High Season

Hi guys.
Just popping by to tell you that I haven't forgotten about you and my blog. I just have so much going on and work is incredibly stressful now. When I finally get home I just die in my chair and don`t move until its time to go to bed again. UGH! Wish I had some more time of to relax in the pretty summer weather and do stuff but this is the most stressful time of the year for me.

Moth Moon

Hi guys. What a stressful time I`we had. Ugh. Not only at work but we have had a lot of stress going on at home too. The stress have even made my lip break out with a nasty lip sore :(  But finally I now have the weekend off work and I plan on a slow pace at home. Soon I will be back to normal. At the moment I am sitting at home under a big cozy blanket still i my pajamas and It feels awesome. Not much other than working, eating & sleeping has been going on but one project has at least been finalized.
I don`t know if you remember my jacket that I fixed up with a pentagram of pyramid studs. ! LINK ! It was cool for a while then the studs came falling out one after another because of the stretch in the fabric. So this year I finally dealt with it and with some patches from Poison apple print shop I now have a brand new jacket.
I just love it . It looks so great and I feel that the patches suits my style much better.
The Poison apple print shop has so many amazing prints I had a hard time choosing. And I think the prints I got looks very professional, it was well worth the coins I spent. What do you think. Did it turn out good?


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