Yet another chapter in my life has come to an end. The awful visits to the doctor and tons of medication with bad side effects is over. I am talking of my troubles with acne. I was back at the doctors for a last visit today. There is no more to be done. All I can hope for now is that it will go away by itself. I got some advice and some of it is totally useless for me. The doctor recommended some kind of chemical almond peeling that she didn`t think was available in Sweden but they have in Denmark. Well...Thanks, I guess...
Besides that she recommended me to look up cremes that don`t have any kind of oils in them and use a scrub about two times a week. Otherwise I already avoid dairy products and try to eat healthy. I guess I could be better on the healthy eating thing.
All well except that nothing of this will help me with the hormonal problem that causes my acne. Yay...
The doctor also shared some thoughts with me. She had seen an increase of grown ups with acne and how it`s hard/impossible to treat it. She also started talking about our living and eating habits nowadays. She believes it may have come from eating meat from chickens and other animals that have been treated with antibiotics and such. I am kind of sad that I didn`t stop eating meat sooner. And I still eat fish... I guess it`s not to healthy in along run either. I wish I had the inspiration and will to become a vegan. It is just a incredibly hard thing to live by in this society. It is hard enough to be a vegetarian sometimes. I truly believe eating vegan that is the best way of staying healthy and avoiding diseases...
A lot of bla bla bla from me tonight but I just needed to get it out.
No post is complete without pictures. So here are some butterflies I found eating nectar from the Buddlejas we sell at work. They where so busy that they didn`t even care that I came super close with my Iphone.

Rose Gold and Acanthus Leaves

Hi lovelies.
I am in a weird mood these days. I am happy yet restless with a sprinkle of anxiety.
I hope I can shake this weird feeling off soon and keep looking forward.
A while ago I decided to treat myself with some pretty things that are on the way to me as we speak. Soon I am back to my low season paycheck witch means I need to hold keep a tighter budget and really think about my purchases.
Not to feel to bad about my little shopping spree I have put in a double payment + a little bit more which was meant for next years down payment on my study loan. This means I no longer have any debt to the Swedish CSN.
This feels so utterly wonderful but sad at the same time. I had not been able to put in this extra money if my love and I had the possibilities to do as we had planned this fall. We had to cancel our trip to Edinburgh. I would rather spent my money on new memories and wonderful views of the Scottish landscapes but sometimes life has other plans. Hopefully we will be able to go some other time.
Today I received one of the treasures that I bought on my little shopping spree.
It is a beautiful ring perfect for the time of the year that soon lies upon us.
I just wanted something useless but pretty. I have worn it all day and can`t stop watching it transform under different lights and surroundings. The transforming is simply because of the mirror effect.
I bought the ring from Frippery Foperies on Etsy. There where lots of other beautiful rings I would love too but this one has to do this time. To get to the shop just click the image below.
Seems the shop owner is on vacation at the moment though.

For it is the sun that gives light to the moon

A second try to snap a couple of outfit shots! This time in the sun light from my living room windows and the camera flash. Maybe a bit better but still not super.
Today was really hot and it just shows everybody that summer is still not gone.
I like dressing comfy and specially when I know I am going to sweat!
So a pair of leggings with a cute bow from Necessary Evil under a super simple cotton dress from H&M that shows off my lace bra had to do. The wedges are my beloved Clinic by Jeffrey Campbell. They pinch my little toe but I don`t care. I just put on a band-aid and keeps on smiling.
The sun glasses are my new favorites. Their size and shape reminds me of the pair Johnny Depp uses in Charlie and the chocolate factory.
I even tried to fix my hair today. But I suck at hair styling. It never come out as I want it to. So when I fail I usually put it up in a ponytail and tries forget about it.  Like today.
Hahaha. Looking good...

Pentangles & spines

I wasn`t sure about posting these pictures. I would love to be better blogger for you and show more of my outfits and how I look on a everyday basis but I really don`t have a good spot anywhere to shoot them in our tiny apartment. I know how I enjoy these posts with others so why not have them myself. There is no room and there is not any place with sufficient lighting inside so I tried out the balcony this time but I don`t think it`s the perfect spot either... Really boring and not inspiring at all, or what do you think?  Is It better to shoot on the balcony than not at all?
To make outfit post outside by myself where everybody can see feels way to awkward. It would be much easier if I had someone who would shoot them for me.  Oh well, I made an effort to try model these clothes so you get to see them this time.
I am still loving my Actual Pain leggings I bought a year ago. They are comfy and cool. Whenever I go out with them I always get a lot of looks by people, good or bad I don`t care. I usually pair them with a long tank top that covers my bum a bit.
My  beloved spine heels have become my to go boots. They are surprisingly easy to walk in and I can have them a couple of hours without wanting to cut of my feet because of to much pain^^
I am crazy in love with the heel and can`t think of anything that would be a better match for me.

Ólafur Arnalds

Now and then I enjoy music other than metal. Sometimes I just need something different. And when I do I usually go for something with a lot of atmosphere that encourages daydreaming and makes all my thoughts wander.
Lately I have found myself lost in the beautiful worlds created by listening to Ólafur Arnalds music. 
I have fallen in love with the album For now I Am Winter.
I think this album is one of few I am going to buy this year. I like to support artists that I really like and I am on of these weird people that still likes to put on a CD.
If you find his music to your liking I could not find a lot from him on YouTube but there are lots on Spotify for you to listen through.

And her lips where red like blood

I did some late evening shopping.
I blame my other half you see...
He was like "wow, the dollar is really low now....If you need to buy anything, now is a good time"
And before you know it I was on the Lime Crime page putting stuff in the shopping cart!
Oh such treasures I soon have shipped my way ♥
I bought the snowsicle gloss. I think I will use it both as a layering gloss and on it`s own.
Look how pretty it sparkles!
I bought the Poisonberry lipstick I have been wanting for a year now.
Such an awesome color, hope it suits me.
& a Velvetine lipstick in Red Velvet, which is a matte color.
I really have grown to love matte lipstick after trying the ones from Sleek. I bet this is even better.
Last but not least I went for a glitter called Ophiucus. It is a multi-colored holographic!
I can`t wait until I get my stuff!!! I need them now! I don`t think they will arrive for about 2-3 weeks though....


The Revenant

It have been ages ago since I posted a movie tip here! But last night we saw a movie I feel like recommending.
It`s called The Revenant and is a comedy/horror movie about a guy that rises from the dead.
Here you have the trailer if you want to spoil it a bit for yourself! And it`s rated 6.3 on IMDB if you care about that stuff.

Departure Theme

I thought I would share this music video with you. It`s from my love`s EP Self 2.0 and this particular song is one of the bonus tracks.
Christian made this video all by himself and it`s shot all aroud the area where we live. You may spot me a couple of times too. It`s very personal and I really like it.
Christian usually growls and play guitar in metal bands so this is very different from what you usually would hear from him.
Hope you enjoy it.
The cd is limitied to 500 copies so if you want one go to Dimout Productions page to get one.


I am so happy today. My stupid coughing that have been torturing me (and my love) this last week seems to finally give in. This night I only woke up twice. I hope this night will be a normal one and all of my cold will be gone.
Otherwise not much is happening. I have been working and relaxing as much as possible because of my extreme low energy level.
I have been thinking a bit about what to to this fall and I am really keen on having a Halloween party! I think it would be so much fun to make scary food and decorate the apartment. We don`t have a lot of space so it will have to be a small one for my closest friends. I just love fall and everything that comes with it.
Picture from Pinterest.


How a bout the last post from summer vacation. Our Gothenburg trip to be exact.
We don`t live that far from Gothenburg that we have to stay at a hotel. But sometimes it`s just nice to not stress over train departures and other things. So two nights at our favorite hotel was a perfect little trip for me and my love.
We got an upgrade on our room and with that upgrade came a room with a view and a nespresso coffee maker. Not to shabby!
The room was really cozy. With an exception due to the bathroom. A bathroom entirely made of glass walls may be pretty but not to practical. They had a curtain you could put around it but it wasn`t long enough for the entire thing. Luckily for us we are not shy. But I can tell you that I late one night bumped my nose in that glass door so hard I thought it was fractured. Ouch! I only broke my ego a bit.
Here is a couple of pictures with the view from the hotel the second night. So pretty.
Our bed had fluffy pillows and comforter.
Pretty designer chair!
The coffee corner
I tried to take a pictures of the glass walls around the bathroom but they didn`t turn out anything near good. So you get the glass sink instead. The hotel`s name is Riverton in case you want to go there sometime.
As usually when Christian and I are on trips there are mostly eating, shopping in second hand shops and relaxing on the schedule.
We didn`t take as may pictures this trip as the last one but here are some random ones.
In Haga enjoying brownies. lol
Sushiiiii. We found a new favorite place in called Ai sushi.
We had an evening at the Dubliner. Beer and drinks where at the menu.
My precious! Mine, all mine..
We had drinks in the sky-bar on top of our hotel overlooking a beautiful sunset
A really crooked building that is still in good use.
The last morning we skipped the hotel breakfast because of how disgusted we where over other human beings. Bad manners from grown ups and their screaming kids just aren`t a nice way to start the day.
Instead we went to or favorite cafe that have delicious sourdough bread and a breakfast menu.
The view there isn`t that bad either.
I didn`t shop a lot of stuff on this trip. Most things where on sale and a lot is from second hand stores.
The angel wing shaped brush was the one I bought in Stockholm but forgot to show you (new one!)
The pretty tulle shrug was found on half off the half price! The sunglasses and seashell earrings was half off and the mother of pearl bowl I bought as container for all the jewelery I tend to put everywhere around the apartment. I bought some inscense and dvd`s too but I could not be bothered to take pictures of it. The dvd`s I got where Cry baby, Sin city and Addams family values. Perfect for watching on long dark autumn evenings.
I love Gothenburg. It`s such a beautiful city and most people here are super friendly. I am glad it lies close enough for us to just visit over a day if we want to.
What do you think of this post? I would be happy if you leave me a comment! I love comments ;)

Stockholm in my heart

At first we had to cancel our trip to Stockholm due to my Christians horrible back pains. He didn`t think it was possible to travel so far with his back pains that makes it impossible to sit for more than a couple minutes of the time. But after taking the train to visit Gothenburg over a day he decided that it could be done. As long as there was someplace to stand like in a bistro wagon with high tables. So I booked us a hotel and off we where. The train trip went OK and we got there in good health.
Really happy to see some other views the our town we walked to our hotel located at Södermalm which is one of our favorite places in Stockholm.
We got a room that was super cozy but not at all something that would work for us. Christian is about 193 cm tall and could not stand up straight in there! I also had a bit trouble with it because I managed to bump my head two times in the short time we spent there. As you can see in the picture You could only walk to the door and bathroom in the small space where the ceiling was at the highest.
We went and asked if there where any chance if we could change the room and lucky us there was one room available.
We where aware that we maybe got one that wasn't as nice but as it turned out the change was to the better. The room we got was much more roomy, just as cozy, with a much larger bathroom and even a little hallway.
As you see we even had a beautiful old tiled heater.
And the bathroom was tiled with black stone.
I am not going to tell you what we did hour from hour. A nice flow of pictures with some comments will have to do. I can tell you that we had super sunny and warm weather almost every day except from one day with really much wind and changing weather.
Breakfast was eaten outside in the hotel garden every morning. Yum. Loads of bread and cheese for me!
We have a favorite bar called Akkurat. It was the first pit stop and I had my favorite kind of beer, cherry beer♥
Haha, look at that happy face.
We walked everywhere like we always do. But this time I managed to get blisters under my feet! It hurt ed so much. Luckily these band-aids are amazing and I could walk the rest of the days with them on taking away the worst pain...
We visited all of our favorite shops. Mostly second hand and charity shops.
I visited all three Beyond Retro that lies in Stockholm but I never seems to find anything there. To much stuff with awful fabric and cuts. And I don`t think their prices are at all reasonable. Maybe it`s just me there is something wrong with..
They have lots of tulle skirts at in all colors you can think of at least!
And oh how much cake and other sugary treats we indulged on. This picture was snapped in a fancy pansy macaroon shop. It wasn`t allowed to take pictures and we got a warning.
You see me studying the flavors very intensely there. I ended up with licorice, orange flower and rose.
The black one was eaten in the presence of suitable black metal vinyl.
The fancy french treats don`t come close to the goodness of these fudges made in Pärlans shop though. If you ever visit Stockholm this place is a must! I really mean it.
We brought some to the hotel too. My mouth waters just thinking about them.
Remember the dry muffin I had on the Stockholm trip this winter? These Muffins or should I say cupcakes where nothing like that. They where divine!!! The little one was licorice with lime and the big one red velvet with beetroot. Why isn`t there a place like this at home...
Here is a picture Christian snapped of me. I am wearing my favorite dress and my new goat necklace.
At one point this trip we felt like we where in Thailand. This Thai restaurant/bar had lots of vegetarian food but we settled for a drink in the hot weather.
Posing with some street art.
We went back to the sushi place that we found on or last trip.
The sky over the old town the one day with sad weather.
Christian and a old and beautiful church in Södermalm somewhere.
Us, weird as usual..
And just because we are adults that do as we please we had hot chocolate in the middle of summer.
Here I am exploring the old town with thousands of other tourists
We had planned to go to this event but I were too tired to even speak of it. Probably would have been fun though.
We had such a lovely time in Stockholm and we where super sad we had to go home...
After just one day at home we felt the need of more city vacation and booked ourselves a trip to Gothenburg with two nights at a even better hotel! Crazy kids..
I did shop some in Stockholm. Not much but some.
I found more of the Sandman comics I love so much. It always seems like I find more comics when I go to Stockholm than anywhere else for some reason.
I found another Lenore book to my collection, or I really found them all but couldn`t afford more than one...
I got a lovely Tim Burton deck of cards in the same shop where I got the Lenore book.
And I also bought comic book nr.4 for my Liberty medows collection.
I found myself a new pretty brush too but I forgot to take a picture of it! I promise you will find it in the Gothenburg post I will put up next.
Hope you guys enjoyed my Stockholm entry. It`s always hard work putting up a post this long with loads of pictures. I do it because I really enjoy posts like this in other blogs myself and it`s fun to look back at. I would love a comment of what you think of my post or if you have any opinions of what you would like to see more of.

It`s all smoke and mirrors

This first week after the vacation have been awful. Trying to get back on track with eating healthy, getting back to work and having a cold just haven`t made me full of energy.
Today was quite nice though. My mother in law and I went to the beach for some sun and cooling down in the crystal clear water. And later this evening a big thunder storm was roaming for a couple of hours. I just love thunder. After a while in the light of a candle I fell asleep listening to the rumble.
While I still enjoy the summer I can`t help thinking of the fall which is just around the corner. I love fall. The cool crisp air, the scent of woods and leaves, the colors, the dark nights, pumpkins!, the rain and cozy evenings with candles. Anyone other than me that longs for it?
Now over to something else than me babbling!
In Gothenburg on our last visit I found this beautiful and very useful thing.
It`s a smoke detector in the shape of a moth. How I want it! To bad it is a bit expensive for me at this time.
I found it on this one place on the internet if you can afford to get one yourself
Pretty pretty little bug


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