See you soon

In just a few hours my love and I are on our way to Stockholm. We are going by train so we are crossing our fingers and hoping there is no big delays or long stops caused by wrong light signals and such. It looks like the weather gods not are going to be kind to us this weekend but we are in good spirit anyways. Maybe if the rain really comes down we can visit a museum or something like that. If anyone have any nice ideas or tips on what to do in a rainy Stockholm please let me know.

This is now, try to take it all in before it´s only a faint memory

I am now in the very beginning of this years summer vacation. Just knowing how much fun me and my love will have shortly gives me goosebumps. So far we have celebrated midsummer with some lovely friends and relaxing have been a top priority.
This Wednesday we turn our noses north and head towards Stockholm. I can hardly wait to walk through the narrow cobbled streets of the old town, indulge on yummy cakes, look for books and other perhaps laced vintage treasures in all the secondhand shops and stop for a glass of vine and rest our feet at some cozy place.

Such a handsome gang^^
My Cosmos finally started opening it`s pretty little black buds into these chocolate scented beauties. I wish you could smell them too. They look very red in the sun, but actually they are more black/brown in real life.
I eat cherries as often as I can in summer. Suddenly you can`t get a hold of them any more and I plan of have eaten so much of them that I am sick of them until that happens.
The summer have turned a bit colder over here and I take the opportunity to wear as much pretty lace stocking as I can. The only troublesome about this is that I am running out of them!!! and the stores seems to have sold them all out. Maybe I can find some pretties when visiting Stockholm.

White foxes

Sometimes you just rediscover favorites...

Sea witch

Just a collage I made. It´s how I would like a beach day to be style wise!
The book I am really close to finishing. Can`t wait until I can read the next Neil Gaiman in line♥

Velvet & Silk

Yesterday morning I were surfing a bit before going to work. One of the sites I usually stop by is Etsy. So much pretty stuff ♥ I stumbled upon a vintage piece of clothing and fell in love. I didn`t buy it immediately but as I went on with my surfing I could not stop thinking of it and got very scared someone else would buy it and I would never see the prettiness again. Oh the horror!!!
Luckily I had some extra money on my paypal account so as I hit the buy button it didn`t feel to expensive either.
I just can`t wait to get it! Typically it´s located in USA and probably will not arrive before a month has passed. I would had loved to have it on my vacation trips but I guess I will survive.
I am going to search through all the second hand shop I can find during my trips. Sadly I usually don`t find any pretty clothing but maybe luck is turning. I did find this piece didn`t I!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

My countdown continues. 5 days until vacation and the freedom that comes with it. I am working my last weekend in a month and it feels so good.
I am off to work soon again but thought I could leave a few random pictures from my phone here.

From our road trip this week. Our goal was a place with water.

Got to dip my warm feet in the cool water. So refreshing after a long drive.
A newly found favorite.
These begonias have such stunning flowers and thrive in the shady spots on my balcony. Pretty pretty
My favorite food is at the moment strawberries, raspberries, cherries and water melon. I could easily live on this stuff in the summer.
A second hand finding that I am so very pleased with. Super pretty cake forks.
We found a beautiful place to get some refreshments before we had to head home from our road trip. I am pretty relaxed here.

Current loves

♥soft breezes on sunny days
♥skin against skin
♥my dark chocolate cosmos breaking out in bloom
♥reading under the parasol
♥my best friends beautiful baby
♥soon vacation with my love
♥my new black chiffon maxi dress
♥putting on Bloodletting with concrete blonde

Everything that is casts a shadow

Oh my what wonderful weather we have. With every chance I got I run to our balcony and get myself comfy under the parasol with a book in my hands. I don`t ever seem to get as relaxed as I do in the summer when I can sit between all my flowers just emerging myself in another world. Sadly work does take up almost all my time. I usually start working at 11 so I sleep away most of my free time. When I get home in the evening its food, some working out and other household projects before I dive back to bed. Oh well. It`s just 18 days until vacation now. I will survive.
Reading and edmirering my newly painted glitternails.
Some of my flowers. Love the velvety look on the Osteospermum.
My new cat eye glasses are super cute <3 A bit big on my face but I don`t care.


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