Garden of eden

I thought I would show you witch eyeshadow palette I have been reaching out for almost every time since I got it this spring/summer!
As you maybe have understood I love, love, love Sleek`s eye shadows and I have quite a lot of their palettes. I just love that they are very affordable, have super nice pigmentation, pretty colors and are easy to work with. Not to forget they are also cruelty free ♥. My latest palette is called Garden Of Eden and I think I love it mostly because of all the shimmery colors. I cant help it but shimmer has become my favorite type of shadow over the passed year. I don`t use them for work but always when I have the day off or if I´m going out.
I´m sorry for the fuzzy pictures, I was in an hurry to get ready and now the eyeshadows are super messy and would not be pretty on a picture...
In the light from a lamp.
Swatches in daylight
I have been eying their Arabian Night palette for a while and I think it will be my next one.
Have you tried Sleek´s eyeshadows?

Garnet star

Since the last days have been really unpleasant because of stomach issues so I put on my best red lipstick and my darling vintage garnet brooch to cheer myself up.
The brooch I found this summer in Fåfängan in Gothenburg. I bought it from the most gorgeous and kind girl that works there. You can find her on Instagram called stormvild and the shop called fafangansantik. I visited the store several times and bought more treasures I am going to show you some other time.
My brooch probably origins from the 1800th century and the deep red stones are garnets. There are a lot of these around and is easy to find in antique shops or on line. I have flat cut stones in mine but you often find them with more faceted rose cut stones instead. I plan on getting more garnet pieces to my collection. Lately I don`t seem to want anything other than vintage/antique jewelry. I feel it`s more special to wear something not everybody else have. I see this with my clothes too but it´s so much harder to find what I want in that area so I just will have to seattle for some pieces to compliment my normal clothes.

Waiting out the storm

I may be partial because of the small detail that Christian is the love of my life but this song is so unbelievably beautiful.
And it certainly fits this rainy Monday.
It`s available on itunes, CDbaby and such and if you like to physically own what you buy you can get it on vinyl over at Dimoutproductions

Bat Fit

OK, maybe it`s time for an update regarding my "getting back in shape" plan.
I had some real issues until a couple of days ago with my eating. But it looks like I have managed to turn it around now. FINALLY! Bad habits are extremely hard to break and when my blood sugar is low I really seldom have the strength to resist the temptations around me. I hate that we have candy and ice cream at work. It really shouldn't have anything to do in a flower shop, and it makes my pan so much harder to follow. The mind is strong but when you are hungry and stand for hours looking and staring at the yummies you almost can`t be blamed for caving in.
My working out is getting better and better. It`s not that awful anymore and I can feel the improvement already. It`s nice to not hate it. I am focusing on cardio at the moment and some body weight exercises I can do at home in my living room. I have lost a couple of kilos already but I know it always are easier in the beginning so I am trying to not focus so much on that.
I also have gotten myself a book I hope can help me when my motivation is low.  Direct translated it`s called become the best with mental training. I can need some focus and change the way I think sometimes. I will try to read it soon.

Otherwise I think I need this sports bra!!! how cool? Found on Etsy of course.
This one is pretty cool too.


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