Opals and age

Happy birthday to me! I have always felt a bit old and now I feel i`m finally catching up. In high school my teacher was a bit wondering to what my age really was. She thought I had such wise thing to say and that I acted much "better" than my much older classmates. It haven`t always been the case though but I have always felt I have a old soul. Today I turned 32 winters, hopefully I still have many more to come!
My day didn`t turn out anything like I expected but that just shows me that you never now whats around the next corner. It still was good and I have gotten such amazing presents I can`t believe it!
With my parents I am going to get a combined birthday and Christmas present. It`s a winter coat sewn after my measurements in cashmere, lined with silk! Can you imagine. I have never ever owned such a luxury item. I will treasure it and hopefully you will see it when I get it this Christmas.
With my parents in law I got money so I could order the Illamasqua Freak Scarab perfume I have been drooling over for so long.
With my beautiful friend Ninni I got a day at the SPA. And with my love Chris I got a vintage 8-bit NES console with games! I feel spoilt rotten and are not really sure that I have earned it.

Just a couple of days before my birthday I decided to treat myself to something too. I went online on Etsy to find a antique ring. And ended up with something else! I fell in love with a opal ring in an amazing sterling silver setting that turned out to have a special story behind it.
From the page:
After World War 2, Guy James opened a jewelry store in East Tennessee. It was in a small town with mostly farmers and some factory workers. He was unable to sell much gold jewelry or his favorite...antique jewelry because most of the folks he dealt with just didn't have the money. So he began to take beautiful antique gold jewelry and make molds of them and then recast them in sterling silver. He became known for his beautiful, quality and unique pieces. Mr James died in 1991. After his death, his wife just closed the shop. The jewelry just sat. She passed away in 2011 and I have been commissioned to sell the contents of the store. When I asked the son why none of this had been sold before , he told me that his mom would not allow it because she said there was a piece of their father in each piece.

I probably will feel it`s more OK to wear this on a everyday basis than a antique ring because it is a bit lower priced.  And I didn`t even have to give up on antique look I was searching for.

Birthday & Christmas wishes

My birthday is almost here and Christmas too so I thought I`d make a little wish list. Maybe you can get some tips and inspiration too.
I actually don`t think any of these are suitable for gifts because they are so expensive. But It´s nice to dream sometimes ;)

This perfume I will get for myself if my paycheck can manage it that is...
Cruelty free perfumes is so hard to find and sometimes the stuff in Lush feels a bit simple and more for everyday use. I love my other Illamasqua perfume but I have a feeling I will love this even more.
Blood Orange, Neroli Absolute and Ylang Ylang awaken and entice the senses.

Davana Oil entwines with Egyptian Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Queen of the Night to form a sensual heart.

The warmth of stewed plum creates a distant depth, leading to the rich ancient accord of Mousse De Sax- Geranium, Anise, Moss and Leather.
These Bat girl heels from Jeffrey Campell are so damn cute. Helloooo ♥
This amazing ring from Macabre Gadgets. *Le sigh*
This make up bag found on The curious nedle on Etsy has the best cat print!
Found on Etsy
This new great thing from Too faced
Also I would not mind this coat from Sanctus


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