My birthday

My birthday celebration really started last Friday. After work I got to go out to dinner with my Christian and his parents. We had good wine to drink and yummy fish for dinner. At home they had fixed a special cake just for me^^ It was all chocolate *Lol* Soo good.
I got some presents Friday too.
A new mumin mug to to my collection. This is Groke one of my favorite charakters. She scared a lot of the kids but I got that she was just lonely. Poor Groke <3
And this is a fleece blanket that have electric heating. So freaking nice!!!!! I don`t have to freeze when I am at home any more. It is just lovely. Such a thoughtful gift. I have been using it every day all the time since I got it.
I even got a bit of money to spend on whatever I want. Yay! I used it for going out for dinner with Christian both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.
I have recived other gifts too. 
My super kind parents are going to bring Christian and me for a trip to Liverpool in May. How cool. I have never been to the UK. We are also going to a soccer game there. Even if I`m not a sport interested girl I think it wil be lots of fun. Shopping, sightseeing and drinking pints will also be executed I promise ;)
Is it May yet???
My cute friend Ninni is also going to treat me to a nice day at the spa. With a pedicure. Much needed & so appreciated <3 We are going somtime in December when it`s cold and grey outside so we will get the best out of the warm saunas .
I also have gotten a big bag of luxurious coffee beans and vanilla essence for making latte from Christians relatives. Yum! They know my taste.
Monday, my birthday was spent with two of my favorite people. Christian and Ninni. We had sushi, shopped a little and had cake and coffee. Easy going and cosy day. Thank you both for making my day so nice.
This was my outfit for the day.
My new winter coat and my beeltlejuice wedges.

Nyx & Sleek

Yesterday I ordered a new eyeshadow palette and a new mascara. I got it today directly into my mailbox! Can you belive how fast the shipping was? And the shipping was free too! Amazing! I will definitive shop at this newly found webshop again. The site is called They sadly for many of you just ship within Sweden, for now at least.
My old cruel mascara was all used up and ready to be tossed in the trash so it was a good thing I got it so fast. 
This time I bought Nyx Pin-Up Tease. I will let you know if it`s any good. I guess I will try it for the first time tomorrow after my workout. And yes! It is of course cruelty free like my new palette is too <3
I really needed the mascara. I can`t say that about the sleek eyeshadow palette...But what the hell ;) It was not expensive and I have been curious to try them out. I bought the Ultra mattes v2 Darks from the I-divine collection.
Super pretty colors & they have good pigmenting- This swatch is without any primer.
I espesially like the darker colors but I guess the lighter will come in handy too as base and highlighters. 
I will for sure try more of the Sleek palettes. I have several in mind already ;)

Happy Birthday to me

                                           Yup. Today I am all grown up and in my 30´s

Black Friday

Hi. Lying here in my sofa feeling a bit tired after last nights fun. 
I just wanted to show you what I ordered early yesterday morning before work.
Pretty pretty Lime crime make-up <3
Their stuff is very expensive so I took the opportunity to buy some when they announced that they would have a Black Friday sale.
I bought their Candy Apple lipgloss
And their liquid eyeliner in silver! 
They have sooo much pretty stuff I would buy everything if I had the money for it ;) They are of course cruelty free and most of their make-up is vegan.
To bad their discount did`t work on new collections. I would love their Alchemy collection.
Just look at the Poisonberry lipstick!!! Yum
I also would like their new glitters <3 
I actually don`t own any glitters at all!!! Not good ;)
Do any of you own some of their stuff? Did you maybe get the urge to buy something too now?
I also think their packaging is darn cute! 
To get to Lime Crime just klick the images.

Waiting for a winter wonderland

I got my winter coat yesterday and I am so happy! Finally a coat without a big rip in the back^^ I even ordered it one size bigger than my usual so I really can pack on layers underneath. No more freezing for me!
Due to lack of light and any good place to take photos at home I tried to take a picture in the locker room at work.
It did not work out well... But you get an idea of the shape at least! It looks kind of a dress with a wide skirt. 
I used to have a coat similar to this but I sold it when I lost at lot of weight. And how I missed it. 
I love that it got an goth kind of look to it and it will look perfect with a par of heels. Espesially with my spine heels I think :)
I will try to take a better picture of it soon. Would you maybe like to see more outfit posts here? I have been thinking about it for a while now and if I can force Christian to snap some shots of me more often I may be able to do so.

Love & Toast

Yay! I am going out to dinner this Friday. How nice. I am going with my my parents in law and Christian. We are going to celebrate the fact that I am turning 30 next Monday. Can you belive how old I am. Old lady soon! 
I am for sure going to take the opportunity to wear heels and pretty clothes! 
When we are on the subject of pretty clothes! I am going to start sowing again. I have a skirt project planned and just maybe I can start it this weekend. Nice to finally have som creativety in my life again. I have also med a new head/hair thingy I will show you as soon as I get the time to shoot som proper photos of it.
Thought I woud show you a new hand lotion too. Found it at Lindex! I am addicted to this stuff at winter. I can`t stand dry hands, make me shiver and panic after a while. I tried It last night and I think it`s really good. Nice scent too & of course it´s cruelty free :)


I am so broke right now....
But I relly needed some other daily clensers than the Aqua Marina I got from Lush! It didn`t do the trick for me. I tried some of my old Cliniqe clensers after I had used it and I still got loads of shit on the cotton pad. Yuk!
So now I am going to try the Aco clensing mousse and mattefying toner. Aco is the pharmacy`s own brand and cruelty free :) Pretty cheap also compared to my old ones from Clinique... Let´s hope they are any good.

Alive and kicking

Hi! Have been working and done boring stuff :P Soon off to work again but at least I have had a great workout today!  Lifted so heavy today I felt nausea creping up and had to slow it down. Tomorrow is spinning class, so good times ahead;)  I have decided to be strict again with my meals. Too much slacking have made me eat without really having control and it have started to show. Bohoo. Only got myself to blame. 
This quote nailed it for me ;)
I really hope my ankle have heeled until spring so I can start running again.
Are any of you on a mission to get healthy and fit?

16. November

Yesterday was spent with Christian. We really needed to have a day together. My spirits been low for a while. I really can`t tell you why because I don`t know either. Maybe a combination of small things. We went out for some secondhand shopping and sushi. I did not find anything cool this time and was pretty happy about that because I really don`t have the money to spend. I must confess that this month is going hard at my savings. It seemes small amounts gets out of the bank account all time but I never can afford to put it back in... Hmmm. I have a new winter coat on the way too. My old one have ripped. So I tell myself it is okay to use money I don`t have ;)
At least I got my sorry ass out the door today for some walking. I did test my ankle with som jogging but had to give it up straight away. It didn`t feel good.
Here is some pretty views I had along my walk. 
I love green moss. 
And here is one of the many reasons I need to get out and move my ass....
Lovely Lucia Cat buns!!! Yum!! it is a kind of bun with saffron in it. Really you eat it for Lucia the 13. december and around Christmas but we could not resist the temtation any more. So I made them last night and we had some each with mulled wine. 
Now I need to pick out some clothes for  "after work" with my co workers. Should be fun.

Purple lips

I am sorry I am such a bad blogger. I really want to blog every day but reality dosen`t always want it that way...
This morning I at least slapped on my new lipgloss to try to show it off to you guys. I so not have the pretty pout I wish. But a girl can`t have it all can she;) 
It is my Twilight lipgloss from Mandikins that I also got my eyeshadows from. (post below)
Twilight is purple, a kind of pink base with lots of blue shimmer in it. I can`t wear warm colors even if I think they are deadly pretty, my skin tone needs cool colors to look good. And a purple with the right base will look just right on me.
So with that in mind Twilight just slipped into my virtual shopping cart .
This is the color in "shadow light"
And here it is in sunshine. You can see the blue shimmer and tiny tiny glitters.
Here is the only sad thing about it...The roller thingy....It makes it difficult to get the proper amount of gloss on your lips. And I think it will make it impossible to use it when it`s only a little left.
Here it is on my bare lips.
And here over a red color. 
I love it! Perfect for layering. I am starting to think I need to use more lipstick and get over the fact that I have petite, crooked lips! Get over it, right!?
To get to Mandikins shop just click the images. And of course the lip gloss is cruelty free!
Can you wear purple? 

Beetle eye

My latest buy! Eyeshadow from an Etsy shop called Mandikins.
I fell in love with the colors and orderd a quad with eyeshadows of my own choice. I also ordered a purple  lipgloss called Twilight but that I wont write about now.
The colors are pretty. And by coincidence I saw in a blog that it must be Mac lookalikes! At least two of them.
I like them a lot. But I am going to need a better eyeshadow primer to get the colors to look it`s best! Maybe a more sticky one sutible for glitters. 
I got (from the right) Dirty Martini, Beetle Brown, Dragon scales & Blix Blue
The Beetle Brown is not only amazing alone but well suited for layering others. In some light it just looks like a red based brown but in other lights the green pops and looks bright and beautiful. Dirty Martini is green & gold at the same time, pretty pretty.
I haven`t tried the glittery ones yet because it will be useless without the proper primer. But I think they will look great too. I espesially like Dragon Scales. Maybe just because of the name ;)
To get to the shop just klick the images. And of course the make up is cruelty free!
Do you like the colors?


We do the same picture once again here! Just because my blog is my little realm to rule over^^
This time the pic is a little bit lighter with a little bit varmer colors. 
photo and editing by Johnny Olsson.
Models: Ninni Sjölund/ Metal Rose, To the left.
To the right: Me! Miss Anthropia

What my best friend and I do on a Saturday night!

Yesterday was lots of fun and we even got some awsome pictures. As always when we do photoshoots it is freezing outside^^ But We had some fortune with the weather anyways because the rain poured down before and after the shoot.
We had a little walk in the woods to decide where to put our table. It must have looked funny.
Two girls wearing frilly skirts, pretty stockings, lots of make up and not so appropriate shoes lead by a guy far into the dark woods under tall pines on soft,wet moss.
My photoshop is down again but Johnny who was our photographer has fixed one of our pics over night. 
It looks amazing. I love the feel of it. Kind of Tim Burton-ish, dark and mystic.
I`d love to hear your opinion on it! Do you like it or is it just not at your taste?


Soon I am off to my good friend Ninni and her boyfriend. We are going to be creative and hopefully take some photos^^ If they are any good you will se the result here.
All dolled up with big lashes and ready to go!
I have used a new eyeshadow I am going to show you later! Cruelty free of course <3


I am a bit tired at the moment. Working, workingouts and on top of that I am going to the hospital tomorrow.
I am going to see if I can get something for my acne that don`t want to let me be. I hate that shit. Thank god for make up... At least I have something fun to look forward to this weekend. Going to visit my good friend and partner in crime, Ninni :)
And I almost forgot! Friday after work Christian and I are going to meet a man who may have a new apartment for hire. Lets hope it`s better than the one we have now!
This picture is from my visit to Norway this summer. We walked for hours and sat down for a rest with this lake as a view. Beautiful.

My absolute favorite blog ever!

It`s Pusheen the cat <3 Awwww  <3
Pusheen always puts a smile om my face even when I am in a crap mood.
To get to the blog click the picture above.
I want this t shirt an shorts soo baaad ^^

Holiday Collection

I have fallen in love with Too Faced Holiday collection.
Just look how pretty everything is. Who cares about the big bad animal testing brands when these awsome cruelty free brands exist ;)
Get to Too faced. com by clicking the images.
You can even get Too faced products at or if you like.
Something to wish for this Christmas?

Ginger Snaps

Ginger snaps is the movie Christian and I watched this Halloween. A classic that I had not seen before. 
I liked it a lot and wonder why I haven`t heard about it before!?

Snake skin heels

It is about time I show you my new heels. I got them from mum and dad that who had been on a trip to Liverpool. 
I think they are from Primark. 
My new heels are killer! So fierce in snakeskin pattern and with a really high heel. They look so nice on my foot.
The colors are cool too, greysh with green. When I think of it they may look good with my bag from H&M I bought a while ago...Here the post about it --> Snakeskinbag<--

Happy happy happy!

My third workout this week is done and I am going at it again tomorrow. Feels good to be back in business^^
Slowly I am starting to feel like I am getting back in the shape I was before I hurt my ankle. Remind me to never hurt myself like that again ;)
Here I am looking dorky waiting for the others to arrive.
After my workout I tried out my new showergel from Love & Toast. Sadly I was not impressed. The smell was very light for me. So even though I really can`t afford to I sat down and ordered some new showergels from Lush. I live in sweden as you probably know by now but I ordered from the UK webshop. The prices are lower so if you buy a couple of products you save some money on it even if the postage Is higher.
I ordered this
and this
I even bought a new Gorilla solid perfume, called Lust
the hair treatment H`Suan Wen Hua. I have tried this once before and loved it.
and a new conditioner. I have the American Cream right now and even if it works fine I want to test out some others. I don`t feel that my hair is the best it can be with he one have now .
It is for afro hair but it sounded like somthing that may work well for my hair too. Let´s hope it is better.
I also need to express my love for the face scrub Dark Angel that I bought last time I was at the Lush shop in Gothenburg. It is amazing. I love everything about it. I have used quite a lot of different ones over the passed years but this beats them all by miles!!! This is the best part of every shower I take.  And boys! This one you can use too. Nothing girly about it! Black of color and with charcole. Quite black metal it is ;)
Go to Lush by klicking the pictures .

For the boys

I am on the lookout all the time for cruelty free brands. This time I have found one for you men. 
We have not tried it but when the time comes and Christian will need new stuff this will be a good alternative.
Animal friendly and skin friendly as it is, It seemes like a very nice change to the stuff you probably usually buy att the grocery store or H&M...
The brand is called Bulldog.
You can read about it yourself -->here<-- You can change the region on the right on the first page. 
You also can find them on Leapingbunny`s page.-->here<--

By Margot Elena

Who said cruelty free & kind to the eviroment products need to look boring and "green". You know what I mean don`t you ;)
Well look at my new shower creme from Love & toast by Margot Elena! Colorful and cute! And it smells amazing.

I knew that Love & toast was cruelty free but on the safe side I sent an email to Tokyo Milk too owned by By Margot Elena (same as Love & toast). Because I am really curious to test some of their products that would looks amazing on my bathroom shelf.
My email:
I am very eager to test your beautiful looking cosmetics but first I need to know if you are a cruelty free brand. I don`t seem to find your brand at leaping bunnys list or petas list. By law you can`t preform animal testing in a EU counry but I need to know if any of your ingrediants are animal tested or if you know your suppliers of them are testing. Yours sincerely Siv

Hi Siv,


Thank you for reaching out to us. We here at the Margot Elena Company & Collections and our affiliates – Love&Toast, TokoyMilk and Lollia DO NOT test on animals nor do we support the practice in doing so. None of the parties we work with test either.  In answer to your certification inquiry, this is a project we are actively involved in right now and encourage you to continue checking back with. We hope that this has answered your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us with additional inquires or concerns.


Kind regards,



 What an great answer! I got really super happy!!! And I even got this anwer the same day as I sent the email! <3

Take a look at the beautiful packaging of Tokyo Milk

Go to Tokyo Milk by clicking the images.

My Halloween

My Halloween was very cuiet. Christian was away recording a music video so I was home alone all evening. 
So what to do? I felt like dressing up and do some make up so I did and then I did some self portraits in my hallway!
They came out quite well for beeing so done so unprofessional^^
I tried my best to edit/photoshop them but I guess I`m not the best at it... The Happy Halloween pic on the post below I fixed myself too. 
So these next ones I did nothing but change the size and put my blogadress on them :)
The colors where so much brighter in real life. Red lips and red eyeshadow! 
I think I will make a new header for the blog too. I don`t feel satisfied with the one I have now...

Happy Halloween


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