I sent an email to the swedish chain store Kicks that have launched their own series of cosmetics that they say is cruelty free. I asked if it just was the final product that wasn`t tested or if they knew if their suppliers of  igredients where cruelty free as well. The answer I got was cloudy. But at least they wrote that the products may contain tested ingredients. So I will not be buying anything.
Here it is in Swedish:
Mitt mail:
Jag ser att ni skriver att eran Kicks-serie ej är djurtestad. Jag skulle vilja veta om detta bara gäller slutprodukten eller om ni även har kollat så att era leverantörer av ingredienser heller inte testar på djur .
Mvh Siv
Kosmetikabranschens strävan har sedan lång tid varit att säkerhetsbedöma sina produkter utan att använda djurförsök. Det är sedan 2003 förbjudet att testa slutprodukter på djur. Forskningen kring alternativa försöksmetoder har resulterat i ett flertal sådana som godkänts av lagstiftande myndigheter och förts i kosmetikdirektivet sedan början av 2000-talet.

Från och med mars 2009 är det förbjudet att utföra djurförsök för att säkerhetsbedöma ingredienser i kosmetika och hygienprodukter. Detta gäller också produkter Åhléns och Kicks säljer.

Våra slutprodukter är alltså inte testade på djur men vissa ingridienser har tidigare då det var tillåtet testats på djur för att produkterna skulle vara säkra för konsumenten. 

Med Vänliga Hälsningar
KICKS Kundservice
Vi vet ju alla at både Kicks och Åhlens säljer djurtestade produkter till ex. från Lòreal så att dom inte säljer djurtestat kosmetik är definitivt inte sanningen... Det är ju fortfarande många sätt att komma runt detta på och det jobbas på en lag som skal förbjuda dessa kryphål. Lagen skall  förhoppningsvis träda i kraft i 2013 men kommer kanske bli utsatt i 10 år!!!!!!!
Vill du själv läsa på så kolla denna sidan: --> Forska utan djurförsök <--
Vill du göra nåt med detta så kan du maila ett redan färdigt forfattat mail med en vädjan. Det tar bara några sekunder av ditt liv. Detta gör du här -->@@@ <--
Save the bunnies and all the other poor animals that can`t speak for them selves!

Winter is coming

Quite a while ago I made this winter inspired collage.
So please look away from the H&M nailpolish which aren`t cruelty free and just take it as color inspiration.
I made it for myself as a cheer-up-it`s-not-that-bad-with-winter-collage. I feelt sad about the summer that never came.
I have the boots but not the other stuff.
The furry bolero are from Necessary Evil, the polka dot sheer top are from H&M, eyeshadow palette is "Creature of the night" by Manic Panic, Skirt and velvet leggings is from ebay (don`t remeber the store)  
Last but not least the boots from Demonia called Bear. I love these boots. They make me look like I am a cartoon character with loooong legs^^ I almost are the same height as Chistian when I wear them.
The fur is of course fake ;)

Liberty Meadows

I have always been a big fan of comics and have always been reading a lot of them. Sadly the latest years not as much because of so many other intrests. But now I have at least started to collect some of my favorites.
I think what made me read this comic in the first place was beautiful Brandy who is one of the main character. What girl don`t want to be her?!
Liberty Meadows comic is about the life on a animal sanctuary. Brandy is a animal psychiatrist. Franks is a nerdy veterinerian who is in love with Brandy. And you also have Oscar the winer dog, Truman the naive duck, Ralph a midget circus bear, Dean a former fratarnity house mascot & Leslie a dim-witted frog with hypochondria.
When we where in Oslo I bought my second book in the series. The first I got this summer in Stockholm.
Do any of my reders like this comic too? 
What comics do you read? I`m always on the look out of new fun ones!

His and hers

Oh my god. I love these soaps. I don`t even use soaps like these but I almost bought them the second I saw them. You can get them from etsy and the seller are all cruelty free and vegan!!! She is listed on leaping
Buy here --> South side soap  <-- 

Autumn Miss Anthropia

What a beautiful day to be free. Just doing nothing. 
Soon we are gonna crack open a beer or two in good company. And there are for sure going to be some awsome music. 
Here is a picture of me on the go today. You can spy two diffrent colors besides black on my outfit. Nothing that happens too often, this time the autumn colors inspired me.
I wish you all a great Saturday. 

Even the most beautiful rose has it`s thorns

Working in a flowershop sometimes has it`s perks :)
All these fairtrade roses was to old to sell by date but still pretty so instead of throwing them out I got to bring them home. Luxury.

Following the red thread

I got my Elf package the other day! It contained my mineral foundation (5 of them!) My eyelid and face primer. And some new products I haven`t tested before. A glittery forest green eyeshadow called Nature Girl, a black liquid eyeliner and a make up lock and seal.  
I have used MUS sealer a long time now so I hope this is just as good. I use it on my eyebrows to prevent smudging and I make eyeliner in different colors out of eyeshadow with it.
I got low expectations on the liquid eyeliner. They usually smudges off and create a mess on me because I have oily eyelids. The only one that have worked perfect on me is the glossy one from Isadora. But Isadora is not cruelty free so that is no loger an option for me. If anyone of you have tips on good cruelty free eyeliners make sure to leave me a comment:)
Here are some bad swatches of the Nature Girl eyeshadow. I havent had the proper time to test it for real yet.
Natural light:
Light from a lamp:
I love these types of green. But I never seems to find the perfect one. I wan`t to test The Balms green eyeshadows but I don`t seen to find the proper answers on whether they are cruelty free or not... Anyone know for sure???


I have found myself a new day creme and I can`t wait until tomorrow morning when I will test it out :) It feels so nice and light on my hand so I think I will be happy. I actually haven`t had a proper day creme in ages so this was a necessary purchase. Korres is crualty free and vegan so yay^^
Mine is for oily to combination skin even good if you have acne. Sounds like a perfect fit to me. I really want to test their volumizing mascara too. Have read about it and it sounds amazing. You can get Korres at many places, like their webshop, scandinavian webshop, nelly, eleven & Kicks!
I also have to tip you about the Leaping bunny app you can download for free! Nice to have at hand when you are out shopping! Thank you Anna from Vintage hopes and retro dreames for letting me know about it <3

Cruelty in disguise!

I need to enlighten one company I always thought was a good one. I completely trusted and felt good leaving money at. It was the Body Shop...Many of you out there may have known about this but I didn`t. And if I had no idea many of you out there probably have missed it too...
The Body Shop is now owned by the copany L `oreal. They bought them in 2006!! So it has been for a long time too.
It means that the money you leave there will in the end go to L`oreal that preforms animal testing :(
I now choose to never walk into their shops and even smell their stuff because of that. 
Stupid Body Shop....Why???

New new new !!!

How freaking happy can you be over something as simple as toothpaste?!! I feel euphoric right now over my simple, cheap, cruelty free one from the pharmacy. Think it has to be that I until recently did not even think toothpaste was tested on animals. Now my teeth really can be "clean" for the first time ever^^

Pillows for the people!

Here are our new beetlejuice inspired pillows! They where super easy to sow in the striped fabric i found at Ikea. And they where super cheap too. Even more so because I got the fabric from mom<3 
I had some old black pillows that became the stuffing. So 4 was the magic nuber. One got small skull buttons on it but I don`t think they will last long. Thats why the others are plain.
I even have a lot of fabric left. Maybe I will make myself something cute to wear. It was really fun to sow again so I want to start looking for a new sowing project.

I am back

Have you missed me?
It`s good being back but of course we have had a great time. It is always nice to see family and to visit Oslo. As you may understand not much shopping are possible for me in Oslo. Such high prices on all things.
But I got some presents from my parents who had been in Liverpool the weekend before and I had the possibility to stop at Ikea on the way back and get some fabric. So I have some things to show you. All day today I have been sewing and the sofa now has the beetlejuice pillows that I have been wanting. I will take a foto tomorrow. Right now I don`t feel like it!
Found a good friend at a shop called Outland that have so much good stuff for us nerds^^
He could not follow me home though. Can`t have him beating me to the cookies all the time ;)


I have been trying to stay away fron the internets for a while now. Kind of detoxing myself haha. I spend way to much time with the computer when I should be out living my life and practise my hobbies. Next week I probably won`t blog every day either. I am going home to visit my parents together with Christian. It`s going to be great. Vacation is the best even when it´s going to rain all the time according to the weather brodcasting.
Friday after work we visited Christians father. He lit the fireplace and I finally could get warm and cosy all the way into my bones. I am constantly freezing nowadays. One more reason why I don`t like living in a flat. No control over the heating. 
We had some beers and some pizza as well. Nom nom.
Saturday was very lazy except a visit to the gym.
Yeah. Picture proof for you here ;) Sweaty and ugly but very happy and satisfied.
I have also recived some new make up. I ordered it from It`s the brand wet n` wild which is cruelty free and cheap!
I got a eyeliner/eyebrow pencil and a concealer. 
The eyeliner/brow pencil was to soft for using on my eyebrows and smudges to easy. So I need to keep looking for a good eyebrow pencil. Thinking of trying one from Sleek next time. Their eyeshadow palettes looks very tempting too.
The concealer was a super good buy! I am so happy with it! It covers my red spots and my dark cirkles under my eyes really well. I recommend it. It`s the best I have had in years. So happy!!!
 I have put in a new order at e.l.f. too. So hopefully it will be here in a week or two. Yay! I ordered their primer for eyelids and the one for the face, a glittery eyeshadow in green, my mineral foundation, a black "dip in" eyeliner and a make up lock & seal!

Latest music finds

I told you that I found some second hand music in Gothenburg, so here it goes.
Alice Cooper so cheap you could not belive it! The Trash vinyl in super nice condition for 10 swedish kr. And a Cooper cd for the same amount! The cd was crap though...
And this Immortal vinyl from The Inferno festival not even opened for about 120 sek. You just simply can not leave Immortal in the shop^^
I have also bought a new cd! Something that don`t happen too often.
Witchcraft I heard last weekend for the first time and I liked it so much that I ordered it straight away.
I feel it is a good thing when you can support swedish music by actually buying their cd and not just listen via Spotify. Haha, I guess I am one of the few people here that still likes to put on a cd and listen to it from the beginning and all the way to the end! And actually having the cd in my hands and not just on the computer...
I think I like Witchcraft so much because I can hear Kvelartak and Opeth in it at the same time as it is has it`s own sound. 
Hope some of you out there likes it too. 

Lush l♥ve

The Gothenburg trip was very nice and went by way to fast. I want to go back soon^^
I had the time to both shop at lush and several music oriented second hand shops. Right now I want to show you the produkts I bought at Lush. I will get to music later.
The products are cruelty free and almost all are vegan. 
I have now started to replace all my animal tested cremes, hair products, make up, thooth-paste and soo on as I need them. Lush is a good place to start doing this at. There are so many great cruelty free brands to choose from now and I see no reason what so ever to not do this.
I love animals and can I contribute to save them from awful death and pains by just buying other brands I will do this from now of. I will write more about which brands that are really against animal testing and not just saying this because they don`t test the finished products and "forget" to tell you that they don`t know if their suppliers of ingredients do. And I will write about the brands that are truly cruelty free and not to forget GOOD :)
Shampoo with beer! I will give this shampoo a fair try. Probably it will take me some time to get used to a shampoo without silicones... My hair will be a mess for a while I guess. It don`t smell awsome but I think the conditioner will help this a lot. 
This conditioner smells soooo good I want to eat it with a spoon. Can`t wait until my other shampoo and conditioner is all used up so I can try it.
Something that actually is all used up is my perfume for day use. So I bought one that is light and not too expensive.
It needs to reapplied a couple of times during the day but that you usually have to do with many other perfumes too.
It is described like this at the Lush page: Love is an instantly bright and bubbly fragrance with a vivacious green apple fruit scent and sweet citrus innocence. As the initial burst fades, it's replaced with a sugary sweet apple pie note while maintaining a sharp lift.”

Main notes: Lemon, lemongrass, bergamot, apple, cinnamon, cassia, jasmine, rose, ylang ylang

Feels like: that first rush of endorphins

I also liked Lust and Ginger. I might buy them next time

I am replacing my facial scrub with this black beauty^^ And it is also clensing! 2in1
And this messy looking thing is my new facial cleanser for everyday use. I feel like a kid and want to stick my fingers in it all the time haha...
I also got some small test pots. The r&b hair stuff I am going to get next time. It make the hair smell divine and a tiny amount makes all the frizz and static electricity dissaper. Perfect for the dry winter months.
Sadly the day creme Celestial is too oily for me and the Ro`s argan I really don`t know if I will have the use for.
Go to lush by clicking this ->link<-
Do you have some favorites from Lush?? I would love to know!


Crazy me & evil Christian is on our way! Gothenburg, beware!


Well hello. I have been working extremely long days now and haven`t been able too sit down and blog. We have had an inventory of the whole shop and It`s quite a big shop...
But tomorrow I have the day off and if it all goes well Christian and I will head off to Gothenburg over the day for some fun. I have plans on stopping by all the usual second hand shops and Lush! Yay. I am really eager to check out their perfumes and new make up. Have any of you tested the new cruelty free make up from them??

Glossybox September

My glossy box came in the mail today. And this month I was very pleased. 
No make up but nice caring products instead. I used the last of my Moroccan hair oil yesterday so this new test from Sunsilk will come in-handy. And I just loved the hand cream with grapefruit and coriander from Cowshed! I use quite a lot handcream this next winter months so this felt very in-handy too. I have no body scrub at the moment so I look forward to test the one I got from Anatomicals. The only product I maybe not to happy about is the face wash because I have a very well working rutine already. I guess I will test it anyways.
The body balm from Figs & Rouge smells super nice, I will have it at home and not in my purse with the design in mind. Seems like the lid can open very easy and I don`t want oily stuff all over my keys and other stuff.


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