OK, so I have decided to try out henna hair coloring. I just feel that I must give it a try. Even if the hair color I use now is one of the better I feel it still has a lot of crap ingredients. I just ordered from Lush because I felt that it was the safest way to start and they have it mixed with cocoa butter witch I think must be a good thing.
I want black hair still so I got noir. I read that it may get you a blue tone too, this is a plus in my opinion. I feel quite nervous and hope it will work well on my thick hair! I also got myself the H´Suan Wen Hua hair treatment which I know is awesome.
Have anyone of you any experiences with henna coloring?
By the way!, I have removed the thing where I have to inspect all the comments before I publish them. I thought it might be a solution to the problems we have had here with comments not showing up. Now you can see for your self straight away that your comments is published...I hope! And I haven`t had any troubles so far with rude and nasty comments so far so lets hope it will stay this way.

New year resolutions

 I usually don`t make new years resolutions, but I have things in mind I want to do so here we go!

  •  I would love to start running. I have this picture in my head that this will be the greatest thing ever for me. Last time I gave it a go I really hurt my knees and had months with pain. This time around I will invest in shoes fit for my feet and study running techniques to avoid the same result... if that don`t work I don`t know what will.
  • I want to get my creativity going again. I used to be super productive. I will do my best and prioritize this again. I really feel like sowing again!
  • Spend more quality time at the computer. I usually get stuck in some random sufing around and waste so much time doing nothing.
  • read more books!!!
  • Listen to more metal!!! lately I have been only listening to soft easy going stuff, I want to get back to my roots and love for metal.
  • Lose some weight, a classic new year resolution, but I need to fit in my  fucking wardrobe again, no kidding. My love for chocolate, being lazy and having a hard time limiting myself is no good combination.
  • Save some money. Seriously, I think I have enough eyeshadow for the next 10-20 years now.
  • I want to watch American Horror Story. Chris has a thing against TV series so I will have to watch it alone. I have seen the first episode and I was so scared!!! Ugh! I will have to watch it in daylight and Chris will have to be home. It may take me some time to get through all seasons.
  • Buy a new home, preferably a house. I desperately want to move on from our tiny apartment and get started on my dark garden dreams.
  • Get a new job. I`m feeling it`s time to move on from my apparently dead end job. I want to get a more steady pay cheque and have more fun.

Do you have any new years resolutions?
Tonight I think I will try this this project that seems super easy! I have lots of t-shirts I don`t use and I really need something something else than plastic grocery bags carrying my lunch in when walking to work.



Hi everybody. I have a little question for you. It was put to my attention that some of you can`t comment on my blog. I had a lovely lady on Instagram informing me of this and I would like to know whom else this has happened to. I would appreciate you letting me know on my Instagram. You will find me by searching for miss666anthropia.
Maybe I could get a better understanding of why it`s happening, if it`s a problem in certain country's or depending on something completely else. Hopefully knowing what the problem is I can go ahead and fix it.

For new beginnings

I hope you all have had a cozy Christmas and a really fun new years celebration. I like the feeling of a new fresh year. Like blank pages in a book ready to be filled with new adventures. 2014 was better than 12 & 13 so if 15 can be even better I think I`m am on a steady course to how I want my life to be lived.

I really didn`t post anything in December and I have had several rounds with myself to weather I want`t to keep the blog or not. In many ways I really like having it and use it as a kind of diary to look through from time to time but sometimes I just think it`s a shame one doesn`t even get one single comment on most posts. I guess that`s why my posting have slowed down and almost stopped. To much work for no response at all. It`s so much more fun to post a pic on Instagram and get tons of likes and a fun comment or two. I wonder if blogging and reading them is about to die out.  Or is my lack of readers depending on something completely different? Is it that I don`t comment enough to others blogs. (I hate commenting just for the sake of showing on blogs that don`t appeal to me!) or don`t I write about interesting enough things, am I to private, don`t I post enough selfies and Ootd???
I would love for you beloved readers that still are peeking in here to speak your mind about why you like to come here. What do you think is fun reading, is there something you would like to see more of? Is there posts that are completely uninteresting? Do you miss something?
I don`t have any pictures to go with this post but thought I´d post some random pics from the passed year that didn`t make it to the blog!
I tested black lipstick and realized I could pull it off on crappy/blurry selfies but never ever use it in public. Sadly.
Visited an American diner nearby and had super yummy milkshake
I grew beautiful Black Dalihas on the balcony
I attended the most beautiful Halloween wedding♥
I applyed for a new job and didn`t get it. Maybe it was my unproffessional picture that made them not want me! :P
Went on an amazing and very needed vacation.
We tried to buy a house but lost it to someone else. Still stuck in the tiny apartment trying to make the best of it.
Still crazy in love and happy with my Chris. We always look so good ;)


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