Spiked Bun

This month I had a really hard time deciding what to do from my list (The List).
And today I finally went for :Pic a Pinterest DIY project and do it!
This was the picture I had pinned in my DIY board. A spiked hair thingey that I think looks cool!
And here is my version. With a bit larger spikes.
It turned out really great and this is probably something I will wear from time to time. Every now and then it`s just a relief to get all hair out of my face.
What do you think about it? Do you like it?

Make over

After a not so fun trip to the bank I wanted to lie down and cry. We can`t buy a house now if we don`t happen to win a lot of money on the lottery. The bank rules are hard. 15% of what the house costs we have to find ourselves. That kind of money will be impossible for us to get, so no house for us.
To feel better about beeing stuck in this "hell hole" I needed to change something. So I gave the kitchen a little make over.
As we just are renting we don`t want to put to much money on it.
Here it is. The old, impossible-to-get-clean, ugly & boring kitchen.
I painted the handles on the cabinets and used vinyl stickers to cover the tiles.
The vinyl was tricky to get on nice. I don`t know how long they will last but for now they look damn good.
I also bought some new stuff like the awsome Modesty Blaise dishrag, the dishrag holder, black wash up brush, dish soap dispenser and the black wire basket for utensils.
Tomorrow, if I have the time before/after work I will even paint our dish rack black.
I don`t know how well it shows on the pictures but the kitchen actually are so much nicer now. Next I will give the bathroom a mini makeover too.

Photo evidence

Hi! What an day. I have been slaving away in front of the stove making yummy vegetarian food all day and even headed out to the gym. I had an awsome workout. Tons of energy and good music in my ears made it one of the best workouts ever^^ Lets hope the workout tomorrow is half as good and I will be happy.
Saturday evening was spent on the sofa doing nothing. Exciting life sometimes ;) But money is low and our trip to Stockholm is getting closer. How was your Saturday?

My love

Last night when I got home from work all tired, Christian suprised me with a Valentine`s day gift! I was so not expecting anything because we usually don`t make a big deal of this day other than maybe eat something extra nice together and cuddle more than usual^^
He knows how much I love Elsa Beskow`s children books and her illustrations so he had hunted down two vintage books on the net for me <3 How cute and thoughtful isn`t  that <3
I love you Christian, you are my everything.
Tonight we have been stuffing our faces with sushi and pastry while watching a movie. Sadly Christian had to go to work tonight so now it`s just me and my lap top.
Hope you have had a nice day too.

Happy Valentine`s day

Happy Valentine`s day to all my dear readers<3 Today is a busy day for me with lots of lost boy`s and men to take care of at work. I will be there guiding them in the jungle of flowers.
I am one of those annoying people who like this day. We celebrate so may stupid things through the year why not celebrate love for the ones you care for the most? And everyone that complanes about buying stuff....just don`t do it then. Write them something nice instead or better! Tell them how much you care or do something you know the other person will appreciate, like clean the dishes so he or she don`t have to.
Not everyone "needs" this day, but I know some do. Not everyone uses "all the other days" to take care of their special ones. Some people need a kick in their behinds to get a bouqet of flower or a home made card.
What is your opinion? Do you hate this day or do you think it is worth celebrating?

New-old stufffff

E.L.F. (Eyes lips face) had 48% off everything for 48 hours a while ago, so I took the opportunity to restock some of my basic make-up products. I bought 5 pots of my mineral foundation which I use every single day! Love it! And a second bronzing brush that I also think works super for applying blush.
The eyeshadow called Brownstone is my favorite for every day, natural eye make up. It`s so light and easy to blend and with the darker browns and you can turn it into a smokey eye in a second for evening wear. I got my last one in a free bundle and fell in love with it. Now it`s all empty! 
The only new thing I bought this time was the concealer with brush. I really have a favorite concealer in the wet and wild quartet. But it seems like such a waste to buy it when I only use the pink concealer part and throw away the rest. Hopefully this is a good replacement.
What are your favorit products for every day use?  Anything from E.L.F.?
I also have to show you some cute new rings I got off Ebay. They where less than 10 sek. each and they both had free shipping. Me like!

Eye of hörus

This is my first day testing this mascara. And so far I am loving it. It have lasted me the whole day without any smudges under my eyes or anything else bad. The formula felt great when I applyed it. It gave me both the leanght and volume (as much as I can get on my own natural lashes that is) It feels great on, my lashes are soft and light. The wand even get to my tiny lashes in the corners. This is the best mascara I have tested. Yay!!!
If i change my mind about it you will hear from me again.
I don`t mind the gorgeous packaging either. 
My before and after pictures aren`t the best but I was in a rush. Hopefully you will get the idea of how it works for me.
Naked, non-existent lashes looking down...
with mascara, looking down.
Naked lashes, looking up.
With mascara, looking up.
I also love that it`s suited for me who have lenses. It is also supposedly good for sensitive eyes and for those who have done a lash extention because of the very natural ingedients. And yeah, no parabens either!
Here in Sweden it costed me 199 Sek. No shpping from smink.net. I will absolutely buy it again.
Here is the link to their page if you would like to read about it yourself. ---> click <---
And if anyone think I have been sponsored... I wish!
Let me know if you test it out and how you like it.

Eye öf hörus

Hi everyone. Today we went to our first house showing. I was fun even though the broker didn`t seem to eager to sell us the house. I think she felt uncomfortable with us. Lol. I guess she don`t have many metal people as customers. I could feel her eyes on my outfit and heels. And she probably would not guess that Christian works as a nurse. But it don`t matter anyways because we will not make a bid this time. Hopefully the house we are seeing tomorrow is "the one".  
I got a new package today too. It`s a new  cruelty free mascara. The last one from Nyx is not going to last for much longer and I don`t want to go without one again.
I got it from Smink.net. I love not having to wait longer than necessary. So if you live in Sweden and need something super fast I really recommend them.
My new mascara is called eye öf hörus.
This is what they say on their page:

Ethical Mantra

Our products are not tested on animals and we deliver only the best. All our cosmetics are Paraben Free, and contain as much natural content as possible, balancing organics with the highest effectiveness we are renowned for

We pride ourselves on fast delivery and a high level of customer service

What we promise:

  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Only offer high standard products
  • Deliver exception customer service
  • Fast delivery
  • Stand by the product and will listen to our customers
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • We wont use animal hair for any of our cosmetic brushes


Why we wont use animal hair

We don’t test on animals so we definitely don't want you to use animal hair while applying our cruelty-free cosmetics

There are so many benefits in using Synthetic brushes too:

  • They are easier to clean.
  • Synthetic brushes repel bacteria and dirt better than animal hair does.
  • Many people have allergies to animal hair.
  • Synthetic brushes shed less, if at all.
  • Synthetic brushes work with both cream and or powder makeup products.
  • Buying a synthetic brush is the only way that you can know for sure that no animal was harmed in the creation of the brush.
It sure sounds good. And tomorow after my spinning class I will test it out.
Have any of you tested it?


Happy weekend

My "weekend" just ended. I am working the next days but I don`t care that much as Christian is going to Gothenburg for some rehersal.
We are having ourselves some beer and are doing cosy stuff like joking around, listening to music and some creative stuff as well. Chistian with his music and I have been practising my poor drawing skills. 
What are your weekend plans?
create an animated gif



I am a bad girl not blogging much for you :( Bohoo!
Right now I am sitting with color in my hair and hoping it will do the trick. I am testing Tints of nature for the first time as it seemes it is the only permanent black hair color besides henna that are cruelty free and easy getting hold of here in Sweden.
I guess it is only with time I will know if this works. I hate when color fades and get brown...
Another thing that is going on here is that we can`t sleep home. The noice from the renovating in the apartments around us is waking us up early as hell every morning now. Thankfully we can stay at Christians parents.
And I need to tell you that I have booked yet another showing of a house next week. Can`t wait!
I am always looking for decorating inspiration. Espesially now when I might get a place where I can do wathever I like. I pin everything on Pinterest. Here are some of my favorites.


I just love this song and the video is just incredible.  Don`t even get me started on the atmosphere, I love music that makes you feel.
I have had different things occupying my mind lately and haven`t felt inspired to blog. Mostly good stuff. One thing is that we have decided that the next place we are going to live is in a house. We are not going to move just to get something a little bit better. We are really on the lookout for a house now. I need space and a garden. And Christian needs a proper studio in the house where he can sing all day long and night if he wants to. We have specifik wishes on location so it may take some time to find it. We are extremely sick of neighbours and their dogs, door slamming, music and screaming at each other. I think it`s incredible how people behave against each other. Like there is no one other than themselves living in this world...
And how weird that my text changed size in the middle? I don`t know what happened or how to change it back!


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