Yeah, so...

Nothing special this Saturday. Just taking it easy. Almost to easy.  I need some more glamour soon. 
Christian was over with a friend so I walked to the stores.And some shopping happend. 
Two tops from Gina Tricot. The shirt has a pretty lace on the top. The other has a burnout pattern in the front. With stars! Usually I don`t like stars on clothes but this time I kind of liked it. I even got a tank top in a green color. A pair of winter leggings and a pair of dotted thights with fake suspenders will sureley be needed soon. At least the winter leggings... And a really nice set of black leopard underwear.
I also have to show you a picture of my gorgeious Cymbidium orchid. 


A while ago I bought a bunch of wooden moths from etsy. And today I made a necklace for myself. Moths are such beautiful nocturnal creatures. How do you feel about moths?
You even see my make up in this last pic. The terracotta color brings out my blue eyes and are a pretty autumn color. It is "Sepia" from Make up store blended with a light brown from E.L.F and topped with the best liquid eye liner ever "Glossy" by Isadora.

Fall food!

Yeah. So not fun working nowadays. I feel crap. And I don`t feel well in my own skin at the moment. I just need my ankle to get well, to eat better food and have time over to workout more. 
At least tomorrow is going to be better food wise. The pic below is meat soup I made when I got home from work today. It just need a couple more hours and the meat will melt on our tounges. Yum! Food suited for fall.
Not my most glamorus post but this is my life right now...

Charging my batteries

Ok. So spinning was pest today. Felt like I never ever had done a workout in my life! And my ankle did hurt a bit on top of the bloody taste in my mouth. So Saturday my mother in law and I will hit the gym again for some weight lifting and cardio. Need to get on top of my game again. Stupid ankle accident...
Christian and I had some lunch besides all the other stuff we did out on town today. 
Autumn-casserole to die for and hedgehog chocolate with butterscotch coffee here at home. Nom.
How cute they where ;). 
Now some relaxing before I will get dolled up for drinks and dinner with my co-workers^^


Tomorrow I have the day off from work but so much other stuff to do... 
And I will test my ankle for the first time after the accident  with spinning again. I think the ankle will be fine but I kind of dread how tough it will be....Over two weeks just sitting doesn`t do much for you.
I am also having dinner with my co-workers tomorrow night. Looking so much forward to it. Drinks, good food, dessert, fun people and maybe a oppertunity for heels...We`ll have to see how my ankle is though.
Just a random picture to spice up this bla bla bla post ;)

Bats, glossy red & black lace

New nail design! I did this after Christian went to his graveyard shift, pretty tired I was...But it turned out ok anyways. How can you go wrong with black and red. 
I have felt like red nails forever now but not had the time do them. So finally!
Here they are. 
The lace is from Konad plate: m57 and the bat image is from Bundle monster plate: bm-213.
Gothic nails♥
Sorry for the bad quality pictures. My photoshop stopped working and I had to use paint........
( NINNI!!!! I need your help with this when you have the time :( )

Hell and back again....

Shit! I can`t belive it! I am done with the new design as you probably can see. I have really spent too much time on this. I feel almost ill after today. All day, just small breaks to eat and streach my legs I have been with the computer to get this done. 
Now I need to do something else then sitting here....
I even drew this cute fella for the header. 

Fairytale rainbow, dreamy heels and teardrops from the sky

My day has been quite ok. Can`t wait until tomorrow when Christian is free from work together with me though.
So to entertain myself I have tested out my new dreamy heels on for as long as my ankle let me. It is still sore and swollen but better.
We had a beautiful rainbow today and I had to immortalize it. So pretty with the grey sky and the golden sunlight.

Solution .45 live at Progpower

Soon off to work after over a week lying at home!
I don`t really know how it will work with my ankle but I hope for the best!
Now two clips from Atlata and Solution .45`s first live show ever^^
I think it went really well for a first show with some technical issues. I am sad I could not be there for myself. Maybe next  time.

Spending time

Hi! I have not forgotten about you. I sat all day yesterday on the blog but did not have the time to post anything?! As you can imagine it takes me forever to do the new blog design and when photoshop makes it difficult "translating" colors it takes even longer than forever... At least I make progress. The basic of the design is in order. I now have to make it look right and have the right feeling to it. I made a header yesterday that took me about half the day but it didn`t feel quite right so I will start over again. And then there are some other small matters like a new bloglovin button etc. etc.
While I work hard at my new design you can listen to one of the songs Christian will be releasing on his solo EP. Self 2.0.
It`s not metal! Just so you know and don`t get a shock.
Just klick the image below and it will take you too the page streaming it.
By the way. I am the photographer that took this picture for his cover. * Proud *


My stupid ankle isn`t well enough to walk on yet. I tried a mini walk yesterday and It just got worse. So I called in sick from work tomorrow too. This is not good for my next month salary. Oh well. I guess I will survive.
I have also started to work on a new blog design. But it is a bitch... I belived I had it going quite well but I soon stumbled over so many more problems than I would ever expect... As you can imagine I`m not very good at all this Html stuff...
At least I have had a very cosy weekend with my girlfriends. Friday Morwen was here and saturday I had Ninni over for a sleepover. She even brought gold. Well almost. I got chanterelles, appels, plums and blackberries. The benefits of living on the countryside.  Nom nom nom^^
Tonight I am eating some left over sushi from yesterday and relaxing as much as I can with my foot high on a stack of pillows. 
And finally Christian is on his way home from Atlanta♥ 


They are finally here and I could not have been happier. Creepy and beautiful all at once♥♥♥
The size I orderd fitted me and they where even better in reality than in the pictures.
I haven`t tested them out for real because my ankle still hurts, but for the very short time I had them on inside my apartment they felt comfortable and easy to walk in.

gif maker

I feel an extreme need to put them on and walk out the door. Get well soOon stupid little foot.......

The unholy wine collection

I came across these beautiful bottles of wine. I think if I ever got my hands on these It would have been using them for decorating only. And those coffin shaped boxes♥
* Sigh *

They are designed by a Norwegian guy called Daniel Brokstad.
This is copied from the page I found it on:
"Possession is a limited edition unholy wine collection, featuring “Evil Demon – Bloody Shiraz”, “Haunting Ghost – Spoory Cabernet” and “Old Witch – Cursed Pinor Noir”. All the wines comes in a solid coffin shaped glossy casing, which adds to the exclusiveness of the wine series. Each are based on different occult themes as satanism, the paranormal and witchcraft. The type design on each bottle reflects it’s theme and was made in a rough way to contrast the otherwise clean setup and design, to give it more of an edgy look.
This is a self initialized conceptual design."
->The page <-
I think the Evil Demon is my favorite. Which is yours?


Well, I thought I would show you some polish I have used lately.
Anna from Vintagehopes was super kind and sent me some O.P.I godness from UK. 
This is the cute package she sent me. With Hello Kitty on it ^^
It had these beauties in it 
Nail envy, Just spotted the lizard, My private jet, Alpine snow & Dutch ya just love OPI
I only have proper pictures of Just spotted the lizard for now but I will show you the others in time.
You may get more of the Lizard because I didn`t get it in natural light. 
It is just love in a bottle for me. So gorgeous. Last time I had it for a whole week. That is a long time for me.
Even my shoe-repair-man complimented me on this color.

Another design I have had is this matte black with silver tips. A favorite design for sure. 
I used China glaze Liquid leather, china glaze matte magic and Isadora silver sparkles

 So cool in it`s simplicity. Next time I think I will have silver nails with matte black tips.


Autumn nesting

I have felt an enormus lust of "nesting" lately. So Christian and I have orderd a new fabric for our sofa and  compromised on what kind of pillows we are going to decorate it with. 
The sofa we have right now is white and disgustingly dirty. It don`t get white anymore even after washing it in mild bleaching washing powder... The new fabric is black! Oh joy!!!! If I could decide everything (well, almost) would be in black^^ We have decided on black and white striped pillows. Beetlejuice FTW! Now I just have to get my ass somehow to Ikea and get striped fabric there. I have searched the internet for that kind of fabric but it seemes impossible to get the correct striped one in the right kind material and not pay a huge amount of money. And of course the ikea fabric isn`t for sale at their webshop... 
This is how our sofa and chair will look like.

This is how I would like the pillows to look like. 
And this blanket we already have.
Of course I would love a new rug and table....But it will have to wait. The sofa cover is going on the credit card so we`ll have to wait until we paid off that first.
By the way! I have tried and tried to fix the problem with my answers on your comments showing in grey against the grey background here in my blog. But it seemes impossible??? I don`t know if it has something to do with the update but I just aren`t able to find the correct html code so that I can change it :( 
If any of you know how to please let me know!
For now I just recommend you to highlight the text so you can see the answers. Sorry about that.


So, now Christian has left for his trip to USA and left me home alone. Hope he will have a shit load of fun and that the consert at Prog power will be awsome. I would have liked to go with them but It just wasn`t possible this time. And I am a bit lucky that I hadn`t tickets and hotel when I got injured like this.
I think the swelling on my ankle has gone down a bit today. It`s still big but It feels like I may be on my feet again in not too long a time. I did not feel that at all yesterday. I was really down and sad.
My shoulders ake though, it`s because of the long way I jumped with the crutches til and from the x-ray monday night. Bohoo, poor me ;)
Also today my kind father in law helped me by driving me to the store so I could buy food and pick up a parcel. It went suprisingly well to shop. I hung on the cart for support and he was kind enough to carry the bags up the stairs to the apartment. My foot did not feel too bad after. Such a good sign.
I saw the Snow White and the huntsman movie last night. It was a really good except that I can`t stand the lead actress Kirsten Stewart. Too bad, she ruined the move for me.
Charleze Theron was amazing though, I have loved her ever sice I saw Monster. 
Such a good move. Watch it if you haven`t.
And What the hell...My nails fucked up when I removed the nailpolish I had on. The top layer just  kind of shrinked and made lots of wrinkles. Do any of you know what happend??? Acrylics are supposed to manage that aren`t they??? It makes me so sad. I pay lots of money to have them to do nail designs on and than they do that :(
And with my foot I can`t go down to the nail center and complain.


I had an accident at work last night. I was working with a shelf, a big one in the store, when it tipped to the side. I acted on reflex an tried to hold it back. Of corse it was to heavy, I stepped wrong with my foot and had to let the shelf go to the ground. I remember hearing a disgusting sound and immediatly knew my ankle didn`t come out of this unharmed. My co-worker and I was on our own so I had to endure the 1 hour until closing time. I called the medical treatment advicement and got an emergensy appointment at the welfare centre. They sent me to the hospital for some x-ray and orthopedic examination. Luckely I did not fracture any of my bones. I just have a really big swelling and have to jump arond on crutches when I`m not lying on the sofa with the leg hold high.
Here is my ankle right after the accident. Not the usual shape.
Sad face
I was at the hospital the whole evening and a bit into the night...
Super cold and hungry. I had not eaten properly all day.
Finally home!
This could not come at a worse time right now. Christian is wery buisy with Solution 45. rehersal in the nearby town and is going to USA super early on thursday. I will be home alone these next days and weekend. Christian was maybe able to get home this late evening though.
I guess I will try to find the inspiration to do some crafting, nails and small amounts of housework.
Visitors will be welcome^^

Black Box

Work weekend is over. Just moday left and I will have a day off! Yay. I hope some of the stuff I`m waiting for will arrive with the mail this week. It is painful waiting for it.  Just as painful as I think waiting for my favorite blog to update is...Patient is not my strongest side.
Today I bought some beautiful wrapping paper from work. I felt like making a pretty box to store some of my crafting stuff in. It works well as a place to keep my new shoes on too. I like to have my shoes out so I can see them all the time. When I finally move to a bigger place my pretty pretty shoes will have a  cabinet with glass doors and spotlights on. 
Kind of like this one but better!
Here is my little box on the desk in my crafting corner.



Ehm. Just orderd a pair of heels again...
Did not intend too but when I saw them at half off at I could not resist! I have been drooling over these for ages! So freakkin beautiful!
Hope I get them soooon ♥


Well. I know I`m a bit late with these pictures...But better late than never right?
I didn`t bother to take a lot of pictures. I was to busy having fun^^ And the ones I did take of the gig was just crap in quality. But here they are.

I could not see the drummer Oscar from where I was standing.... Bohoo.

This pic I shamelessly stole from my friend Carro`s blog. Check out her post from the gig too. She even have some videos from the morning after! The poor girl woke up having a couple of Miserations members in bed and some other boys lying around in her apartment^^ haha!
It`s Veronica and I at Carros apartmnet before we headed out.
(Yes, we always look this good)
Do I need to tell you that Miseration was awsome and we had a killer night????!


Finally I have a good movie tip for you. I love vampire films but there are so much shit out there that I can`t stand. Like Twilight * shivershiver * Hate hate hate!
Are you like me allergic to that kind of vampire movies/series, Stake Land may be something for you too.
Christian and I watched Priest last night.
It was ok. A vampire action movie you may call it. I am not a action kind of girl but this was good enough to watch a boring evening^^
And finally I now have seen Tim Burtons Dark Shadows. I had high expectations. The movie was really slow in the beginning but picked up at the second half. I think I felt it a bit slow because It didn`t feel fresh. I think Tim Burton need too reinvent himself a bit and come up with something we haven`t seen before. I usually love Johnny Depp but It gets to a certain point when him in Tim`s films feel old and used... Too bad. But still I recommend Dark Shadows. Cosy movie and I giggeled a couple of times.
Have anyone of you seen this movies? What did you think of them?


Yesterday Christian and I went to our lokal second hand shop. I thought to myself that I really don`t want anything.
But as It turns out I stumbled onto a pair of cute satin heels and a little red heart purse I really liked. This day they had 50% off shoes, clothes and bags so I just could not leave the preatties there. For just 80 sek. (about 11 USD) they where mine and could move in with me. 
The pumps had cute round toes and not too high a heel. Classic.
Can`t wait until I can use them!
By the way, they looked like no one had used them. I usually think it can be gross to buy second hand shoes. But not this time. Would you ever or have you ever buought second hand shoes?


I have nightmares more often nowadys. Not scary ones but the ones when you dream of people you don`t really like and places that are beautiful but so dangerous. I don`t know if they mean anything but it leves me with an unplesant feeling. It made me thinking that I should do more of the stuff I like and care less about what others may think. I feel it would be nice with some small changes to begin with. The ones that are easy. After all It`s now I am alive and I have to live moore in the moment and not just wait for right opportuneties. 

My cross-eyed skull brooch

So I made a new brooch for myself. I have had the gold skull lying around since last winter when I bought a necklace from Gina Tricot that looked awful on but had such nice skulls. I bought it just so I could destroy it! Gold don`t really look that good on me but I always get gold cravings att fall. And who can resist the gold-green combination?! I think I turned out nice. My little skull is slightly cross-eyed but I think that gives him some character. Isn`t he cute?

Soft Sunday.

I am taking it very easy this Sunday. Have been too much stuff going on the passed days and it`s quite nice to do nothing. Christian and I went out for dinner before he had to work so now I`m just lying here like a dough on the sofa. I was out for a bit erlier and picked up my glossy box for this month.
I got one lipgloss and a lipstick that I think will be used quite a lot, nice neutral shades. And breast tape! Have never tried it before..will it work on bigger breasts I wonder... Would be perfect if it does, then I can buy backless tops and dresses^^
I got a small package of bodylotion that smelled super nice of sea-buckthorn. And a foudation that looks way to dark. What`s up with that? I will try it and see if it works on my light skin.
An ok box this month. 
As usual I stopped at the shoe store. (I never seems to able to just walk passed them?!) They had 20% off all shoes!!! I have had my eye on more than one pair so I just gave up and got one of them^^ I did at least buy the flat ones so I can use them all the time...
I love them♥ Velvet shoes should be in every girls shoe collection.
I have been a good girl and made some soup for us to eat later and right now I am going to watch The Addams Family.  So cosy.


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