC, nailpolish 4ml (fullsize 10 ml, 159 sek)
Neon pink! Pink is not really my cup of tea. But if it`s gonna be pink I will rather have it neon than baby pink! I think I will be using it with Konad stamping on top.
The nailpolish formula was nice but I think you will need at least 3 layers on long nails.
I almost feel like crying when I see my short stumps that used to be nails...
Loreal Paris Youth Code Luminizer Serum , Full size, 30ml, 229 sek
Nominated as "skincare of the year, less than 275 sek"
I only have a small sample jar of Clinique`s day cream right now so I needed this... But is It good for my skin? Hmm... I really love Clinique and I would have loved the Primer some of the others got in their glossybox. We`ll see.
I also got this cupon from Oriflame but you can only use it in the store in Stockholm... If someone who lives there want it, give me a comment and I will mail it to you. Först till kvarn!
Do some of my readers get glossy boxes? What did you get in yours, and did you like it?

First of May

Hi! Missed me? I just lost the inspiration and had absolutely not the energy to blog after work this last days. I think I really needed to relax a little and miss the blogging a bit. It`s gotten kind of crazy at work and it feels like we can`t really keep up the standards I like having. It gets to me..
I haven`t worked all days, actually I had the weekend off. Friday we had some beers and the result of that was that We did`t do anything the whole saturday except eating two pizzas!! Not the healthiest weekend... Today It was back to buisness and even Christian went to the spinning class earlier today.
I have a couple of random pics from the passed days just because.
My new protein powder Chocolate/mint that I drink after my work outs. Tastes like a milkshake. Nom!
A simple but nice make-up in lime
Forget-me-not flowers from work
My sad sad nails now... Not fun at all...I don`t even bother to paint them when they look like this.
Nice purple nailpolish with shimmer and a quite neutral lipstick I got from my kind mother in law :) The lipstick just enhances my own natural lip color. Suits me perfect. From Oriflame.
"Pretty mirror pic"^^
Remember the butterfly I found in a secondhand store? I turned it around so you can se it`s beautiful colors instead of the leaf-camoflague and put it in the new frame I bought.
Now I have to go and make some dinner so that I have something to eat at work tomorrow!


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