For now

Helloo. I have been working so much these days I haven`t felt inspired enough to blog. I am at least well from the cold and had my first workout in a long time this morning. It was good to feel the sweat dripping again.
Tomorrow I will go to the gym again and hopefully get the time to make some nice healthy lunch boxes to fill up the freezer. I will be back sooner rather than later!
Some amazing pictures that I sadly don`t have the source to.


The most of us dream of that long, shiny, soft hair. Including me. And I used to have it. Finding the right shampoo and conditioner after going cruelty free have proven to be a bit difficult.
I first started with the ones recommended to me at my visit to Lush. Sadly they don`t fit my hair at all. They where super hard to rinse out too. I could rinse forever and still end up with tons of product in my hair that made it sticky and really smelling too much. They where not especially economical either, expensive and I needed a lot of product.
Then my mother in law bought me this shampoo where you don`t need conditioner. It´s expensive too but when you don`t need conditioner or a lot of product this is a winner. Sadly it don`t fit my hair either. It gets super electric every time I use it. My hair sticks to my face and everything else. Really annoying >.<
Kind of tired of looking of new good cruelty brands I just bought the cheapest thing I could find at the grocery store that I knew where cruelty free. And this is actually not that bad a buy! Cheap and works ok for me. The reason I can`t keep buying it is because I have dry hair and scalp so after a while get dandruff. Bohoo, trust me, black hair and dandruff ain`t pretty.
For my birthday I got 75:- Sek to shop for at a web shop so I figured I`d use it on a hair oil. I found one from Lee Stafford that is cruelty free and not to over priced. I like it a lot so when I later on saw that Lee Stafford had shampoo and conditioner too I clicked them home at once.
I haven`t used them more than once but I got a good feeling about these. My hair got soft, super shiny and the dandruff disappeared!!! Hopefully this is my new shampoo and conditioner. They are not the cheapest but I did not need a lot of product which is good.
What shampoo and conditioner brand do you use?

Cozy, cute and with monsters!

Yesterday I worked late and my love was off to the night shift as soon he got home from the studio. I did not feel like doing anything but curl up under a blanket and watch something. I had forgotten about this movie until my friend Ninni reminded me of it and it seemed perfect. And it was. Super cute monsters, a cute story and it made me laugh.

Twenty fourth of January

You will have to look far and long for a more content girl than me right now. Ninni and I have been at the local spa and relax almost the whole day. I got my first massage and we have been in different saunas, weird showers and even been lying on a warm hamam stone. So lovely. We had fruit & chocolate plate with smoothies for lunch and afterwards we went for sushi. Yum. This was my birthday present from Ninni. Thank you so much again :)What a treat.
Even some shopping was done. Such a great day!
I got myself a new hand cream from Love & Toast in the scent honey/coconut. Super nice now that my hands are dry in this cold weather. And it is of course cruelty free. And as a bonus it don`t contain bad things for you like paraben and artificial colors.
And finally I found myself a new calender for 2013. The prettiest I could find was this one with images by Alfons Mucha.
I will finish off this post of a picture I took on my way home. Everything is covered in beautiful frost and the moon is glowing.

Alice in wonderland

Alice in wonderland inspired collage.
Dress from LaRedoute
Stockings from
White rabbit necklace from the spangled maker on
Red heart earrings from Red truck designs on
Latex gloves from Lady Lucie on
Barry M cruelty free nail polish found at
Shoes from the brand Lola Ramona
Red heart purse from

Nyx Doll Eye volume mascara

Finally ;) The Nyx Doll Eye Volume mascara review!
I got this hot cruelty free mascara tip from Bela over at Belaland.
And I like it a lot. Unfortunately it don`t go all the way for me. I don`t know if I got an old mascara or if they are supposed to be like that, but mine felt at bit dry. With a more creamy texture this may have been one of the best mascaras I have tested. It for sure is the best cruelty free mascara I have tested so far. I liked the wand and it stays on all day long without smudging. The lashes feel soft and it`s easy to build volume but I can`t build proper length without getting too much volume for my liking.
I will use this one until it`s time to buy a new one. I am grateful for the tip and considering that Nyx mascaras don`t cost a lot this is a good buy.
Not the best pictures. I will do as all the other bloggers do at these dark winter times, blame the lack of light!

Growing strong

Happy Sunday everyone. I hurt a bit less today and maybe I am ready to get back to work tomorrow. But enough babbling about boring health issues and over to something far more fun in my eyes.
I have more than a couple of orchids. But only one white blooming right now and that because I got it just a little while back. And then there is this one just about to bloom. I can`t wait until she unfolds her pretty petals and reveal the beauty hiding. I do not remember what color this specimen have and it`s kind of a little gift waiting to reveal itself. This little beauty may be a lime color or white with beautiful dark pink spots. I really don`t know. She may turn out to be one more of the crisp white ones that I tend to buy too. I promise I will get her a new suiting pot and take her away from the hiding place behind the curtain.
I have another fun thing to tell you about too. I haven`t told you in written words that I don`t eat meat anymore. (many of you may have guessed it & some of you I have told) But since this fall I have not indulged on meat. It is going really well and it feels good. I still eat the poor creatures in the sea though. I am not nearly ready for being a vegan and I admire the ones that choose to live their lives that way.
Anyhow, I did not recon there would be any large health improvements because I already have been eating healthy and very often meatless meals but one thing for me has changed for the better. My nails are growing! and they are strong and don`t break as easy. For a girl loving doing nail designs and so often have been complaining over her sad excuse of nails this is big.

Scrub it all away

I am still not well from my stupid cold... Yesterday I was super happy that I didn`t feel the fever anymore but as the dark evening sneaked up on me so did the fever and lots of snot! Ugh! I had not been snotty until now!
Today I have put on some make-up and dressed myself in normal (but comfy) clothes. I want to get back out in the world. I get crazy just lying on the sofa not doing anything. So later I think I will get myself out and shop for some necessities.
I have been thinking hard about what I want to do from my list this month and I decided on the
" Make your own cosmetic or make-up product ". I have been drooling over the bubble gum lip scrub from Lush. ( Found here.) But as I don`t have a lot of money left this month and I need to save up I thought I would make my own. It for sure is a product I need right now considering my lips are dry from the cold weather outside. 
After searching the net for good recipes I decided to make one for myself.
If you want to test it out yourself you will be needing this:
  • a small container
  • Sugar. Normal or brown. (I used the normal one because my brown sugar had turned itself into a brick in the carton!)
  • Honey. (You can use oils of different kinds too, like almond or olive oil)
  • Food coloring. You don`t need it. It`s just to give it some nice color. (Just guessing it will look best with the normal sugar ;))
I didn`t measure. Go with your gut feeling and how big the container you are using...
Blend until everything looks nice and even.
Finished! This is so simple and don`t take any time at all. I just saved myself 89 Sek as the bubblegum lip scrub costs at Lush in Sweden and I had all the stuff I needed at home. It works super well and tastes yummy too.
Next time I think I will make a vanilla lip scrub instead.
I will do it like this:
  • Make some vanilla sugar. Put a piece of vanilla pod in a container with some white sugar and let it stay there for a couple of days until the sugar smells and taste of vanilla.
  • Blend it with some almond oil
  • color it with a tiny bit yellow food coloring to get a light yellow color.
I didn`t make it like this today because I was all out of vanilla pods! But it sure do sound quite good don`t you think! Will you try any of my recipes?

The wonders of Aspirin

This morning I woke up with a gruesome headache. Remembering taking the last painkillers in the box last night made me desperate and I started searching through handbags and cupboards for "forgotten" painkillers. And luckely I found a box of aspirin that I bought some time ago for home made face masks.
Now the gruesome headache is gone and I have a aspirin face mask on! Yay!
If you want to make your own mask it is dead easy.
You let 3-5 aspirin dissolve in a little bit water. If they arent entirely dissolved you crush them with a spoon.
Mix a paste of them with honey. put it on your face an let it stay on for at least 15 minutes before you wash it away. All done.
The acetylsalicylic acid in the pill blended with the water becomes beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that is often used in commercial skin products. The beta hydroxy acid works as a mild chemical peel. It takes away dead skin cells, dirt and fat & leaves you with a clear and fresh skin. The honey works as an excellent moisturizer and in addition is antiseptic and antibacterial.

Poor me

Well. Yesterday was all about lying on the sofa freezing and sweating, freezing and sweating, and even more of that. I saw some episodes of Great British bake off and I slept some. Having the cold is so not fun. My voice the passed days have been crow like and now I have started coughing to top it off. I guess I`m not going to work tomorrow either.
I made this little collage of stuff I need right now ;)


I am so happy right now!!! I had trouble with my new computer these two past days. I haven`t been able to surf properly. The pages have freezed up and it hasn`t been possible to stay on one page more than a few clicks! Very frustrating I tell you. I have been trying to fix it with virus scans, cleaners and so on. Then it hit me! It may be the web browser. I tried to surf with Explorer for a while and I had no problems at all! So now I have uninstalled Google Chrome and installed Mozilla Firefox instead. ( Can`t stand Explorer ) Everything works super smooth now. Very thankful that my new computer was alright and that the problem was easy to fix. Feels like I dodged a bullet! Phu!
I would like to recommend a really good movie too! I love Quentin Tarantino`s movies and the new Django Unchained is no exception.
Just see it!
Now I am going to relax and eat some ice cream.Totally allowed because my throat hurts. Have caught a stupid cold again. Bohoo, poor me.


As I wrote in my last post we have booked a holiday trip. In speptember we are flying to Edinburgh in Scottland. I have always been wanting to go there!!! Can`t wait!!!! We have booked a hotel in the part called Old town. I think this is the part that suits us the best. Many second hand shops and old book stores. I am for sure packing an umbrella and rain clothes and it dosn`t bother me a bit! I think it will be magical even if the rain will pour down and the wind will whine around the corners of the old buildings.
We will be staying there for about a week. That will even give us the time to take a little trip to Loch ness. Who knows, maybe Nessie will pop up and say hello to us.
Have any of you been to Edinburgh? I would love some opinions on what not to miss and what to stay away from.
These pictures are from Pinterest.


Uups. Kind of had a blog break there ehe eh.. Well I haven`t been doing to much fun. The everyday is here with work, workouts and nothing special going on. 
The most fun stuff has been a trip to Ikea and booking a holiday in September.
We have been organizing the storage space in the basement too. Feels really good to get rid of so much crap and now we actually can move in there. Tomorrow we are going through all our closets in the apartment for some more organizing. 
At Ikea we bought a new living room table and a new chair that we hope will be good for Christians back pains. We actually got a lot more space by replacing the old stuff and it looks a lot better. I will show you when I get the time to take a photo.
The table we got at Ikea is called Vejmon. It`s nice with the shelf underneath so all the remotes and suff can be hidden a bit. It`s so much better than the old one we had in yucky yellow pine.
Here is the chair called poäng. Not the worlds most sexy chair but.... We don`t know how well it`s working for Christians back yet. Time will tell.

My Tuesday

Today was started off with a extremely sweaty spinning class. The ventilation did not work properly so everyone and everything was dripping from sweat.  Jisses. I sure got my new work-out clothes tested out.
They are amazing. and they did not slide up or down while I was moving. I hate having to pull my clothes during a class. I will absolutely buy more clothes from Better Bodies, they are well worth the stiff price tag.The fabric is super soft and comfy and the cutting just flatter your body. I`m in love. Here is a snapshot from this morning. Tired face & nice outfit ;)
I have a sports bra underneath. The top is way to low cut to use on it`s own even though it do have a built in bra.  I will have to show you the back sometime too. It`s pretty with small straps!
The rest of the day was spent in the kitchen experimenting with burgers. One with carrot & sesamy seeds and one with chickpea & parsley. Both turned out very yummy. I have been needing some new recipes as I have been super tired of our usual food and getting nausea just thinking of it. It`s not always easy to eat healthy and variated at the same time.

Better Bodies

Yes. Yet another work-out today and after.. reward time!!!!
I am so spoiled by my mother-in-law. Thank you :) I got these super awsome clothes. 
Better bodies Cherry hill pants
And this cammo top
Now I feel I have to work-out even harder to justify the Better Body clothes....
Guess it`s a good thing.

Health progress

Jisses! The first workout this year was hard. The gym was crammed ( as always in January ...) and because of that I had to use heavier weights. My usual was taken. To get to the the cross trainers you almost had to stand in a queue so I had to go harder in a shorter time period. And to top it off I had an energy drink right before so my energy level was too high! Lol. I am super tired in a good way now. But I can`t wait until all the people drop off and everything can get back to normal. I hate crowded places and staring people. Makes the misanthropic me even more disgusted with humans... I wish I had room for a gym in the apartment. But when we have a so small a place that we even can`t have a christmas tree so you can see the problem.
I will try to be a bit more consius to what I lift from now on and try to get some progress. I would love to lift heavier than the guy next to me^^
Som pics from Pinterest as inspiration. I know I need some inspiration from time to time. It don`t always come easy.


This post is from my new lap top. I am so happy. Everything runs like a dream♥
I think all important stuff now is dowloaded and everything seemes to be in order. *content sigh*
These recent days not much have happend. I have been working and tried to relax a bit with Christian. And two weeks ago we had a little one day trip to Gothenburg. I shopped some stuff on sale and from second hand shops. 
This tank top was half off. If I had a bit more money to spend I would have bought the Bathory hoodie they had too. 
A stop at Lush was of course necessary. A pice of the Northern light soap and a small bottle of Snow fairy shower gel on 50% off was the goodies I brought home with me. And they both smell amazing. Yum. Lucky me are going to lift some weights tomorrow and will be needing a shower!
The spikes you see on the pic abowe is the headband I made last year! (weird it`s 2013)
I kind of like it but Christian thinks I look like the statue of liberty. I guess I need to style it in a way that don`t give those wibes...
Do you like this kind of headband?
So...I ordered a new mascara again. But more about that later. I got a new lipstick too! It`s from Sleek and called Vixen. Bright red. It`s light and nice on the lip and what a color. Me like! This one I will be using a lot. So nice to find good, cheap & cruelty free products. 
I caught some daylight and snapped this photo of me wearing it today.
I had a super nice new year´s eve too by the way. I went to Ninni as I have told you before. There we did nothing but eat gooooood food, drink wine & drinks, lie in the sofa wearing comfy lounge pants and watch old cartoons and a baking program on the tv. We even saw some fireworks. Thank you Ninni and Johnny.
Now I have started detox after christmas and all the sugar that comes with it. I am on day 4 now. It`s going fine. It`s almost worse that I have gotten used to bigger portions of food because I am so much more hungry now... Nothing more to do but push through these next weeks until I am on the right track again.  


As I wrote here one of my goals for next year is being more creative. I thought about how I am going to force it out of me and came up with this list of 12 things to do. One for each month of the year, quite doable right!? Because when it all comes down to it I think I should do a new project every week but don`t think I could keep it up.
So if I feel like doing more I just think of it as bonuses.
Here is the list. I didn`t want to restrain myself more than necesseary so I can pic the things to do in any order I feel like.
 Make a headdress
 Alter a pair of boring shoes into something beautiful, weird, cool or tough!
 draw something in pencil
 Make a necklace
  Sow something for the home
 Make a pair of earrings
 Turn a flea market finding into something nice
 Paint something with acrylic
 Sow something to wear
  Make a bracelet
 Pic a Pinterest DIY project and do it!
 Make a own cosmetic or make-up produkt
 Here are some pictures of stuff I have made in past years
A necklace for my mother-in-law
A t-shirt dress for myself
A steampunk cover for my old iphone
A make-up bag sown out of a top that didn`t fit me
A necklace for my friend Ninni
A drawing of a skull we have at home
A necklace for myself out of beetle wings.
Pillows for our new sofa
A cute apron for mum
If you want to see more stuff I have done just click the My Creations link under Category!
Ps! keep your fingers crossed that I get my new laptop today!!! Want it now^^


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