Going back to work was even more horrifying than I thought. Not my actual work but the heat!!! I work in a greenhouse without AC... Humid and horrible. I find myself longing for autumn the days I work and enjoying the summer fully on my days off. Yesterday I was with my mother in law at the most wonderful beach. I guess I will be dreaming about the crystal clear and cool water at work soon...

Darkness is closing in

So this is first day of work again for me. Oh the horror! Not really but I sometimes think that something new and fun would make me grow more. Soon I have been working with the same things for 10 years and that makes you think about the situation and what you get out of it besides a living of course.
Yesterday was lovely though. My dear friend Ninni and her tiny little daughter went searching for a nice place to take a swim. We found ourselves a pretty place with no other people around. The water temperature was so lovely. Hopefully if things turn out well I will have the opportunity to go swimming tomorrow too. It`s going to get hot so it`s either that or staying in hiding in front of a fan.
How is summer treating you? Is vacation over for you like it`s for me?

velvet dream

Oh my, how time flies by so quickly. My vacation is now almost over. Just two days left to do everything I haven had time for before!! My love and I can`t complain. We have had some amazing weeks together. I have been using to much money plus that our car seems to break down every other day now so It`s good that we have jobs to get back to.

Somewhere in the middle of my vacation my lovely vintage Velvet piece got delivered. I just love it. It`s even better than I expected. It has a 1920 feel to it but it may be much younger. If anyone have a good nose for how old it may be feel free to give me a comment about it. I would love to know. It has no tags and looks a bit like it could have been home sewn!

And men said that the blood of the stars flowed in her veins

We are home, but only for a little pit stop. Tomorrow we are on our way again. Sweet summer life. I love being on the road. So much to see and so much fun to do with my love.
I have been shopping to much though. My coins are starting to get low but with so many shiny treasures you just don`t want to regret not getting them.
Here is one of my new ones.
The most comfy dress I have ever owned. It feels just like walking around in a night dress.  And don`t get me started on the print♥
If you want one for your self you can get one *here*


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